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17 Feb 2019 23:45 in response to RadioactiveRaz

  Hahahahaaa Raz dont even try to fix these typos they are fantastic!! just read this message out loud to my husband oh what a laugh!! and we all need a laugh together! best wishes to you all xo D.

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18 Feb 2019 07:47 in response to demc

Well They always say Laughter is the Best Medicine - carry on Razzing! Reminds me of the time I  messaged my  friend saying Will you come and see Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them - she thought I was inviting her to a dirty movie! . Laugh Laugh 

Maybe I should get rid of the predictive texting .....

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18 Feb 2019 09:51 in response to BengalKitty

Hi ladies love the new moniker razzing !!!!M!LOL. 

i said to daughter the other day I thunk I will write  a book  she retorted quickly hope u get a good deal mum co unwill need a dammed good proof reader to rev write your typos !!!!!!!!Cheeky

yep laughter us the best policy


h x 

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18 Feb 2019 22:16 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Thanks for the suggestions for mouth washes by the way - I'm sure I have some sodium bicarbonate stashed away somewhere from when I used to watch that weird house cleaning programme with Aggie and What's Her Name - memory is shot these days...

But the Orabase paste is helping, except that my tongue now seems to be cemented to the side of my mouth. Reminds me of the time when James was about 9 or 10, I took him to the dentist for a check up and unbeknownst to me,he had picked up a free sample of what he thought was toothpaste and had rubbed it on his teeth. On the way back to the car, he started making these strange strangled- sounding noises - turned out it was Poligrip denture fixative and his upper and lower jaws were bonded together. Being a good mother, I couldn't do anything for laughing, poor boy is probably emotionally scarred for life now...

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18 Feb 2019 22:37 in response to BengalKitty

Oops kids bless em. 

Baking powder is slightly less dizzy than bi carb ofvsosa as well so try that. 


Made me laugh re polident  , I liken my mouth and saliva at the  momemt t to having a  tube if super glue permanently in my mouth and trying to shove food through it is tiring. 

But roll onnFriday byhe car n us are going to spain for our 10 week trip along with lotions and potions Ensure drinks just in case bottles of  if water for the journey ,hoping to get out in bike and that saliva makes a remarkable comeback .I will  be online still,checking so keep uo the questions .

where in treatment are you kitty 


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

18 Feb 2019 22:58 in response to RadioactiveRaz

I had a tongue biopsy as I'd had a sore on the side of my tongue for 4 weeks, Razz, and the pain was horrendous,the caresheet from the Hospital said to  expect some mild pain and discomfort- !! So I  googled Pain After Tongue biopsy and it led me to this Forum where I found some wonderful support while I was waiting for the results.

And then D day came - and it showed no signs of malignancy.  But the Dr couldn't sign me off as the area is just not healing and he asked me to come back in 6 weeks.

So  really I have no right to be here any  more, but the kind people on here said I should still let them know how I get on so I am still here and still getting great advice about how to deal with the soreness.

I am just blown away by how generous and kind people are, no self-pity despite the awful things they are going through. Wish I had a magic wand....

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19 Feb 2019 13:50 in response to BengalKitty

Hi of course you do have a right,plus you give us a laugh when needed keep it up


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19 Feb 2019 15:59 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

So glad you agree that Kitty should be here Happy Her experience of a very painfull biopsy is going to help others that are experiencing the same. My first two biopsies were fine so Im no help to anyone coming here for advice unless they`ve had a palate biopsy as my 3rd one was.

Ive been waiting for hospital letter for pre op check. They phoned today to confirm admission next week so the clock is tickingCry

Are you all packed and ready? Bikini, shorts, T Shirts!

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19 Feb 2019 16:50 in response to clara56

Hi Clara 

more like Lycra and factor 50 is packed!! We try to cycle most days but under no illusion that I will be doing 50/75 km will settle for a steady 30 km   Factor 50 as radiotherapy caused my neck to have 3 rd degree burn so likeca baby skin.  Just pondering Wether a burka might be in orders!!! Only joking  just going to use false tan and sit in the shade will cover up as  much as I csn. Wil post photos on blog. 

