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Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

27 May 2019 03:30 in response to rachelbest


Hi Rachelbest,

Welcome to our forum, although I'm sorry for the reason that has brought you here. It is good news that your lymph nodes were clear and that the cells surrounding the lump look clear.

Don't be afraid to ask all the necessary questions of your care team so that you can make an informed choice on whether or not to go for chemo. I hope that you manage to reach the right decision for you. Please let us know how your blood tests go and what you eventually decide. We ae always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

31 May 2019 22:16 in response to Jolamine

I'm having my boob off 2nd werk of June,  they have stoped my ladt lot of chemo . My head and stuff where numb i was taken to hospital in ambulance pains in chest and high blood pressure.  Brought my operation forward . I might have to have radiotherapy they didn't want to do reconstruction.  But they are now dont know if do it when have my operation or later. I can't have inplant cause might be alergic as i am to some dressings and plasters x

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

31 May 2019 23:40 in response to ZeldaC


Hi Zelda,

It's good to catch up on how you're doing. I'm sorry that you've had such a difficult time with your chemo and, had to cancel your last session.  However, it's good to hear that this has brought your surgery forward.  I expect that you'll be quite relieved to get to this stage at last.

I shall be thinking of you the second week in June and hope that it all goes well.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx


Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

3 Jun 2019 22:00 in response to Dondon0808

Hi. I had this and was given a poor prognosis.  That was 15 years ago!! My lymph nodes were infected as well.. 

I have a new triple negative in my other breast that was removed just over a week ago. I don't know if in the lymph nodes as yet..I got 15 years cancer free so I'm willing to go through it all again. The odd thing about hair loss was it didn't bother me much until my eye lashes went. It's totally amazing that it recovers so fast. As soon as chemo stops you will soon notice a fuzz returning. Hair loss is such a small price to pay. Be bald and proud.. good luck

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

3 Jun 2019 22:13 in response to HelenN

Wow that's lovely to hear your doing so well. I was finished with treatment or so I thought but I start oral chemo on Wednesday as a preventative measure with being high risk. I'll take it if it means keeping this at bay then throw it all at me.


Keep well 

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

16 Aug 2019 11:01 in response to kem

Thank you so much for such a positive review, I have just been diagnosed and await Chemo next week, but you have really helped me xx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

25 Aug 2019 19:01 in response to Mcgonigle1£@

So good to hear this.  Just finished treatment x

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

26 Aug 2019 13:05 in response to Patrice44

Hi Patrice,

It makes me happy that telling my experience has helped you!  Everyone's journey through this is different and yet the same. 

I hope your first chemo treatment went well.  First one was rough for me as I had misunderstood how the instructions on the nausea meds and I ended up in the triage needing 2 bags of fluids.  But after that, I had it under control. 

Best wishes for a quick recovery.  Keep us posted on your journey.


Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

26 Aug 2019 16:00 in response to Mcgonigle1£@
Thankyou for your post gives me hope iv had 6 lots of chemo lumpectomy going through radiotherapy now had full pathological response clear margins no lymph nodes involved full response to chemo hope there ladies that’s had lumpectomy with long remission story to thanks for making me smile today

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

26 Aug 2019 16:07 in response to Dondon0808

Can totally understand we’re your coming from I can’t move on at all for worrying about it coming back I had great response to chemo  surgery but just can’t shift this fear or move on with my life am trying to see it as a bad year not a bad life but it’s so hard xx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

12 Sep 2019 14:27 in response to issylizzy1316

Hi Lovely Ladies 

New to posting, was having a bad day but read your posts and words of encouragement .....thank you all so much and hope your all having a good day !


Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

13 Sep 2019 05:13 in response to kem

Hi Kem,

This is an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing. I myself have just been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, stage 1 grade 3. Im 32 with a 2 year old daughter so did not see this coming! Its been a few days now since diagnosis, and i have a treatment plan in place. Whilst we are still in some degree of shock, we are bloody determined on fighting this! Well I don’t have a choice, my daughter needs her mama! Its stories like yours that give me so much encouragement, positivity is going to get us through this. So thank you for sharing your story.

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

20 Sep 2019 18:43 in response to kem

MHi Kem

I have Just been diagnosed with triple negative grade 3 breast cancer 57mm! So big and aggressive . I start chemotherapy next week for a total of 24 weeks ! I’ve read some posts of other ladies having similar . They’ve said although the lymph nodes they’ve biopsied clear

scans have shown a suspicious node they’ve maybe missed on biopsy . They’ve also found 3 internal mammary nodes ? Wondered if anyone else has had a similar diagnosis . Long road ahead as they’ve said mastectomy plus radiotherapy post op once 24 wks of chemo finished . 


I just wanted to say Kem your post was inspirational and has lifted my spirits so much as someone on the beginning of this journey , my little girl is 6 years old and I’ve been utterly terrified but you have given me strength today to beat this disease . 


Love and sunshine