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Waiting for breast biopsy result

14 Jan 2019 17:14


I had a breast biopsy and mammogram done last week and have spent the last 6 days in complete fear of the results. After the biopsy and mammogram I was called back into a room with the doctor and a bcn to be told the mammogram was very worrying as the mass looked highly suspicious. As a 42 year old mother of 2 I have been beside myself with worry it’s been with me 24/7 and anxiety levels through the roof!

Today I got my results (I was literally crying on the way into doctors room) it’s not breast cancer, it’s a Fibroadenoma. I wanted to share this so that anyone going through this awful time can see suspicious lumps don’t always mean cancer. I also want to wish everyone good luck whatever their outcome xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

14 Jan 2019 23:32 in response to Sazcop

Hi I am so pleased for you! Yours is the third lot of good news I have read on this forum today! It really does help so many going through the early stages. I myself after a lumpectomy was given good news that my was in fact benign. Just remember to keep checking yourself but for now get a good nights sleep!! X 

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 10:58 in response to Beachbabe

Thanks beach babe, glad you had a positive result too. There’s so many brave ladies out there going through hell and I never realised until this experience. I’m so thankful for this fresh start just wish I could help others going through this xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 12:38 in response to Sazcop


Hi Sazcop,

This is fantastic news. I missed your post yesterday, but you're the fourth person yesterday to get good news. In the many years that I have been on this site, I have never known so many good results all in a row.

I am sure that you are mightily relieved. A scare like this can help you to focus on what is really important in life. Now, go and enjoy family life with your hubby and 2 young children, but don't forget to check yourself regularly.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 13:03 in response to Sazcop

I was in a very similar situation just days before Christmas, I was given the news I need a hospital visit after my first mammogram, a further scan showed a solid lump and a biopsy was taken within minutes, this was a total shock, and I left the hospital terrified.

The next week was so worrying, and if my friend hadn't come with me I don't know how I would have coped with going for the results.

I was told I have a Phyllodes tumor, I was told they think it is benign and was booked in for surgery on 3rd of Jan... scared again as never had an opperation.

All done now and waiting for reults of op, 2 days to go... still scared although I should be releived it could be so much worse and feel stupid for being so worried.

I wish all the ladies on this site well with their treatment and thank them for sharing their experiences as it has helped me cope x

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 14:29 in response to weewitchie

The waiting is the worse part. Fingers crossed for you. I was like that after my lumpectomy after my biopsies results were inconclusive. Please let us know how you get on x 

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 18:16 in response to Beachbabe

I will do, thank you x

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 18:26 in response to weewitchie


Hi Weewitchie,

A warm welcome to our forum.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am glad to hear that you have had your surgery and are now waiting for the pathology results. It is always a scary time waiting for results and you are certainly not stupid. Nearly all of us find our emotions are all over the place at this stage.

Fortunately, you don't have much longer to wait now.

I'll be thinking of you on Thursday and, hope that you are bringing someone with you to your appointment again.

Please update us when you get your results.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 18:40 in response to Sazcop

Thank you for sharing @Sazcop ‍ I'm delighted that you got good news.

I'll be a my breast clinic appointment on Thursday and know I may then have to wait a week or two for any results. I'm also a mum of two so it's a worrying time, but I'm trying to remain optomistic. Reading your post has helped with that Happy

Lucy x

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 23:34 in response to Lucy1985

Hi lucy

it’s great if you can be as positive as you can as I think my little one (5 yrs) definitely picked up something wasn’t right. The waiting is both frustrating and terrifying but it’s true what everyone on here says try and keep busy and get out as much as you can as it’s a distraction. I found google and the middle of the night we’re my worst enemies

whatever the outcome Lucy good luck, statistics are well on your side xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 23:41 in response to weewitchie

Hi weewitchie 

its a horrible time isn’t it, you just want to hear it’s all fine! You’re bound to be worried as you’ve been through a lot already in a short space of time, it’s like a bloody whirlwind of nightmares sweeping through your life.

sending you big wishes for Thursday I’ll also be looking on here to see how you got on xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

15 Jan 2019 23:50 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine

Thank you for the lovely message, yes definitely going to spend some time enjoying life more now as you just never know!

I noticed that you put you have been on this site for sometime so I hope you are well? There are so many lovely people on here all going through so much I can imagine people like yourself on here are able to offer a lot of comfort to others.

take care and thanks again xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

16 Jan 2019 03:42 in response to Sazcop


Hi Sazcop,

Yes, I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer in the past 9 years and, am currently having some facial moles investigated. I have also lost both parents and several relatives and close friends to cancer, so unfortunately, I am no stranger to its' ravages.

There is a little army of us here and, we try to offer wnat comfort and support we can  This is a cruel disease and, is no respector of age, creed or colour.

I am just so glad that you remain free of it.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

16 Jan 2019 10:14 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine

Thats terrible you really have been through it, it’s so unfair like you say it’s so unfair how cruel this is. This has to be your time for a break I really hope the investigations turn out to be a positive result for you as the worrying you must have had over the last nine years must be exhausting.

One positive is that you must be one strong lady to have come through this much and that is something that ******* of a disease can’t take from you! 

I will keep looking out on here to hopefully see you get the all clear in the next few weeks.

wishing you all the best and take care xx

Waiting for breast biopsy result

16 Jan 2019 22:50 in response to Jolamine

Thank you for your reply, I'll send a message tomorrow to let everyone know how I get on.

Reading everyones messages it means a lot to have support from people who understand how this feels.

I've lost alot of people to cancer including my mum and dad, and I don't think I ever understood how scared they must have been until now.

Be strong every one, much love xxx