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Urgent referral for mouth ulcer

22 Nov 2022 18:47

Hi all,

I'm 33 and have a large mouth ulcer. I also have pain under my ear, and when the Dr examined me she said I have facial and neck swelling. I have had antibiotics etc and it didn't make any difference and so she put me on the 2 week pathway to maxillo facial dept.

They called me today and offered me an appointment tomorrow, does anyone know what will happen? Will they just examine it and book me in for another day for a biopsy or will they take a biopsy etc there and then? Will I need any more scans etc?

I would be so grateful for any advice or words of wisdom from anyone who has been through similar, I'm absolutely petrified

Thank you for reading x

Urgent referral for mouth ulcer

22 Nov 2022 21:51 in response to MrsCx

When l went to clinic  with a huge mouth ulcer they did a blood test examined my mouth, and gave me some more antibiotics and another appointment, take someone with you as your able to now Covid restrictions have been relaxed, make a note of any questions you have as we all forget as soon as you walk into their room 

l hope all goes well take care 


Urgent referral for mouth ulcer

26 Nov 2022 20:37 in response to Alfieisastar

Thank you for replying. The Dr didn't really give much away, just examined me and said they needed to do a biopsy. She didn't tell me what it looked like or what it could be.

The biopsy is within 1 to 2 weeks. I am a few days in to this wait and it is driving me mad. I am so so scared, and apart from my work friends, and a few family members, nobody else knows because I don't really have any other friends.

Emma x

Urgent referral for mouth ulcer

26 Nov 2022 21:39 in response to MrsCx

I m glad you have been seen, first step over. The biopsy will give a clear diagnosis at least they didn't say we will leave it for a while and see if it goes away. I hope you get an early appointment and don't wait to long.

Do let me know when you go take care