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Vocal cord cancer

5 May 2019 10:56 in response to Woodstock

Thank you I will keep you informed as soon as I have my next biopsy. Keeping everything crossed. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

10 Jul 2019 21:35 in response to Pauline19647
Hi Pauline I’m new on here have today been told my dad has vocal chord cancer after having a horse voice for 8 months. My parents had such a shock I’m not sure what stage it is but he’s not having any laser just straight in with 6 weeks of radio therapy how did you find this ? Any tips? somebody has mentioned a humidifier as the treatment can dry your throat any help would be appreciated

Vocal cord cancer

10 Jul 2019 21:51 in response to Peachk01

Hi peach can I chip in here ? My husband has just finished treatment for vocal chord cancer he is 55 not sure how old your dad is . He lost his voice completely for 4 months long story kept getting fobbed off with its laringitis so we went for a private consultation told he had a lesion and would need it cut out which he did and was then told it was cancer stage 1 with no spread . He was offered laser but was told it could affect the voice afterwards bit that doesn’t happen with radio . He had 33 rounds of radiotherapy everyday apart from the weekends . Not going to lie the treatment is brutal bit it doesn’t seem as brutal as say tonsil cancer . He got a very very burnt neck so make sure he creams a lot he will be given cream  but not just Before treatment ! He will be given pain medication stating off on paracetamol and eventually maybe given morphine my husband used this for a very short time . Food is an issue and I made sure he ate everyday lots of milk full fat pudding , yogurts and weetabix etc . He didn’t have a problem with his taste buds like many do but his throat got very very sore and a really bad cough . Side effects are actually worse once the treatment ends up to day 12 and then it gets better and his voice will come back . 3 weeks after treatment ended Chris went back to work almost full time . There is light at the end of the tunnel but  for 8 or 9 weeks you may think not . He will probably lose weight too . The hospital will keep great care of him and will keep a close eye . He will meet with dietician , speech and therapy and clinical every week . Chris started to feel **** about 3 weeks into his treatment . He has now been 6 weeks finished and has his first oncologist meeting in two weeks time to see how things are now . If your dad is just having radio it sounds like it hasn’t spread to his lymph so that sound so promosing . I feel for him it’s horrible . Be positive it has a really good success rate of a cure . Hugs Ginny . Oh re the humidifier Chris didn’t find it of any help but he was lent a nebuliser after treatment had finished that helped a lot .... tell you dad if he doesn’t try and eat during treatment he will have to endure the milkshakes ! X x x x

Vocal cord cancer

10 Jul 2019 22:00 in response to Ginpo

If I can answe anything else please ask. Also head over to the radiotherapy for throat cancer chat on here guarantee you will get loads of love and advice there. It helped me get through it. X x He will be given throat sprays & mouth washes my husband got oral thrush they took care of that too... he will be well looked after. Sometimes he had just puddings for breakfast dinner and tea ! Anything soft eggs etc x x x

Vocal cord cancer

11 Jul 2019 19:51 in response to Ginpo

Hi Ginpo thank you so much for the info and friend request I did find your reply most helpful. It’s so strange but I’ve seen him today as normal and he looks so well. I know the treatment isn’t meant to be pleasant I am so worried for him my mum too we are a small family. I have read  a lot of people had laser first they’ve not mentioned this and  suggested straight in with radio for 4-6 weeks! Every day like your husband. He is 64! He was saying he wants to lose a stone so we will make sure he eats plenty before starting on this journey is your husband feeling ok now ? And how will they check after treatment if it has gone will it mean another biopsy ? Another thing my dad has said tonight is that for a few weeks his been losing his taste buds I’ve read this can happen with treatment but I wonder if this could be  part of the cancer x 

Vocal cord cancer

11 Jul 2019 20:11 in response to Peachk01

Hi Peach .

