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21 Feb 2019 00:50 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,

I am so sorry to hear that you have been recalled to the breast clinic next week. If you are too busy next week, please phone and explain your situation and re-schedule.

I am sure that, with all you've been through, you realise the importance of dealing with any cancer as soon as possible.

As Hazel says, it could well be something and nothing, as tests are so sensitive now. Here's hoping that it will be good news, but better safe than sorry.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

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21 Feb 2019 14:29 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine.

Its not that Im too busy as such its just really bad timing. I am having cancer surgery next week at the other side of the country, my surgeon has transferred me to a university hospital.

If the further tests were to be at my local hospital breast clinic it would be so much easier.

I feel awful asking my daughter to take me to appointments etc. She told me she has used up all of her compassionate leave.

But I will get another appointment sorted asap.

I am going to carry on and assume for now that it will just be a routine thing, head in the sand that`s me Happy

Kind regards and again thank you for reply xx

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21 Feb 2019 21:36 in response to clara56

 Dear clara,   I have been reading all of your messages here just not knowing how to help...make things sound  that you will be ok that  its all gonna been fine once you get passed all you have in front of you....and you will... YOU are so strong...stronger than you ever realised just take one day at a time get this next lot of weeks....only when you are ready  maybe then back to breast clinic...You have such a fantastic sense of humour.... your daughters are there for you and everyone here on this fourm are standing beside you willing you on to get through  this next lot of months...Im not very good with words clara  but my thoughts and best wishes are with you each and every day... God bless...your friend Dee.xo 

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22 Feb 2019 00:12 in response to demc

Hi Dee. Good to hear fom you. Thought maybe you and hubby had swanned off on a wee cruise since Ive not seen you posting Wink It is a wonderful thing you do coming on here bolstering up folks that are feeling lost with diagnosis and all it entails :-))

I have been hitting my head off a wall today, why do nhs give you direct contact numbers and when you call all you get is a taped message. When you do get CNS to call you back she has to confer with another dept  and call back.

It took untill 4.15 today to get some sort of answers. Any how have sent off an email to Breast clinic explaining situation and will hear from them whenever.

D can I ask you if you were told your cancer stage? Ive been told the TNM and the grade but I hit a wall of excuses when I ask the stage. And its bugging me no end...... Im driving my daughter mad!

I do seem to have the habit of injecting a bit humour,cant help myself.

Hazel might find herself with a stowaway aboard yet haha.....

Thank you again and bless you.xxxx

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22 Feb 2019 00:38 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,

I can understand how bad the timing is for you, but am glad to hear that you have contacted the hospital to re-schedule.

Do you not have a scheme whereby you can be driven to the hospital by a volunteer? This would save your daughter from having to take time off work every time you have an appointment. Ask at the hospital if such a service exists in your area.

I hope that your surgery goes well next week and that you don't have too long to wait for your re-scheduled appointment. I go in for surgery the week after you, but it's just for a melanoma this time.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

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22 Feb 2019 01:17 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine.

I have seen cars parked in ambulance area with Maggies cancer logo on side perhaps they are providing some sort of service, I will try to find some info. There is a patient transport provided by the ambulance service but, daughter says Im not having you wait about for hours for transport.

Oh Jolamine, the way you say "Just a melanoma". Are you not frantic about it?

Ive had AKs treated on my hands with cryotherapy "painful". I also have a Bowens patch that I have been ignoring I am ashamed to say.

 Take care and best regards xx

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22 Feb 2019 02:17 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,

In our area it is a separate entity from Maggies, but it may well vary from area to area - there's no harm in asking

I can't say that I'm too happy about my melanoma, perhaps because I think that there are others elsewhere on my body which will need attention too. I've already had two bouts of breast cancer within the past 9 years and, have had a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy for these. I'm nervous yes, particularly because it is so close to the eye. I have had 5 eye operations in the past 2 years, so am not happy with anyone else interfering with that area.

I hope that you manage to get something sorted with transport.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

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22 Feb 2019 09:08 in response to clara56

Hi Clara 

setting off in30 mins where are u and if we are passing will put  u in boot. 

Dont fret about stages our daughter asked my oncologist out right and he gave thefollowing  explanation  with our head and neck cancers being h p v 16+ driven there is no need to do staging only tumour size the chemo radiation will kill what it needs to kill in a targeted area so for a few years sizing has been classed in this cancer as only more worry unnecessarily  for us the patient in this case size n spread is more relevant.

mine was T2N2NM 

so sizing. T1 size of a pea

t2 a peanut

t3 a grape

t4 a small,plum.

n is number if nodes which I was 2 but eventually 3/4

nm no metatis 

all way along no one could tell me if I had my right tonsil removed so yesterday for first time I saw the consultant who did biopsy straightaway he said yes insaid are unsure my oncologist was unsure so he hesitated. Read his notes shook his head got head torch out pulled my tongue ps which is still hurting said the following 

oh ni it didn’t come out I hacked around a lot it has spread quite a bit into soft  palate interior or anterioror wall but when looking niw the radiotherapy has melted away !,, ok i said thank u .he was most shocked at himself for not removing it said it was his specialty!!!!!! Cheers I think now I niw why I has so much pain n hubby kept saying he was 7 blah blah blah when he had his out. Lol

oh well passport is calling me

please keep in touch ,do u have a Macmillan centre they may dontransport plus they can help financials of need be 

h xx

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22 Feb 2019 12:01 in response to clara56

