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13 Feb 2019 08:05

Hi there,

Was disgnosed with throat/tonsil cancer July 18 and am now week 11 post treatment.
I have written a blog, warts and all, in the hope it can help others. I also have a thread that I started here under Living with Cancer also and titled "Radiotherapy for Throat Cancer"

I have now been encouraged by one of the moderators from here to start a fresh new thread to share my blog with others.

There are others who have written blogs/stories and moderator suggested it would be helpful to have a dedicated thread just for blog/stories and to let others read as they might might helpful.
So here is my link below  and I'm sure there are others who will follow and post their blog as well.

kind regards



Throat/Tonsil Cancer - Our Blogs and Stories

15 Feb 2019 08:15 in response to Anchor1707

Hello Ian,

I just wanted ton pop by to say thank you for sharing your blog with us, your journey will surely inspire many here who are going through the same situation.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator

Throat/Tonsil Cancer - Our Blogs and Stories

16 Feb 2019 02:04 in response to Anchor1707

My husband has just been diagnosed with throat cancer so just starting to realise what lies ahead, but your blog is honest and helpful. Good luck to you on the 20th I wish you well.

Throat/Tonsil Cancer - Our Blogs and Stories

16 Feb 2019 02:21 in response to thistimenextyear

this time,

I;m sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis and also glad you found my blog helpful and also for your good wishes.
Please let me know if there is anything I can do at all to help.


Throat/Tonsil Cancer - Our Blogs and Stories

16 Feb 2019 22:55 in response to thistimenextyear

Hi This is Hazel I am 25 weeks post radiotherapy tonsil cancer HPV 16+ I have also a blog:  Just remeber we are all different and experiences differ but the gist is the same , Anchor 1707 have been communicating since September last year any questions just shout out welcome to our small club that no one really wants to join ! Hazel