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Understanding results

25 Nov 2021 11:17

I'm 61 and thought I was very healthy. I have been diagnosed with invasive ductal carsinoma ER3 PRO HER2 - ve. It's 7mm so very early with a good prognosis. I'm having a localised wide section and slr on 7th December and radiotherapy 6 weeks later. I have read loads and got confused. It seems a lot of people have this plan but it leads to much more invasive treatment. Just wondering what others have found 

Understanding results

25 Nov 2021 12:17 in response to Amandadp

Everyone's journey is very individual. I know that sounds like some cliché, but it's true. Even people that have very similar cancers and size of lumps can have very different treatment plans and ops. Their lumps will be shaped differently from yours, affecting different tissues/structures etc etc so I would listen to your doctors and deal with your own set of circumstances without adding the woes of others onto an already dizzy turn of events.  My wife read numerous stories about her chemo. Some bad, some good. She's been absolutely fine on the chemo.

Medical conditions change all the time (whether it be via treatment or whatever), so the advice you are given at the beginning may change in the near future.  So be prepared for that. Change sometimes happens as they find out more about your particular circumstances. for example, once they are in rooting around, your lump might even be smaller yet and as such your treatment will change.

I do hope this makes some sort of sense.

Understanding results

25 Nov 2021 13:05 in response to ProfBaw

Yes, thanks. Things will probably feel very different after the op and when more is known about what we are dealing with.