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Waiting for an urgent scan

21 Oct 2019 22:55

Hi everyone, 

I had a hysterectomy last year but still have my ovaries. In May of this year I started bleeding after having sex and found that sex itself was quite uncomfortable. We thought maybe it was something to do with the surgery, so didn't really think anything of it. Then a month or so ago I noticed I was bleeding at other times too. Not much, but sometimes I would go to the loo and see it on the tissue or in the bowl. 


I saw my GP about it three weeks ago. She examined me and it was painful. She told me there is a "mass" on my back wall (she's noted it on my records as a "fleshy lesion"). She referred me for an urgent scan but I haven't heard from radiology yet. I saw a different GP last week who has also referred me to gynaecology to get the ball rolling. 


My GP told me it could be that part of my cervix was left behind when I had the hysterectomy, but that sounds unlikely to me because they examined me 6 weeks after the surgery and said it all looked good. She said it could also be a polyp. Or, it could be something more serious. 


How long do the urgent scan referrals tend to take? I was told by my GP I'd hear in 1 to 2 weeks, but it's been three weeks so far and I haven't heard anything. The receptionist has checked for me and radiology confirmed they've received the urgent referral. Also, how long will the wait be to see a gynaecologist? 


I can't stop thinking about it. I have a 2 year old and an autistic 5 year old Sad 

Waiting for an urgent scan

23 Oct 2019 12:51 in response to Oohay282820

Hi Oohay282820,

I'm sorry you're worried but, although it's hard, you should try to take your mind off it. The length of time to wait for an appointment can vary, so keep chasing and I hope you hear from them soon. 

Moderator Anastasia

Waiting for an urgent scan

23 Oct 2019 13:10 in response to Moderator Anastasia

I messaged PALS on Monday and heard back from them today.  I'm seeing a gynae next week and a scan appointment letter is being sent out to me. Phew!!

Waiting for an urgent scan

23 Oct 2019 14:08 in response to Oohay282820

Great news! I hope next week's appointment goes ok.

Best wishes,

Moderator Anastasia