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Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

11 Jun 2019 21:56

Hey everyone

I have an appointment at the Hopsital on Friday after finding a lump in my armpit 2 months ago. I have had 2 GP appointments since then and because it hasn’t disappeared, I have been referred

ive been told I’m too young for a mammogram. Does anyone know why? What can I expect instead? Google doesn’t seem to help.. and I know I shouldn’t google. :( 

feeling anxious for Friday and any guidance/insight would be much appreciated

much love xx

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 03:09 in response to Goc94

Is the 94 in your username the year you were born?

Breast and armpit lumps are worrying for us at any age, breast cancer has such a high profile, we all think we are going to get it.

But...if you were born in 1994 your chances of having breast cancer are vanishingly slim.

If you have been told you are too young for a mammogram that is because it is not considered the best imaging modality for you.  A mammogram is like a breast X ray.  It doesn't work well or reveal much if breast tissue is dense.  Young women have naturally denser breast tissue than older women.  The cut off is about 35, before this the best imaging modality is ultrasound, which is much better at picking up abnormalities in younger, denser, breast tissue.

This is not you being written off by the health service, or dismissed in any way.  If you are younger than 35, it's a clinical decision.  No point in using a form of imaging that won't be helpful.

Hope this helps.  I am a doctor, but I'm not on here as an 'expert', I'm here as a worried woman with a breast clinic referral, with signs and symptoms.

I hope - and would bet on - things will go well for you xx


Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 06:38 in response to Worrieddoctor71

Good Morning 

Thanks so much for your response

Yes - sorry I probably should have disclosed my age! I’m 24 and understand that my chances of these cancers are slim, however I have heard of ladies and gents (around early to late twenties) being diagnosed with certain cancers. 

I was on holiday putting sun cream under my armpit when I felt it.. I check my boobs regularly; lying down and standing up. This lump feels like a hard pea - Doctor agrees with you though, it is probably not cancer. I have always suffered with anxiety especially towards my health and surprisingly when I found the lump, after an initial cry, I was able to push it to the back of my mind until I got back to the UK (I saw a GP the next working day)

I sincerely hope you get the answers you need, always here for a chat, I know it isn’t nice to feel worried and sometimes alone with that worry. Best of luck xx

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 11:06 in response to Goc94


I was recently sent for screening and what I was told is that patients over 40 have a mammogram while those younger have an ultrasound scan. 

I do hope this helps you

Take care

Marie xxx

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 11:14 in response to MarieR77

I had none on the day but was sent away to wait for another scan appointment so more waiting and no answers 

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 11:16 in response to MarieR77

Thanks so much for your response Marie.

Glad I have my Mam going with me to my appointment.. letter said I could be there up to 3 hours wasn’t sure what else to expect. 3 hours seems a long time. I am immensely grateful for my managers being so flexible with my appointments

Hope you are doing well & your screening was ok

B xx


Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 12:37 in response to Goc94

My goodness 3 hours seems like a long wait!

When I had my appointment it was at 1.30pm. It was all over and done with by 2.30pm. I had a mammogram,ultrasound and biopsies all done in the same appointment. I was on the cusp age wise so I had a mammogram and scan(lucky me lol)

My lump was benign - they think I have fibromatosis. I had it removed last Wednesday. Just waiting on the result now 

I hope all goes well with you. It’s worth noting that 8 out of 10 lumps are benign also 

keep us posted 

Marie xxx

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

12 Jun 2019 13:03 in response to MarieR77

Fantastic news your lump was benign! 

Thank you for sharing your experience, you have helped with my nerves. Never ever had to go to hospital apart from when I sprained my ankle.. so the thought is a bit daunting going for something much more serious.

Take care of yourself & I will keep everyone updated

Thanks again for your words xx

Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

14 Jun 2019 12:59 in response to Goc94

Afternoon everyone

Just got back from the hospital, was there exactly the 3 hours! Saw 2 more doctors and sonographer. Looks like I just have a fatty lump of tissue that’s more prominent than the rest and that’s why I can feel it.

Can’t praise the staff there enough, they were so good with me. And they were patient when I lost the lump in a panic!! Ha ha. Apparently this happens a lot.

I am relieved but will never stop checking. 

Sending my best wishes to you all who commented or viewed my post

B x


Too young for mammogram. What do I expect?

14 Jun 2019 15:40 in response to Goc94

I’m so happy for you reading this! Fantastic news!

i hope you have a lovely weekend:-)

wishing you all the very best for the future 

Take care

Marie xxxx