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Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

18 May 2019 13:36 in response to clara56


Thanks for the replies, I have been confirmed as Wed morning for my op. Think consultant says he will be taking approx. 5mm off tongue to give clear margin. Not sure what to make of it all at the moment, been very up & down with emotions. I know this is not confirmed as cancer but the urgency to get me in & long term prospects fill me with fear. Suppose it's just a case of get through the op, await further tests then take it from there. Thanks again for the support x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

18 May 2019 14:45 in response to Stokemale


I can understand your worry and concern. Its far better to be treated quickly believe me. My tests and operation seemed to take forever and I had been told my cancer type was very aggresive. After palate biopsy I was told that hard palate was clear but didnt know anything about soft palate till after op So had it spread in the two months between tests and op?

If he only takes 5mm you will be fine and will recover surprisingly quick. Be guided by what Dr tells you after your op. Lifestyle changes etc(if needed). I am sure he will tell you your long term situation will be fine too. Do try to stay positive,this time next week it will be behind you.


Take care good luck and best wishes for Wednesday.x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

20 May 2019 13:36 in response to Stokemale

Hi good luck forcSednesday keep in touch when op over and yiu feel well enough to post 



Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

22 May 2019 03:19 in response to Stokemale


Hi Stokemale,

I wish you all the very best for your op tomorrow.

Thinking of you and hoping that it all goes well.

Kind regards,


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

22 May 2019 08:09 in response to Stokemale

Oh No Have just caught up with this - so sorry, Stokemale, wishing you best of luck for today, of course you're worried but you have a positive attitude, as you say it's been caught extremely early. And a positive attitude carries you a long way - I have nothing but respect for the amazing people on here who have been through so much yet still offer support and advice.

Best wishes Kitty.

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

22 May 2019 12:40 in response to BengalKitty

Afternoon  all,

Quick update, im currently lying on my hospital bed, the staff have been amazing. Went in for surgery at 9am out after an hour, eating toast n coffee by 10.20. Not at all as bad as i imagined, I hope this gives people reading this post some positivity going forward. I suppose it's a case of waiting couple of weeks for test results, thank you all for your positive messages & support, I'll keep you posted.

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

22 May 2019 15:45 in response to Stokemale


Hi Stokemale,

High 5 to you. I am glad to hear that your op is behind you and that it all went well. I certainly didn't expect you to be up to tea and toast so soon after!

I hope that things continue to go well and, that your pathology results are favourable when they come back.

Kind regards,


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

22 May 2019 15:57 in response to Stokemale

Hi good news I came home that day n had lamb casserole. Please keep in touch xx

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

24 May 2019 15:53 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stokemate.

So pleased it went well for you. You must be very relieved. Its always good to hear that things were not half as bad as expected.

Hoping your test results come back with good news too,will keep my fingers crossed for you Happy

Take care and keep in touch. x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

24 May 2019 21:29 in response to clara56

Stokemale, I am gobsmacked! I know that's a really awful comment to make to someone who's just had an op on their tongue but it describes exactly how I am feeling - you are awesome! I couldn't eat properly for days post biopsy, maybe the side of the tongue is better supplied with nerves and so that it is why it was so painful. But to be eating toast so soon after surgery -  my dentist always says I have a high pain threshold but next to you I'm a complete wimp. 

I was back at work the next day and salt rinses every few hours was a bit tricky but I managed. No cancerous cells were found, I was one of the lucky ones, and I sincerely hope you are too. 

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

28 May 2019 09:30 in response to BengalKitty


Thought I'd give an update a week after surgery. I'm beginning to think the toast straight after surgery was a mistake, it lured me into a false sense of security in regards eating in my opinion, I think a soft diet for the first week would have been the best way forward in hinesight, I ate pretty much what I wanted, I believe this is down to nerve damage & loss of feeling across the right hand side of my tongue, this lead (I believe) or at least contributed to a couple of my stitches tearing & the front part of my tongue looking like a burst mattress I popped up to the loca hospitall walk in centre who spoke to Max Fax dept. They weren't overly concerned & advised to me keep it clean with mouth wash. I did find the irritation to my Uvula (dangly thing at back of my throat) drove me mad for about 3 days, I assume this was due to tube which was up my nose & down throat during op. But this has eased off now & back to normal. I'm on more pills than the local old folks home & rattling, anti biotics, anti virall for massive cold sore I had, ibuprofen, paracetamol which I've not taken alot of, again I believe this is down to nerve damage & my regular medication for my under active thyroid. General movement of tongue is uncomfortable but bearable, my biggest battle is in my head, I have 1 week until test results, obviously I'm hoping for the best but I fear the worst, this feels like the big one, I'll either get the all clear or ??? Anyway, apologies for the long mail but I think it's important to document everything for future reference. Take care all & once again thanks for the support x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

28 May 2019 11:26 in response to Stokemale


HI Stokemale,

Many thanks for your update, even though it doesn't sound as if you're in a great place at the moment. I did think that the toast was a bit ambitious so soon after surgery and, I am so sorry to hear about the burst stitches.

The emotional battle is the hardest one to deal with when you are waiting on results. We all seem to expect the worst at this stage, but fortunately this doesn't often turn out to be the case.

Here's hoping for better news when you get your results next week.

Kind regards,


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

28 May 2019 19:29 in response to Stokemale

HinStoke male sorrybto hear about tongue episode uch ouch and ouch. 

Re results from experience look at it this way can you influence the result at this stage  answer is. NO can you do anything about it until you know unfortunately again no so deep breathe look forward this is onky a blip. One year ago today I had my first ent consultant so know what yiu are feeling take strength from me now I’ve been to Spain 3 times once for 18 Fay’s once for 20 Fay’s and last times 8 weeks amd at min on holiday in Wales with family have been out all day and had fish and chips ok washed down with water but hey am alive and here .

comeback tomus on forum at any time don’t getbdown get even .

onward and upwards

hazel x


Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

29 May 2019 21:05 in response to Stokemale

Hi Stokemale

Sorry to hear of your painfull predicament. Very Ouch.

They give you a hefty shot of painkiller before they wake you up after op,thats probably why you felt ok to eat so soon after op.

Seems that they went further than 5mm as you have several stitches. quite a few folk have their stitches bursting. I think it depends on what part of tongue they are placed.

The two week wait for results feels like an eternity, the time ticks by so slowly.

Try to rest up a bit as you seem a bit run down,cold sore etc. Keep trying to be positive.

Keep in touch x

Tongue Biopsy. Waiting on results

4 Jun 2019 15:42 in response to clara56


Probably my last update for a short while.

So, the news is mixed. They tested the tissue taken out & confirmed no progression into cancerous cells which is the good news. The bad news is the healthy margins they took still show aggressive cells, I got go back in 6 weeks once fully healed for check up but basically they said I'll be up there for life now as I'm deemed 'High Risk' (I've never smoked & not much of a drinker) I asked what alternative treatments are there, he said none, we just keep cutting away!

Until future testing I won't really have any updates but I will still drop in to look out for updates, can I take this opportunity to thank you all for the positive messages & support.

Obvious I'm not out of the woods yet but can't really dwell on things otherwise I'll drive myself into an early grave.

Thanks again x