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Uneven lump found on scan

17 Jul 2019 09:48

I need advise as im going out of my mind, 14 months ago a found a lump in my right breast, i went to my gp who referred me to the breast clinic, i had a mammogram which revealed severl blocked milk ducts, so i went home feeling relieved, fast forward to 3 weeks ago when i noticed the blocked milk duct had gotten quite large so i went back to my gp who made an urgent referral to the breast clinic. So yesterday i went and had a mammogram then a scan, the scan revealed a blocked milk duct but behind that they found an uneven lump, asked my was it painful when they pressed on it, which it was, so they asked a dr to come and look at the scan, asked if i had discharge leaking which i said yes, i was then put into another room were a different dr came in and just sent me home and to come back in 2 months with no mention about the uneven lump and what was going to happen next, im 42, have 2 sons, never breast fed, dont know my mums family history as she was adopted. Should i be worried at all, im back at the doctors in 5 days for a second opinion 

Uneven lump found on scan

17 Jul 2019 09:54 in response to Kellydew76

Hello, I'm currently having an investigation into a breast lump as well, so get the worry you're feeling. I dont know the answers to your questions, but think its perfectly fine for you to call the breast clinic back and just say that you're really worried and want a bit more explanation. I've just done that and they're going to get a dr to call me. Xx