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Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

24 Nov 2022 08:03

Hi, I know no one can give me answers but some reassure would be amazing or just some similar stories...

3 years ago I had an abnormal smear test, hpv positive and cell changes. Had a colposcopy done and didn't even need a biopsy as everything looked fine. 

14 months ago I had a little girl and decided after that to not go back on the pill to let my body and menstral cycle get back to normal. Regular periods returned no issues until around 5 months ago....

I noticed that my periods were becoming a lot heavier! But managable then my last period came a week early only lasted 3 days, was incredibly heavy and the pain was unbearable. I was glad to see the back of this period! 

I decided to go to the gp and whilst there she said she would check my cervix just to see if it looked healthy from her point of view... no problem... until she was down there, went quite, stayed down there for a while then told me she can see something that doesn't look right. 

now she said it could possibly be a cervical ectropion (sorry if that's not spelt right) but can't be sure and with changes to my period and cycle and the fact that I have had previous abnormal smears and hpv she's concerned and has referred me on the 2 week urgent referral for a colposcopy.

I am freaking out to say the least..... I have a 14 month old daughter who is my world and I can't even look at her without crying which I know is stupid because I've not even had the appointment yet I'm just so worried.

At my last colposcopy they said they couldn't see anything or any evidence of hpv so discharged me back to 3 yearly smears (have not been invited for one yet so glad I've gone to drs!) would it be possible for cervical cancer to be present since my last colposcopy? 

I don't have pain or bleeding during intercorse but I have also noticed an increase in 'stretchy' clear/very slight yellow discharge but no blood. 

any help/ reassurance will be great thank you for taking the time to read this ❤️

Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

24 Nov 2022 19:29 in response to Margaretk94

I think ectroprions are a really common side effect of giving birth! Or the hormonal changes afterwards. I can't give advice unfortunately but I do have a large ectropion and I am 15months postpartum

my symptoms are slightly different to yours and I have pushed and pushed with my gp for six months now to get a colposcopy ( which I did have recently and am awaiting 'urgent' biopsy results for!) I think the guidelines are if there is a reddish looking cervix, plus symptoms it's the 2 week colposcopy pathway as standard! Except for my gp who I only wish referred me the first time they saw my ectropion Angry in May. It's easier said then done I know but try not too worry im sure it's all fine! 

Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

25 Nov 2022 05:57 in response to Elw16

Thank you so much for replying!

can I ask what your symptoms were ? 
im sorry your going through this too, it feels horrible just not knowing and waiting! 
I know everything they do is a precaution and actually there to rule out cancer not find it but I just can't help but constantly think about it! 

do you know how long you'll have to wait for your results? Everything crossed they will come back okay


Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

25 Nov 2022 11:48 in response to Margaretk94

I began to have an increase in discharge, not particularly watery but clear. It would randomly have streaks of blood in. My periods then changed, I get three days of bloody or pink discharge, period, then five days of bloody or pink discharge ( sometimes it is literally a pin ***** sized speck of blood but blood is blood and not normal for me!) 


I even paid to see a private Gynae who said it's all typical of hormones and ectropion. I had silver nitrate treatment which did nothing really so pushed with nhs again and finally went to colposcopy. There they were going to cauterise is using a different method but they saw a small area of ' cell changes' when the dye was applied ( unusual as I had a clear smear only nov last year!) so biopsies taken of the area and also my womb ( I belive this was because I mentioned I don't bleed after sex which is not in line with ectropions )  


these were marked urgent which has completely terrified me and I'm week three now not heard anything!


The worry is the worse isn't it! I'm sure yours will be ectropion though! The body changes so much after birth. I'm actually laughing typing this as I'm so rational with you but when it comes to myself I'm a nervous wreck!

really hope alls ok!  

Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

25 Nov 2022 12:17 in response to Elw16

By the way, since it's a change to your periods has your doctor not referred you for an ultrasound? After swabs for infections etc this was the next step for me as it could be polyps, fibroids etc causing the pain and heavyiness? Mine was all clear but  I actually have another internal ultrasound this evening not entirely sure why but during the colp they did mention my womb lining was thick . If maybe request one via gp x

Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

26 Nov 2022 09:22 in response to Elw16

I just hate the word urgent !! Gives me all types of panic! But I do understand that they would rather rule something out quickly or be able to start treatment quickly.

I've not had any unusual bleeding just heavier more painful periods and possible a slight increase in discharge but no bleeding after sex either.

It was just when the dr said hmmm I can definitely see something that I'm not happy with I was like.... right well now I'm worried! 

I actually had a phone call yesterday and got a colposcopy for Tuesday at 11am so glad I don't have to wait too long but also terrified that they want to see me so quick! 

dr has also booked me in for ultrasound too so maybe that will show the root of my problems!

I hope you don't have to wait too much longer for your results! Haha I'm exactly the same I'm like you'll be absolutely fine there won't be anything to worry about you've got this! Then I'm sat here with the worst anxiety! So strange


Urgent referral to colposcopy!!!

29 Nov 2022 20:32 in response to Margaretk94

Hope the colposcopy went ok today x