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Waiting for biopsy results

21 Feb 2023 21:37

Evening all, I had ultrasound on Friday, biopsies were taken, I was sat down and told that they think it's breast cancer.  Had it explained if confirmed that mass would be removed in four weeks from diagnosis and probably radiotherapy.  My question is, obviously they said could only get total confirmation when results are back, but I'm guessing there are characteristics from the ultrasound that they see which has made them say they think it's cancer?

Obviously Friday I was in shock, I had been on my own and when I told my partner I think he is focusing on it not being certain. So we have been trying to be positive and almost feels like its going to be fine. But I know how they spoke to me it didn't feel like that at the appointment.  Does any of this make sense?  Sorry I know I'm rambling but any advice would be good as I think I've read everything on Internet there is! X

Waiting for biopsy results

21 Feb 2023 22:22 in response to Badger6167



I'm sorry to hear your story 

I had BC in June 22 now fully recovered and living like it never happened but in the beginning I won't lie I was scared 

I was told at my ultrasound it looked suspicious a week later it was confirmed 

good luck 

stay here for support 

Waiting for biopsy results

21 Feb 2023 23:56 in response to Badger6167

Hi Badger6167

i totally understand how you are feeling and it makes total sense    I think this waiting time is really the worst part when you suspect something, hope for it not to be the case, yet desperate to know either way.  

You can see my adventure (journey) to date by reading my info. 

What I've learnt so far is that the waiting is part of the process and ensures all the facts are in place to make the best recommendations for treatment. There are many people involved in making these decisions. Also, try to avoid Mr Google!  I've tried to limit my research to the NHS sites and two UK cancer sites, including this one. Everyone on here has been so generous with their time and support

The night times are the worst for me when my brain just doesn't seam able to switch off. Hence responding now  


Take care

Sam x

Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 05:52 in response to Badger6167

Same page my lovely,I had an appointment for an ultrasound, get called in to have a mammogram,ok that's fine, unpleasant for my right breast,sat back down, called in again for another one,3D this time,sat back down, called in for the ultrasound,2 lovely nurses, giving the eye to one another,felt the worrying vibe, and then a puncture biopsy (forgive me if that's the wrong phrase) I knew deep down what was about to come! However the words "yes you have cancer" were not said, I was taken to another room with another nurse, who then said "you'll probably have an operation within the next few weeks" your results appointment will be in 2 weeks, I don't think I cried at first, was in shock to be honest, my 1 question was "how do I tell my children" I walked in knowing in my heart, and walked out a very confused mum!! Because they never said those words"cancer " those 2 wks of waiting have been the worst 2 weeks to date, and that was 2nd of December, since then I've had a single right macetomy, which went really well, and now in 2 weeks I chose to go straight in with chemotherapy, some days it still doesn't feel real, the real struggle is being on my own with 5 children, 2 dog's, and 3 rabbits, but I also know in my heart I'm going smash this with a positive mindset (I have had down times) but managing to pick myself back up and just roll with cancer and try to keep things as normal as normal can be!! Thanks for letting me offload, I really hope your journey is a positive outcome, sorry if I've waffled on a bit too much, the greatest thing is coming on here and helping eachother by talking, sending love and hugs linds xx 

Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 17:11 in response to laraj

Thank you laraj, so glad you have recovered well. It's good to read so many positive stories. Another day closer to Friday thank goodness x

Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 17:47 in response to Sofabound

Hi sofabound, thank you for taking the time to write. I don't really worry for myself, it's more how it affects those around me. I will definitely be asking for advice after my appointment on Friday. Its bizarre really, you go through life knowing that this goes on, but until you are faced with it you don't realise how strong people are and how many organisations are out there to help. 

I actually feel quite humble.  A day close to Fri, just want to get it over with x


Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 17:54 in response to Lindz44

Oh wow Linds, you did not waffle at all. You should be so proud of yourself and what you are managing to achieve!  You have so much responsibility and so much that has happened in a very short time. Thank you for your words and being so honest. I'm sure you will help others out there too. 

Good luck with the chemotherapy,  don't know much about that yet, I just focused on finding out about radiotherapy initially but I'm sure it's tough going try and get some you time, but I'm guessing that's going to be a bit tough!x 

Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 22:38 in response to Badger6167


hood luck for Friday I will be thinking of you my lovely 

big hugs 

love Lara ❤️

Waiting for biopsy results

22 Feb 2023 22:40 in response to Lindz44


you have done so well looking after your 5 children that's amazing with what you are going through keep going being so positive it gets you through it 

did you get the Oncotype test done afterwards to determine chemo ? As I saw last time you were waiting to see if it was required for you ? 
Big hugs love Lara ❤️

Waiting for biopsy results

23 Feb 2023 02:30 in response to laraj


I had an ultrasound and biopsy too. The radiologist was worried about the calcifications and the consultant too was worried. He said I have an 80%chance that it's cancer. I don't have a family history of breast cancer and 4 weeks ago I was told I had mastitis and the infection cleared up but left a hard solid lump. That's what was being checked out at this appointment. They also found a small lump in the armpit which I couldn't feel. The good news is that the doctor said its movable which means it could be early stages. But I'm still so scared.

I'll be waiting for biopsy results but feel so scared and anxious. I just felt numb when the consultant told me, I couldn't even cry and I still can't . I'm clinging on the 20% that he's wrong. But I just can't stop thinking about it and that's stopping me from sleeping.