Together we will beat cancer



24 Mar 2022 14:24 in response to Bodge6

Also I'm pretty sure my core biopsy is equivalent of thy3f


25 Mar 2022 21:51 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

I heard today they have put me on the lost to see the surgeon which will remove. They say he can be 3 months but she is hoping I will hear within the month. It's all so vague.


26 Mar 2022 08:30 in response to Bodge6

That's good you've heard something. I'm going to find this wait so hard. I really hope I don't have to wait 12 weeks. It's tough mentally not knowing if you have an illness or not. I don't understand how I was a suspected cancer patient but now it's come to surgery I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I sincerely hope they are right and I am not and that I fall into the 70% benign but I just don't understand how all of a sudden I'm not priority


26 Mar 2022 11:47 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

I know it's hard, but in a lot of ways, it's a good thing. The time to worry is when you are a priority. I think some forms of cancer need to be treated quickly. Therefore they want to find out as son as possible if somebody has it. That is not true of thyroid cancer. Even if you have it (and you probably don't), it is unlikely to cause you any major problems any time soon.

I know it's easy to say when I have had the operation.

It might help to think about what it is you are most worried about. For me, one of my fears was that they might have difficulty getting the medication right. I have a long commute to work and have to get up at 6:30 in the mornings, so lack of energy would be a big problem. Another worry I had was the operation not removing it all and there being persistence or reccurrance. Neither of these things happened (well, I guess recurrance still could, but the odds are against it). What would worry you most about thyroid cancer? Is it just the name cancer? That gave me an awful fright when the doctor said "we found malignancies," but thyroid cancer isn't really very like what you imagine for cancer.


26 Mar 2022 12:32 in response to MargaretMary

My biggest fear is not seeing my baby grow up


26 Mar 2022 12:47 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

Even if it is cancer, it's almost certainly not going to prevent you from seeing your baby grow up. The most common form of thyroid cancer has a survival rate of...I think it's over 99% in younger people. And it's probably not cancer. So the chances are even lower. That really isn't something you need to worry about. Even if it is cancer, it really isn't life threatening. 


26 Mar 2022 16:04 in response to MargaretMary

Thank you. To you I must sound crazy. I wish I had your confidence and reassurance. Fear of the unknown. I know I need to try and keep calm and wait for the operation and results. It's so hard.


26 Mar 2022 16:17 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

You don't sound crazy at all. It's easy for me to look back after two years and think "hey, it wasn't that big a deal after all." At the time, I was pretty freaked out. I was thinking "what if I am that one in 50 or 100 fpr whom it does spread?" I spent the weeks I was waiting for results chanting to myself, "thyroid nodules are common, thyroid cancer is rare." And of course, having a child makes it even more worrying, because you are thinking of the child as well as yourself.

But the odds are very high that you either don't have cancer at all (the most likely) or if you do, that removing your thyroid will cure it completely and after that, you'll just need to be monitored every year to be sure it doesn't reoccur.



2 Apr 2022 19:07 in response to Bodge6

Hey, how are you? I got a surgery date for May.


3 Apr 2022 09:06 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

Hi ya. 


That's great , you know what your aiming for now. I'm still waiting to get an appointment with the surgeon. 


3 Apr 2022 10:08 in response to Bodge6

Yes. The days are long. Praying for benign. Then I will be the happiest person ever 


4 Apr 2022 01:54 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

I really hope so for you please keep me posted


4 Apr 2022 20:33 in response to Bodge6

Thank you, I wish the same for you. Keep me posted how you get on too


13 May 2022 18:24 in response to Bodge6

Hey, how are you? My lump is out and I should hear results next week. I'm a bit scared as the surgeon said it was sticky which could be invasive cancer but he also said thyroiditis can make it sticky and they did mention thyroiditis in the biopsy so keeping everything crossed. The op wasn't as bad as I thought it would be


13 May 2022 23:52 in response to ScaredandNeedSupport

Glad your feeling ok and hopefully your results will be fine. Do you know how long you have to wait to find out. I have seen the doc that will do my surgery and said he estimates end of may beginning of June so I get some kind of date soon.