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Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

17 Aug 2019 09:09 in response to MO60

Hi Mo

thats a ****** re nebuliser I know you can buy them from Lloyd’s chemist but there’s are about£70 I git a small hand held off amazon for £25 but bybtime it came if u ordered it today probably be too late. Have you tried swishing round your mouth dissolvable aspirin if you can use it indound it numbed everything a little . Plus try some protein drinks we have a hime bargains that are selling some atb£1 a bottle. Do hope your m d t meeting in 2 weeks turns out to be ok good that they’ve even got it all from epiglottis.a few nights ago I couldn’t see into back of my throat first time in a year and my clacker or proper name uvulva the dangly bit has dissolved due to radiotherapy would have been nice if someone’s had told me. Have found out my dry throat is caused by that as it produces lots if thin saliva umm ain’t going to come back now so just git to learn to adapt. My acupuncture seems to have slightly improved my saliva round my cheeks . Agree the n h s does seem stretched at the min I have. Struggles to get an ENT consultant appaointment umm he wants to see me everyb6 weeks so what do I get offered 14 weeks ! so after lengthy phone call managed one at 8;weeks .

keep in touch H 

Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

19 Aug 2019 00:29 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Hi Hazel


I know you have written blogs but I thought I would do one as I went along in regards to laser treatment as I couldnt find anything on this when it was planned for me.  Appreciate if you can take a quick look then it is there for anyone who might find this post in the future and hope it helps them.  Not sure if my battle is now complete, will find out more at next appointment.  Have been suffering a bit this time with terrible mucus, guess this is my body making it to protect me and have to have my thick coffee and water so cant wash it away.  Using rols of kitchen towel but you will know this with the damge the Radio did you.  Yes NHS is definitely struggling and i found on the surgical side it was awful.  Appointments meant to be 2 weeks are usually 6 and so forth.


Anyway link is.

Cheers Mo xx


Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

19 Aug 2019 09:25 in response to MO60

Hi Mo

i will certainly enjoy tracing your blog and will put a link from mine in it as well.

totally agree Re : n h s after care they are deffo struggling .

Yes the mucus is your bodies way of protectingbthe delicate membranes in mouth and throat area even know if u swallow anything with an edge on the mucus thickens and coats everything so although it’s  no longer a man size packet of tissues every day it certainly isn’t at least one every 2 weeks !


will get back to you after uve read your blog but onwards  And upward so hopefully from here !

Keep in touch

Hazel x


Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

4 Sep 2019 00:29 in response to RadioactiveRaz

Good news from the Hospital today the second surgery got it all and I am now cancer free.  Obviously got to have all the follow up appointments just in case it raises its ugly head again but for now I am cured hooray.....

Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

4 Sep 2019 09:03 in response to MO60

Hi welcome to the cancer free club yesterday I had my one year check up all looking good for me as well. You’ve had a rocky road now time to get back on track 

onwards n upwards 

hazel x

Throat Cancer in cartilage of Epiglottis

4 Sep 2019 09:55 in response to MO60

That's fantastic news Mo. I'm so pleased for you Happy