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Urgent gastroscopy

14 Apr 2021 21:03

I am having worrying symptoms and one of them is my voice has changed . 
my appointment with the gp was a phone appointment who referred me to upper Gi . 
mot was a quick process and the consultant appointment was also a phone appointment .

She said she didn't want to scare me but prepare me that they will be looking for cancer and my paper work says biopsies . 
it is on the 17 th . 
Because of my voice and also glands in the neck I'm worried that it is more my Larinx . 
Does anybody know if having a gastroscopy will show this . 
Also can you have changed in your voice with oesophages cancer ? 

Urgent gastroscopy

15 Apr 2021 07:05 in response to Kodi


Apart from the nurses, none of us are qualified to reply to your question directly. Your symptoms could be caused by a lot of things, including but not limited to some sort of cancer. Telling you not to worry would be pointless and patronising. 

That said - if you Google your symptoms (I know you shouldn’t but everyone does) you are likely to come up with this link

Like I said, this is just one of the things it might be. The endoscopy itself probably won’t give a definitive diagnosis but any biopsies and/or follow up scans probably will.


Good luck!


Urgent gastroscopy

15 Apr 2021 07:57 in response to davek

Thankyou for replying . 
I have all the normal symptoms of oesophages cancer but I've read the oesophages infection too . 
They treated me for infection of the oesophages and also lanzaroprazole too . 
Both have not worked . 

ive read other people's stories but can't find anything about the voice changing ??


Urgent gastroscopy

15 Apr 2021 08:33 in response to davek

Also I didn't ring the doctor for a good few months because I'm shielding my disabled daughter from Covid . 
I put it off because I didn't want to bring Covid into the house