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Throat Cancer Symptoms

22 Apr 2019 20:15


following a persistent sore throat, cough and feeling like something is stuck in my throat my GP has referred me to ENT for further investigation.  I have also been getting frequent mouth sores and feel very tired all the time. Blood tests ruled out Glandular fever. 

When I talk for longer than a minute my voice starts going hoarse, I have to keep clearing my throat. Eating can also cause coughing fits. 

Has anyone here experienced all the above symptoms with Throat cancer? 

Throat Cancer Symptoms

24 Apr 2019 15:19 in response to Sharpep42

Hello Sharpe42,

Thank you for posting. I see from your post that you are worried about the symptoms you have. The best thing to do is to tell your doctor about these concerns and see what else they recommend. When you are worried that you may have cancer, it can be tempting to look for answers online, but this can end up increasing anxiety rather than making you feel better. The only person that can diagnose you is your doctor.  

I hope this is helpful,

Moderator Anastasia