chris oncologist didn’t want him to have Lazer but another oncologist wanted to give him the option . What happens and this will be in your dads case his treatment plan will be devised by many oncologist who meet and discuss their patients with each other. It was in that meeting he was called down and given the option . Chris (husband ) decided to go for the not so pleasant radio . Maybe they haven’t got your dads staging yet . My husband looked normal right up to 2/3 weeks into treatment the only symptom he had was a s a lost voice that wasn’t even sore . He didn’t have any problems with his taste buds even during treatment . But they say it can it depends on were they target the radio it’s very precise and the taste buds are very near by as are the saliva glands . I think if they can into weeks time look with a camera but it might still be swollen . Nope he won’t have another biopsy we’ll i don’t think so. I think he will be checked each month then less frequent as time goes by for five years oh I think he will have another chest X-ray . My husband lost a stone in tots but most after treatment as this is the worst time . Your poor mum it’s tough on us the carer there will be times when he may say not nice tho ha or be short bit I just ignored it and didn’t show my upset . I moved out of the bedroom because I had to get my sleep and they cough so much and it not nice to hear . Chris seems fine he still has a dry cough and dry mouth occasionally so he chews gum as he finds that helps . When he gets his cream tell mum to keep it in the fridge and apply it nice and cold I always put my husbands cream on I did it all the time as men Seem rubbish at that kind of thing . Bit not before treatment like I did ! Yikes bit like greasing a chicken ready for the oven !  the doctors will keep an eye on your dads weight they don’t like it when you lose too much and you are given high calorie shakes . Your dad will also get really tired and must keep his neck out of the sun . Has he had his mask fitting yet ? My husband had to ask for the eyes to be cut out as he found it too claustrophobic I can sent you a pic if you want in a private message . He will also get a free parking pass for the whole duration and all meds are free ... out hospital was fantastic I hope yours is too . Hugs Ginny ask me anything as his treatment progress x x Excuse typos this chat room is very sensitive x ! 

Vocal cord cancer

12 Jul 2019 06:52 in response to Peachk01

Sorry to hear the bad news. If you look back over this thread to my posting on May 1st you will get my angle on this , I had 2 ops and 4 weeks of radiation and 18 months after treatment finished , apart from a husky voice, am feeling brilliant. Just remember if the treatment gets unpleasant, I had 2 weeks of non stop coughing , that there is a 93% CURE rate for this when caught early. My major advice is to liberally bung the cream on after rad sessions and last thing at night : also, take a good dollop of honey immediately before and after rads.

The picture accompanying my posting is of my rad mask which I brought home and is now doing great work on my allotment ( complete with sonar light bulb inside ) scaring away the birds and small children. I’m 67 and sailed through.... hopefully you will experience few problems also... GOOD LUCK .... keep us informed.

Vocal cord cancer

12 Jul 2019 10:27 in response to Woodstock

Thank you so much for your reply it’s really helping me talking to others that have been through it so I’m kind of getting used to what will happen when the treatment starts in a few weeks. 

So are you all good now ? That’s fantastic news I’m liking what you’ve done with your mask all be it scary to look at. I guess it’s to protect your face. 

I watched him yesterday in the garden with my son he looks so well it’s scary to know too really don’t know what goes on inside your body. He has had no voice for nearly 8 months now and this really was his only concern he never thought it would be cancer x 

Vocal cord cancer

12 Jul 2019 11:43 in response to Peachk01

I know it may be difficult to accept because of all the dreadful cases we hear of, but, cancer is not the automatic “ killer “ that it has been for past generations. In our particular vocal cord variety we should fully expect to be cured when it is caught early. Your husband will continue to look well throughout treatment, he’ll have a red neck , will experience difficulty with certain types of food and will likely develop a nasty, hacking cough with excess mucous which will not budge: but, he will , in a years time be entirely back to his old self, maybe with a different tone of voice, which will be a small price to pay. Everyone says “ stay positive “ and I think this is a major factor in a speedy recovery. Assume the best and it will be so. You’ll find the radiotherapy staff are brilliant and will make acquaintances with fellow patients who you will meet on a daily basis. It may seem a long time to attend these sessions but I found my month flew by, and I actually missed the chat and humour with fellow sufferers!

The mask is to prevent any movement whilst the beam is pinpointed to the exact area of treatment. It is fixed to the table. I was dreading it, but it’s only on for about 10 minutes and I very quickly adapted, I’m sure your husband will soon get used to it. Staff will stop procedures at any time if the patient requests. Just take deep breaths and relax. You can even take music of your choice and they will play it whilst treatment is ongoing ! He will be on the table for a maximum of 15 mins per session. Staff ensure you are positioned exactly. The mask goes on and you receive 2 very short blasts of radiation, which is totally painless. I’m sure your husband will cope after he has experienced his first session.

So just keep thinking good, positive thoughts and remember he WILL be CURED...