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Unexplained bleeding lasting over a year

25 Oct 2021 18:53

I have had what appears to be a constant period for just over a year now I've had my thyroid checked twice due to unexplained weight gain also. Anyone else have this or similar ? What was the outcome ? 

Unexplained bleeding lasting over a year

25 Oct 2021 19:02 in response to Sf1902

I had a constant period for about two months. Nothing was found and the doctor prescribed birth control pills to control it. I took them for over a year, then tried coming off them and my periods went back to normal. Never got an explanation, but anyway, it wasn't anything serious. 

Have you seen a doctor?

Unexplained bleeding lasting over a year

25 Oct 2021 19:06 in response to MargaretMary

I was on the depo injection and got told to come if that to see if that was the problem the. I continued to bleed and got a 3 month supply of some sort or pill to try regulate my periods but that didn't work and I've just been continuing to bleed. I got my bloods took again the other day so waiting on the results of them it's so draining  

Unexplained bleeding lasting over a year

26 Oct 2021 12:06 in response to Sf1902

Hello Sf1902 and thanks for posting, 

I am sorry to learn about this continuous bleeding and can understand it must be draining for you.

As you have posted here I am taking a guess that you are worried about cancer. While abnormal bleeding can be a feature of some gynaecological cancers, it has a number of other more common causes as well which you can read about on the NHS website at this link

Do talk things over again with your GP when you have the chance and let them know what is on your mind. As the bleeding is persisting despite treatment, it can do no harm to ask if you need to have any tests or see a specialist.  

I hope your GP can help and that things improve for you soon,