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Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

19 Aug 2018 12:52

Hi everyone.

I have triple negative breast cancer grade 3 and start my chemo in 2 weeks. 3 sessions of FEC - T then 3 of docetaxel.  Have been looking at wigs but just doesn't feel right. I'm scared and don't wanna know to much about it if I honest just want to know that it's treatable and curable which docs have told me it is so that's good enough for me. Has anyway else had this diagnosis or treatment and what can i expect. The fear of infection while going thru treatment scares me also. How has everyone else been with that ?? 

Sending love n hugs to all fighting cancer 

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

19 Aug 2018 17:44 in response to Dondon0808


i was diagnosed with triple negative stage 3 breast cancer in April and I also have the BRCA gene.

I have now finished my 4 cycles of EC chemotherapy which I had every 3 weeks and I have finished 5 out of my 12 weekly cycles of TC.

i can honestly say I have coped, some days have been hard but you just get through it best you can.

i use the cold cap so I have managed to keep some hair, not used the wig yet!

i have also been infection free so far, which I hope continues and the main side effects have been, exhaustion, upset stomach, nose bleeds and loss of taste at times. It sounds a lot but with the medication they give you it really helps to keep things manageable.

the biggest thing I can say is my tumour has shrunk from 27mm to 3mm so trust me it is worth it all so stay positive.

Hope all goes well, a positive mind wins and my advice is so not google anything just listen to your consultants!


take care


Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

19 Aug 2018 19:16 in response to LisaScaz

Thank you so much for your reply. It really does help when other people are going through the same thing to get advice and just to share in experiences. You sound like you are fighting the good fight and handling it all well although I'm sure there has been moments. I take your advice and I don't want to Google things. Thanks again and keep in touch and Let me know how your doing. Sending love n hugs and best wishes xxx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

21 Aug 2018 17:14 in response to Dondon0808


i was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer HER2 positive. I had 3 rounds of FEC and was in hospital with infection after every round but admittedly I probably wasn’t being as healthy as I should have been. Had first round of dotaxcel and herceptin a couple of weeks ago and have 2 more rounds to go. Coped much better since they changed from FEC. I find the worst things are the injections they give to boost your immune system. They make you feel like you been run over by a bus so if you can cope with them I’m sure you will sail through. Although I’ve suffered it must be working as my scan last week showed my tumor has shrank by 50%. Yay!

I did find my hair fell out ridiculously quick. Started coming out on day 11 of first FEC and was completely bald 4 days later. Have actually lost every hair on my body. But you just have to remember in the grand scheme of things, hair loss is trivial and will grow back. I thought I’d really struggle with a bald head but suprised myself and even braved doing the weekly shop with egg head Happy I have a lovely wig but in this weather it’s like wearing a woolly hat lol.

im sure you’ll be fine and I wish you all the luck in the world. Try the forum “the good and the bad”....lovely breast ladies who will offer all the support you need. 

Take care

Candice x

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

23 Oct 2018 16:22 in response to Dondon0808

Hi Dondon0808,

I have empathy for you and all who are fighting cancer.  I understand your fear but recommend educating yourself as much as possible.  Knowledge on what you have, what it means and what your options are can be your sword during your fight. 

I am proof that you can overcome this diagnosis.  In May of 2005, at age 39, I was diagnosed.  Scariest day of my life.  I had breast cancer -  triple negative, stage 3 grade 3 was very aggressive.  The initial treatment plan was to do chemo and then a lumpectomy.  After an MRI revealed a second mass deeper in the breast, the treatment plan changed. I now had two differnt types of cancer growing in me and all I ould think of was "GET IT OUT NOW!!"  But I had to wait a bit.  On June 13, I had a modified full mastectomy (lymph nodes were clear!) with a natural reconstruction at the same time (8 hour surgery). I started chemo (8 rounds) one month later on July 13.  I had a small infection that postponed one chemo treatment but otherwise infections were not an issue. I did lose ALL my hair as the cold caps had not been invented in 2005. Me personally, I could not where a wig...not for lack of trying...I had 3 different ones.  But the chemo had also put me into a temporary menopause state so the hot flashed were unbearable with a wig on.  And it's not like you can just pull the hair off when it freaks people out. Hahaha, I still remember this ladies face when I did that!.  Plus, when I would where the wig, I didn't feel like myself.  I felt like a different person and that did not work for me.  It felt like I was hiding. So I went with hats.  Wasn't a great look, but it was me.  I was open to the ridicule (and boy, people sure can be mean) if it meant people would stop calling it the "C" word!  I had CANCER and what good would it do to hide?  Anyway I finished chemo on October 26th and then had one last surgery in December to balance out the breasts (DD to a C).  I now call it a long journey on my life path and I joke about having a belly boob (reconstruction used tissue from my belly)!!  

This journey changed me in many ways!  I now think that it was a way of preparring me for my next steps in life...showing me how strong I can be!  I truly would not want it to be any different.  The trials we go through, shape us into who we are supposed to be.  This might not be where you are now, at this stage in your treatment, but someday.

So, 15 years, 5 months and 11 days after diagnosis, I am still here and healthier than before.  It took several years of figuring out the best ways to get the nutrients built back up in my body after chemo. But I have learned so much about holistic and natural ways to do this with supplements and diet. I AM healthy, I AM not taking any long-term medications or suplements and I AM so much more aware of my body, how it feels and how things affect it.  It brought me closer to spirit and showed me the link between mind, body, health and spirit.  I discovered that "dis-ease" of one's spirit causes "disease" in the body.  It showed me love and support like I had never known before.  Many, many good things came out of what I had thought was so very tragic at the time.  

