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Tiny lump on testicle

12 Apr 2021 22:39

I found a really small lump on my testicle a few months ago and went to the doctors to get it checked. He examined me and said he couldn't find anything and that it was probably nothing to worry about. I did have a dull ache around my abs/groin but I put this down to heavy lifting. This went away but I recently pulled my back out and have an aching but I can't locate if it is in my testicle or my hip. The lump seems to change size which leads me to think it is fluid filled but I have convinced myself that I have cancer. Can anyone help to put my mind at ease?

Tiny lump on testicle

13 Apr 2021 07:25 in response to Connorw186

If it's a lump, of any kind get it followed up!

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