Website review - CRUK Grand Challenge 'Mutographs of Cancer'

8 Nov 2018 08:19

Hello everyone,

The Grand ChallengeMutographs of Cancer” project is one of the £20 million, 5 year global research project funded by Cancer Research UK that aims to uncover some of the unknown causes of cancer.

The team running this research project would like to keep patients, family members, carers and supporters across the world up to date with the work of the Mutographs project. One of the ways they are aiming to do this is through their new website.

You can help by going to their website to complete 2 or 3 tasks, such as reading some of the information or finding a specific page. Your feedback will help them make sure that the information on the website is clear, accessible and useful.

To learn more about this opportunity please click here.

Closing date:  Sunday 9 December

Location:  Online

Time commitment:  Up to one hour