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Waiting games and GP

17 Jul 2019 20:23

Hi all,

First symptom dec 2018 a niggling sensation on and off left side of my throat. Quite painful and annoying.

Jan 2019 Gp asked me to wait 2 weeks to see if its cleared if not he'd do did not clear.

Saw someone else who asked me to wait again, said swollen lymphnode was due to me being run down. I pushed for blood tests. He did them reluctantly. They were clear.

Feb 2019 Pain trooped on, became a constant pain with earaches. Was advised it's reflux and asked to wait 6 weeks with a dose of PPIS. Said they would refer me to ENT "if I really felt it was necessary"

March 2019 pain was horrendous. I was prescribed painkillers and referred to physio (didn't help at all)

May 2019 cried and begged for the ENT appointment.

June 2019 ENT said he can see a tonsil stone on that side but nothing else of worry to him. He did put me forward for a tonsillectomy as he supposed it could be causing infection to the lymph tissue causing the pain.

July 2019 my surgery is due 31st. The pain has ramped up my GP does not think tonsil removal will help. The pain varies and moves from ear, throat, neck, shoulder, collarbone and tingling down arm. 

It is an aching throb in the side of my neck most the time but comes on strong in the other areas then allieveates.

I have asked to be referred for a scan but he just said we will assess. Surely they can't just keep leaving me in pain? Something is wrong and my body has been trying to tell me for almost 9 months.

Since the start I have had the word cancer mentioned but I'm "too young"

Please anyone had similar?

Waiting games and GP

17 Jul 2019 21:04 in response to Venus989

I’m going through the same thing swollen tonsil on right side swollen lymph node pain in ear and neck and get aches and pains in my arm I’m waiting for a ent appointment next Friday it’s making my anxiety play up this had been going on for months and I just want answers now too I know how you feel And I  hope you get a ent appointment soon x