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Ultrasound of neck

6 Dec 2017 23:11


I am just looking for some advice regarding recent worries that I have had and I would rally appreciate some guidance and advice.

I had back in september had chest issues which resulted in a visit to A&E which I had blood tests and chest xrays. Blood tests showed an elevated white cell count and xray showed prominent hilar regions. During physical exam, lymph nodes in my neck were noted which I had actually felt before myself.

Since then i had been back due to the same issue and blood tests were better but xray still showed the same and it was put down to an infection that was still resolving.

I had since followed up with my gp as consultant had advised my gp to refer to chest clinic. During gp visit i mentioned the lymph nodes in my neck and i was referred for an ultrasound.

After having the ultrasound done the person taking the ultrasound had said she wasn't particularly worried but had said she still had to review it in detail and that I need to follow up with my gp for the results.

I am wondering whether the ultrasound can rule anything out and if there is anything else I should request from my gp to completely rule anything sinister out as i am continuously rather worried with everything going on.

Thank you for any advice.

Re: Ultrasound of neck

6 Dec 2017 23:16 in response to Lanito12
Just saw your post as I logged in. I regret I cannot give you any technical information but I would get on to your GP as quickly as possible and spell out your worries. I hope you are soon feeling better and know where you stand. Somebody more knowledgeable than myself will hopefully give you a better response.

Re: Ultrasound of neck

6 Dec 2017 23:19 in response to Annieliz


Thanks for the reply, I do have an appointment comming up on monday to follow up regarding the ultrasound and get the results which was why I thought I would make a post beforehand to ensure I am prepared in regards to anything I should ask there and then.

Thanks again Happy

Re: Ultrasound of neck

6 Dec 2017 23:25 in response to Lanito12

You might like to write down the things that are bothering you to take with you to the GP; I know there have been occasions when I have not been together enough to remember all the things I needed to ask .  Hope Monday goes well.