Must  agree ee kitty can give useful feedback. Anyway good luck for next week k baby steps take it one day at a time  keep in touch 




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19 Feb 2019 21:31 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Clara, was speed reading and just saw Packed - Bikini, shorts and T shirts and for a moment thought this was your packing list for your surgery - blimey, I thought,  you must be having it done privately!!

Have an amazing time, Raz, and bring back the yellow jersey ( sorry, hubby is well into the Tour De France! )

It's a pity that you can't post personal pictures on here as the thought of Raz in a burka....

The Orabase paste seems to be doing the trick, far better a layer  of that  than those  pesky silicone mouth guards. A bit tricky during the day as its difficult to talk with my tongue welded to the side of my mouth, but at least my work colleagues seem grateful for the ( temporary) respite!




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19 Feb 2019 21:59 in response to BengalKitty


so at e are well,into cycle races  as well ! Watching tour of  oman at min , looking forward to  giro Tour of Yorkshire’s the classics the list goes on. Maybe if you send me a friend request then we can swop emails then I can send photo .  Same applies to Clara is she wishes 

Re nitbtalking I didn’t loose my voice but already orpeares with an app for ohi e that I typed into it and could choose voice posh bird or cockney twang etc Jihn the hubby wasn’t getting off that lightly !  Think it w as called speak , yiu can surprise the girls at work .

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20 Feb 2019 15:49 in response to BengalKitty

Hi Kitty.   Private!!!! I wish. I would have been in and out by now :-)) Me in a bikini I think the fashion police would be after me.

I wish I had known about the orabase paste, would it stick to palate do you think?

A story in papers yesterday about a woman from London having tongue cancer and story went on to describe her glossectomy etc with photos. There is a news feed on FB and people can leave comments, some comments were quite sick and obscene my daughter wouldnt let me see them. Not that I am delicate, she felt it was so awful they should have closed the comments down. Shocking to say the least!



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20 Feb 2019 21:20 in response to clara56

HinKitty and Clara

i really don’t care seeing as I’ve lost 2 stone flaunted body before so deffowillmagain ok plastered in false tan and factor 50 sat under a brolly but will give it a go. Lol

nit seen the facebook,posting but it’s surprising whatbcomments I do get inhas a lady in densities whike inhas feeding Ruben In clearly talking about me and not to me about how I shouldn’t be out with one of those in. She wasn’t young either at least 75 and should have known better. It was as if I wasn’t invisible!


h x

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20 Feb 2019 22:16 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel

You go for it girl ! I have been keeping weight up just in case. Well thats my excuse for ice cream, cakes and everything else. Not eating well last few weeks has made me obsessed with food.

I have relatives 70+ and yes they have foot in mouth, think they can say whatever comes into their minds. Brother-in-law said to me today "your only getting a bit off your tongue" I ended the phone call quick. I am still boiling mad hours later.

I had a mammogram done last week,wish I had`nt now. I got a re-call letter to go for more tests at breast clinic next week. I don`t think I will I`ve got enough on next week.

Any room in your car boot for a runaway.PS ive got a passportWink   xx

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20 Feb 2019 22:22 in response to clara56

DHi Clara 

omg it never rain s but it pours ! I had my mammogram the day after I got my diagnosis I ended up consoling the nurse as when it got to then has any medical,changes happened since last one I started telling her and obviously she knew what was coming for me and broke into tears ! 

Sure you will be fine it’s not  unusual nowday for the scans to show things that aren’t really there think you should go if yiubcan otherwise it will be in your mind  ring uo and explain see if they can tell you any more over phone 

ok can squeeze you in will,pick u uo Friday !

oh yes a lot of insensitive people aeound


h. Keep in touch will be checking in whilst away can’t let my flock carry in without me. Lol




h x