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Vocal cord cancer

23 Apr 2019 22:03

I’ve recently been told I have vocal cord cancer in my left vocal cord. I’ve been for surgery today and they have lasered it away along with healthy tissue to be tested. I was told it was T1 type (caught very early) doctor said. Bug now I’m home I feel relief the surgery is done but I’m now worrying like mad over secondary cancers. I have read this is normal but I’m struggling emotionally. Any help would be appreciated.

Does secondary cancers happen a lot. Thanks for all replies 

Vocal cord cancer

25 Apr 2019 19:55 in response to Mum-42

Hi Mum-42,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I'm sorry to read about the experience you've been going through, although it sounds as if there are some positives here too.

Unfortunately I can't advise on your question, however the best thing is to trust your medical team. I would also recommend writing down any questions or concerns you have ready for when you next see your doctor, so that you're prepared and can cover off any worries you have.

If there's anything you'd like to discuss with our nurses, you can reach them on 0808 800 4040 (Monday-Friday, 9-5) and they're always happy to help.

Wishing you all the best.


Cancer Chat Moderator

Vocal cord cancer

30 Apr 2019 19:16 in response to Mum-42

Hi there

sorry to hear this

also went through same vocal chord cancer left side t2

Had laser  surgery also 

but they also did radiotherapy for six weeks all of neck just incase any bits were left not sure if cos t2 

But said also was early stage 

Any questions feel free to message anytime 



Vocal cord cancer

30 Apr 2019 21:50 in response to Pauline19647

Thanks for replying. It's been a hard 4wks since finding out but I'm starting to understand abit about it now. I've only had laser surgery but need to go back in 8wks for another biopsy to see if it has all cleared up. How long ago did you go through this? Hope your well now. Be nice to hear more about yourself. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

30 Apr 2019 22:01 in response to Mum-42

Hey mum 42 . My husband has exactly the same thing cancer of the larynx , caught very early stage T1 without any spread . He was offered the Laser and more surgery route but opted for radiotherapy not because there is a chance with laser it could come back but because he was warned that laser could affect his voice unlike radiotherapy.  Radiotherapy is brutal he has to have 33 sessions over 6.5 weeks he is on no 22. I am really interested to know has laser caused problems with your voice. Obviously I hope not & hope you continue to do well.  Love Ginny x x 

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 06:57 in response to Mum-42

Hi mum42

have accepted friend request 

it is a tough time going through any treatment 

I understand some of the treatments and effects it has 

I found the laser easier and seemed to recover quicker 

but he radiotherapy is harsh treatment lots of mucus dry mouth throat lips and eating problems also voice comes and goes gets very hoarse 

I always wish I had only had the laser and took my chances as right now it’s hard going 

keep us updated how ur biopsy goes fingers crossed all clear for u 

message anytime if u like a chat 


Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 09:33 in response to Mum-42


I had T1 in right cord diagnosed October ‘17. Biopsy appeared to show non malignant tissue removed, this proved incorrect and just 3 weeks later I had laser treatment. About a month after this I was advised to be 100% certain that all the nasties were gone I should have a blast of RT. 4 weeks daily. I’d read all sorts of horror stories but consented and prepared for the worst. As luck would have it I sailed through. The mask was unpleasant but bearable. I managed to eat solids with slight discomfort in swallowing, kept the burnt skin to a minimum with regular creaming and actually gained a couple of pounds in weight ! By far the worst aspect was a 24 hour non stop cough which I developed for 2 weeks after treatment finished. This was very nasty but gradually subsided. I had check ups on a regular basis ever since and am all clear. Apart from a constant need to want to clear my throat because of excess mucous and a gravelly voice ( which I quite like ) I am fully fit and healthy. Checks will continue for a further 3 years and then I will be cured. I am a fit 67 year old and managed to take this all in my stride. NHS were exemplary and I feel very lucky to be living in the UK. Above all, our cancers have a 93% success rate of total cure. Don’t worry over the gloom and doom found in some Google postings. If you’ve got to have cancer ours is the one to have ! Should you be offered RT my advice would be to go along with it for future peace of mind, it’s not  pleasant but very bearable and worthwhile. Hopefully the laser would have done the trick and you can now look forward to a normal, healthy life. From my diagnosis onward I accepted the medical advice, stayed 100% positive and here I am, returned to “ normal “. Good luck. Any questions... fire away.

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 17:59 in response to Ginpo

Thanks for messaging me it's lovely to know other people's stories and what you have been through. I don't feel so alone now and starting to think more positive. I had the laser done 8 days ago and only just getting my voice back. My voice still sounds hoarse but I'm at the hospital tommorrow for speech therapy. But I feel fine in myself. They didn't give me a choice of treatment just said see you in 4 days for laser treatment. I didn't know what the choices were till I started looking more into it. Doctor said that the laser has good cure rates and didn't mention radiation. Hope your husband is feeling better soon. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 18:05 in response to Pauline19647

Thank you for replying and accepting the friend request. I felt so alone when I first found out but now I've found these posts I feel more at ease. I'm keeping everything crossed when I have my next biopsy in 8 weeks time. I would love to keep in touch and keep us informed on your road back to good health. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 18:15 in response to Woodstock

Thank you for replying to my post. I'm so grateful to everyone that has taken the time to respond. I felt numb and so alone when I found out but I feel so much more positive having heard everyone's stories. I will keep you all updated on my progress and wish you all good health. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 18:50 in response to Mum-42

Hi there mum-42 

very welcome and I was same wen first got diagnosis great we have this group to share and support each other  and I know exactly how u feel I lost keeping all crossed for u I’m dreading my check up 10 may they usually look oth camera and let me know if can see anything will keep u updated to as hope I do with us please either way also love it keep in touch to and any advice I can offer be there for u and others message anytime

pauline xx

Vocal cord cancer

1 May 2019 22:08 in response to Pauline19647

Fingers crossed for you. I will keep in touch and thank you for being there. Xx

Vocal cord cancer

2 May 2019 13:37 in response to Mum-42

Thankyou very welcome and same to u 

good luck  


Vocal cord cancer

2 May 2019 15:41 in response to Woodstock

Thanks for replying to my post. I was reading with such interest and have taken note from what you sound as a happy confident person. You are right in terms of cancers that ours can be cured unlike others. Before I was diagnosed I'd never heard of it. I might feel more positive once I've had my next biopsy to check if they got it all but I will keep you informed and please keep us all updated on your positive path. Take care xx


Vocal cord cancer

3 May 2019 09:01 in response to Mum-42

Hopefully the lasering will have done the necessary, but, don’t be too worried should a course of RT be advised to make absolutely sure the cancer has been sorted. This appears to be quite a frequent occurrence and it does not reflect on the nature of the cancer but a thoroughness to eliminate it completely. Better to get everything done in one hit rather than the cancer returning within a couple of years. As I said previously I relied and trusted the advice from the specialists. I attended a large London hospital where they have all the latest technology so I knew I was in safe hands, but the standard of cancer care appears to be high around the country especially for a straightforward one such as ours. All the best with your next biopsy. I, and others, are here to provide any help you may need along the pathway to a cure.