Hi clara oh to sail off on a cruise.....maybe we can all one day.... we bought a pup a gorgeous Goldendoodle last year hes the size of an adult now! so cant even pack him away! but hes such a gorgeous gentleman love him to bits!! well clara you must be running around like a headless chicken.... hope clinic have been in touch so thats a bit off your mind for a wee while...are the hospital going to sort out trasport for you??  clara i dont know very much about my cancer at all but im due back 13th feb for check up so im gonna ask more what they did tell me was they found trace of cancer in lympnodes so they removed them 14 my husband tells me....wonder why so many if it was only trace? doc told me hed thought stage 2 but because of trace in nodes was more stage 2/3  so maybe until they remove what they will only then can they tell you more? no sure clara i heard word Cancer thought right get the damed thing out!! I wish we all on here could go hold your hand in hospital clara while you go through this xo...but wer all with you in mind... keep us all posted on here help get your time in when in hospital....pity you cant jump into Hazels boot peace from all the torture...  bet youd even wear your bikini!! keep up the humour clara...your friend Dee.xo


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22 Feb 2019 13:02 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine.

I cant find the words to say how awful I feel for what you have been through and, still are going through.

You are a strong and determined lady for sure.

I hope your surgeon is one of the best. I can understand why you will be concerned after 5 eye surgeries. We tend to take our eyes for granted untill something happens. I suffer from uveitis and other inflammitory problems it comes on so sudden with no warning, so Ive become a bit paranoid about my eyes over the years.

I am so taken aback at how folks on here share and care I dont think there is another quite like it. I wish i had found this place when my husband had become terminal.

Take care Jolamine & I will be thinking of you. xxx

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22 Feb 2019 15:09 in response to demc

Hi Dee.

Your dog sounds adorable! I would love another dog but I couldnt excercise him/her so that would be unfair to any pet.I had bearded collies for many years. Daughter sent a photo last night of her wee dog and cat sound asleep together on a blanket on sofa, this is a first as they have a love/hate relationship.

I watch supervet program on tv and get heartbroken for these pets and owners,said to daughters I need to stop watching this.

I missed a call this morning from an nhs number that doesnt accept incoming calls, hopefully they will call back, but being a Friday they probably wont and I will be left wondering.

I am sorted for next week for transport. But if I have to do the 7weeks at cancer treatment centre its quite a distance and a nightmare with city traffic I will have find out about transport for that.

I do remember they took a whole lot of lymph nodes with my hubby, apparently the cancer cells can skip a few nodes and appear in another node further down so they remove more nodes as a precaution.

I made chicken soup yesterday to freeze for when I get back home(chicken soup sorts eveything lol) and made space for more ice cream as Ive ate it all. So def no bikini for me Happy Ive been wracking my brain to remember foods I made for hubby,but things changed so much with him,what he could eat one day, he couldnt the next. A lot of food got binned back then.


Take care speak soon love and hugs xxx

PS Just seen picture of your dog on your avatar. Omg I love love love him! I dont get jealous but I AM Happy

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23 Feb 2019 19:18 in response to clara56


Hi Clara,

I'm sorry to hear about your uveitis. This must be difficult for you to cope with.

You are so right about taking our eyes for granted until something happens. After my 4th eye op, I gradually lost the sight in one eye and then began losing it in the other and had to stop driving.  A laser operation last year eventually restored my eyesight and I feel so humble to have got it back, but I still feel nervous of having anyone working in that area.

This site is a great help. Like you, I hadn't come across the site when my parents were terminal. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer myself that I discovered it and, it has been a real boon to me.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx


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25 Feb 2019 16:04 in response to demc

Hi Dee,

Just a wee update.

I got an email from breast clinic. They have cancelled tomorrows appointment.

No further info in email, so I will just have to wait and see if local clinic sends appt out for me. But I will chase it up if I dont hear anything in near future.

My daughter says I should keep fingers crossed that I dont get the German breast consultant, apparently he is every woman`s worst nightmare as a dr.

Take care my friend speak soon xx

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27 Feb 2019 19:00 in response to clara56

Clara I think I got my days mixed up - I had in my head that your surgery was scheduled for tomorrow but it's today isn't it - you won't be able to read this today but please know that we're all thinking of you, I know you've been dreading this day, bless you.

Already feeling emotional, watched the Peter Capaldi /Lewis Capaldi music video ( Someone You Loved) this afternoon while making dinner - have seen it before but was unsure what it was about so Googled it  - it's about a man whose wife dies and her heart goes to a young Mum. He goes to visit the family and the young woman places his hand on her chest so that he can feel his wife's heart beat one more time. Bawled my eyes out. Then realised I'd got the days mixed up and felt even worse, I should have sent a message of support this morning, so sorry. I hope the surgeon is the best in his field and I hope you aren't in too much pain. It's really difficult to find the right words but hope you get some comfort from knowing that all on here are sending their love and best wishes xxxx

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27 Feb 2019 19:50 in response to clara56

Hi Clara 

let us know when you are around and able to .like Bengal kitty says we are all routing for yiu. 

Update  on me biked 18 km today ok it’s nit the Tour de France but bany steps

vingrrs n goes x


h x