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Tingling in inverted nipple

26 Jun 2019 10:27

Hi , this may be a long one ..sorry if I waffle on j am terrified! 


About 5 years ago my left nipple become inverted I saw the doctor and was referred to the breast clinic , I was checked over by a physical exam and then told it was all ok it can just happen sometimes. 

Anyway around March last year I started getting tingling in my breast on that side but occasionally the other one aswell I went to see the doctor as I was concerned after googling and coming up with Paget’s disease , he said it wasn’t that and gave me a cream and I think it went away but maybe occasionally came back I suppose I had stopped thinking about as I had some other health concerns between then and now. 

I remember feeling it again about a month ago and I went back to the doctors who examined me and said he cannot see or feel anything nasty and prescribed me the same cream and said to go back in 3 weeks and if it’s not gone and he will refer me to hospital and so here I am today - I have an appointment later today and I am absolutely terffiered to be referred to the clinic yet again (will be my 3rd time) and I am convinced it’s bad news this time. 

I think the tingling is definitely not as bad as it was but I can still feel my breast/s if that makes sense every now and again. 

I suffer with extreme health anxiety and it just seems one thing after another , I have two young boys who have additional needs the eldest has bad anxiety which actually was the trigger of mine. 

I don’t really know what I hope to gain by posting here and I feel abit of a fraud right now but I feel like I am drowning with fear it’s ruining my life and I don’t now how to cope anymore 


Tingling in inverted nipple

26 Jun 2019 12:54 in response to Zoe85

I'm sorry you are feeling so anxious - it's an awful feeling I know & it's very difficult to get rid of the fear. I've recently had a cancer scare (I'm ok thank goodness) so I do understand how you feel. I was convinced I was going to die - absolutely convinced of it. My GP said my anxiety was probably making my symptoms worse & since I had the results they are much better. So, I hope you will think about this & believe that it is the case that the brain can & does often have a significant effect on our bodies.

Googling is just about the worst thing to do. You aren't a doctor & probably don't understand properly most of what you are reading & so your anxiety levels rise...a vicious & very negative cycle follows. I'm not trying to say there isn't a health issue of some kind but the likliehood is that it is something that can & will be sorted out for you. It's your anxiety that is preventing you from focusing on that I suspect. 

I do hope this helps you at least a little bit & I wish you all the best.