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Waiting on breast biopsy results

2 Dec 2021 07:26 in response to Karenk1971

Hi Karen,

That is such great news to read.  It took me a few days to process when I got got results your mind has gone to the worst place so many times during the never ending wait.  Be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to process.  I am so grateful that you started this thread as it gave me great comfort when I was waiting on a biopsy and results.

Take care x

Waiting on breast biopsy results

2 Dec 2021 08:33 in response to Lillian1

Hi Lillian

Thank you so much, ive woke up today and i dont feel much better than yesterday i am so overwhelmed by all your nice comments about me starting the thread i am entirely grateful to you all, family and friends have been very supportive but but its only all you amazing women that truly understand this horrid journey, and i think your right Lillian been to the most darkest of places, I think when you have your makeup on and do your hair we hide behind this mask then boom yesterday im just me! no makeup on, hair wasnt brushed and it hit the real me that ive went through this huge ordeal and its just hit me! And its only you women that understand how im feeling and i am so grateful for all your support, as you say just needing time to process it all.

Love Karen xx❤

Waiting on breast biopsy results

23 Jun 2022 01:03 in response to Karenk1971

I am so sorry for jumping on your post and heartbroken you are also in this terrible club, I am really soul searching to get me through this as I do not know what to do or how to cope.. 

I am 28 years old and been diagnosed today with ductal breast cancer after finding a lump (2cm) and calfiications showing up on my mammogram , I have been told I need to  get a mri on my breast and another bi opsy but this time on my calfiications instead of the lump. I start chemo in  3 weeks and go once every 3 weeks for 4 months. I am out myself with worry after reading lots of posts on this forum about most people just being taken in to get the lump removed or breast removed so concerned why I am being sent for chemotherapy first? She said they don't grade it anymore when I asked but said it would be grade 2. 

Has anybody experienced this? 

My doctor said she is hoping to shrink it as much as possible before the date for surgery but my mind is exploding worrying that what if it spreads and have I been given wrong advise. Should I push for surgery then chemo? 
I have a 18 month old baby girl so need to give this all I have. The Dr said its Early breast cancer grade 2 but I have no other family or friends who has been through this giving my age. I am really reaching out for any advise or help along this long road ahead to get me through. 

Any advise at all or to help me fight this is so much appreciated