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Waiting for Chemo

21 Jul 2019 16:45

I was diagnosed on the 7th May. A day that will forever stick with me sat in the cold room with grey walls and no windows being told I had breast cancer. Have already had a lumpectomy and then 4 weeks later had further surgery for full node clearance and it’s just been a whirlwind of emotions. First time I have posted on here personally but I have been reading posts and they keep me positive and it seems like a good place to come for support. Now waiting on chemo with my first oncologist appointment on Friday. Am worried and scared off what chemo will bring but it’s just another hurdle to overcome on this journey and I have definitely surprised myself with my strength this last 2 months already! On the road to beating it  Xx 

Waiting for Chemo

21 Jul 2019 17:34 in response to Jules82

Hi joules if you want @Shakingmad ‍ had her first cemo last week, hopefully she'll get in touch


Waiting for Chemo

21 Jul 2019 18:07 in response to Jules82

Hi joules, I hope you are ok. I know this whole journey can be like walking a tightrope. I have had my fair share of stress too. To be honest I found chemo completely underwhelming. I think we build it up so much in our heads that we psych ourselves into a tizzy. The way I look at it is that it's necessary to deal with this awful disease and if I wanna beat it then I need to deal with it. I definitely go with taking one day at a time and this seems to be working so far. If I can be any help then feel free to message etc. Lots of love xxx

Waiting for Chemo

26 Jul 2019 21:06 in response to Shakingmad

Thank you for your reply @Shakingmad ‍ I went for my oncologist appointment today which made me more emotional. Think it just the confirmation that things are not moving forward with Chemo and I’m fretting about it all. Was quite shocked that I will be having my first cycle next Thursday seems so quick! Just got to think it’s another hurdle I have to overcome to beat this horrid disease Just the thought of having to tell my children now before my chemo begins. That’s my next step before Thursday  

Julie xx 

Waiting for Chemo

26 Jul 2019 22:00 in response to Jules82

Just think of it as fast because they wanna beat it too. I haven't had the issue of telling my children as they are so little they are drip fed info really. I wish you strength and love xxx

Waiting for Chemo

28 Jul 2019 22:28 in response to Jules82


saw your post and thought I’d drop by.  I have my fourth chemo on Tuesday for Breast cancer. I too found it a bit of an anti climax, I was so worked up about it, and I still get a little worked up before each one, but I just think about what it’s doing and it’s only temporary.  

I was recommended to drink loads of water and keep my skin and nails moisturised. If you will lose your hair it’s worth giving some thought to whether you will get a wig or not. I got my head shaved as well rather than wait for it fall out. Happy to share the other things I do but this is a good starter for now as there is a lot to take in.  

Hope it goes as well as it can on Thursday.


Waiting for Chemo

28 Jul 2019 23:41 in response to Shakingmad

Cheers Shaky, my husband starts chemo on 8 Aug and after the chemo talk and the meeting with the oncologist I am even more emotional and stressed than ever but you post has made me more positive. We are looking at it as a necessary part of the journey but reading all the side effects is pretty scary.   Gonna pass it on to hubby who is being very stoic about it all.  xxx  

Waiting for Chemo

29 Jul 2019 01:44 in response to Woollylamb

Hi @Woollylamb ‍ 

Thank you for you reply and for the advice, I will keep the moisturising in mind. Yes I have been told I will lose my hair so looking into the wigs at the moment. Think the shaving it off will be the big realisation of what I’m going through. Also the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes makes me worry but just got to think it’s a small price to pay for the treatment to do its job. All the best that can be for Tuesday. Julie x