So, keep a positive attitude!!  This is not let yourself become a "victim".  Watch as many funny movies as possible or what ever makes you laugh and your heart smile. 

Peace and love to you!

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

1 Nov 2018 11:44 in response to kem

 Dear Kem, no words, just thank you so much for your post. It has made my day .


Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

1 Nov 2018 15:49 in response to justaphase80


You are welcome.  This is actually the first time I have shared my story in a public format so it makes me happy to know that it made your day.  Many blessings to you and hope the treatments are going well thus far.  If you ever need to talk about your journey, feel free to reach out.

Best Regards, Kem

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

16 Nov 2018 06:45 in response to kem

I have just been told on 2nd November that i have invasive ductal cancer grade 3 triple negative.  It has been a crazy 2 weeks with apointments doctors tests . I start my chemotherapy today at 11am i am so scared. I am going to try the cold cap and also been told that sucking ice cubes while have chemo help to stop getting sores in the mouth , so i will try it . Hope all of you going through this will be ok . Lots of love to you all xx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

16 Nov 2018 13:47 in response to ZeldaC


My advice is do your best to push that fear out.  Fear is due to the unknown so by end of day today you will know what to expect.  Take the nausea meds on time and it should help.  Also if you are getting Adriomycin, take some hard candy to suck will help with the metal taste.

If you don't have a port, get one. It will be less stress on your veins.  You will get through this!!  Think of it a a long journey where you will be rewarded in the end with a cancer free body.  Stay strong and funny movies and laugh as much as you can!  You got this!!!!

Many blessings.

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

18 Nov 2018 10:37 in response to kem

Thanks again Kem, 

prayers for all. X

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

3 Dec 2018 04:46 in response to kem

Hi thank you for the reply and advice, i have had my 2nd chemo on friday . All went well had been bad from last chemo bleeding when going toilet everytime from the monday till thursday.saw out of hours doctor said due to chem anoying my bowel. Told me phone people who look after me next day they not very helpfull. One sister said couldnt help me then phone up late afternoon saying dont come in for treatment i have infection .wichi didnt have another saying take Imodium. Then a nurse phoned friday morningv asking how i was told her hadnt had much help from any of people id phoned.  She said she would phone doctor moe he said come in fine it was due to chem , and as long as it had stoped it was fine to come in. Wore the cold cap again but my hair has started coming out ther next day Dont know if it will stop have to wait and see. Having my picc line fitted on the 10th dec bit worried about that. I dont know much about this cancer only that it is rare . Invasive ductal cancer grade 3 triple negative it is in 2 lumps in my boob and my lymph nodes.  All containd in one breast right one . Had ct scan results good not in and internal organs . Just waiting for my bone scan results. Had some back spasms from injection day after my chemo but im not to bad. Hope you all ok love and hugs to you xx



Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

9 Dec 2018 14:12 in response to ZeldaC

Hi Zelda,

it looks like our journey started around the same time, but already they seem to be very different. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty with sentinel node removal on 4th. When I went to have my wires fitted to find the two lumps I had in my right breast, the doctor found more (I’m not sure if 1 or 2 as he said 1 but my discharge notes imply 2.) so far I have had a1cm lump a 2mm lump and 1-2 5mm lumps removed from my right breast as a wide local incision and they have also removed the sentinel node. I’ve been told if the margins aren’t good enough 20% of cases, I will have to have a full mastectomy. Also, if they find any microscopic cancer in the lymph node I will need to have more removed, again 20% of cases. They are retesting my tumours as they came back as 3-4 on the scale they measure for estrogen of progestoerone receptors, which apparently means they aren’t receptive. My cancer is also gr@de 3 so it look s like it will be chemo and radiotherapy for me too. The hardest part for me at the moment is not knowing what I’m dealing with, I know grade 3 and that’s about all. I now need to wait 2 weeks to find out next steps. I hopefully you are getting better care now from your nurses. Have you got a Macmillan nurse? Mine is AMAZING! Her positivity is really helping me to get my head round this.

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

9 Dec 2018 19:14 in response to Wonkyboobs

All i know is mine is rare and aggressive and not hormone based.  It could of been avoided had it over 30 years had blocked duct when had kids wanted to take it out years ago.  But they been fidling with it ever since. Went last year for mammogram blocked duct draind it said go back when fills again . Went back april turned me away said go to doctors he was cross wrote to them . I didnt get seen till 1st october scaned it said woukdntvdrain it cause suspicious lump. Told me go on holiday sort it out when come back . Went to see them 25th October mammogram and scan 2suspicious lumps did byopsi on both and lymph nodes.  Phone on 1st november to go in on 2nd . Told me cancer in both lumps and lymph nodes . Told me have to have chemotherapy first then boob off .



Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

10 Jan 2019 10:25 in response to Wonkyboobs
Hi hope you doing ok iv had 3 lots chemotherapy now they canceld 2 as i have had chest infection. Haveing last one 16th December then starting the new lot.First lot of chemo was Doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide. Every 2 weeks 4 lots when this finishes i will be having paclitaxel and carboplatin every week and one every 3rd week so five lots in a month . I have invasive ductal cancer grade 3 triple negative which means its not hormone based and this chemo works well for that . They are taking my right boob off after all chemotherapy has finished. I tried the cold cap twice but stsrted losing my hair the next day. I still have hair but pink scalp and back . Hope all is well and you be ok xx

Triple negative breast cancer grade 3

10 Jan 2019 10:27 in response to Dondon0808

Hi hope you ok and doing well xx