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Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 22:45 in response to kimchoson

I'm glad you can now enjoy your meals, I look forward to the day I eat because I really want to and not just as a necessity! I used to enjoy chilli and curry  and spicy foods, I'm not sure if I will ever get back to those.

but then again I suppose it's a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things, I'm just so grateful my doctor was vigilant and referred me for a scan which led to the diagnosis and that I was able to have the treatment which has hopefully cured me


Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 22:49 in response to AnnieBeat


Sorry to hear your news ... Not the Christmas you had hoped for I guess but you have come to the right place to talk about it

So what's on your mind


Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 22:57 in response to slim8110

Hi slim, sorry to hear about your brother. He has quite a journey ahead but as you can see from your replies plenty of us have gone through it and come out the other side. My only symptoms were a vague aching under my jaw and earache . At first my doctor thought I had a gland infection and treated me with antibiotics, when it didn't clear he thought maybe I had a blocked salivary gland and referred me for a ct scan. This showed up a growth in the tonsil area at the base of my tongue. Biopsies then confirmed it as was a massive shock which I found very hard to come to terms with. I decided I would deal with one day at a time and not look too far ahead, so began ticking the prep off, some teeth out, peg fitted, mask made. I had 35 radiotherapy treatments at Weston park and two chemo. I didn't have the third at the end as I wasn't well enough. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I wish your brother luck in his treatment

Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 23:04 in response to AnnieBeat

Hi Annie, there is never a good time for diagnosis but at christmas that's awful. I can imagine you haven't enjoyed christmas at all. I was diagnosed on the Friday before I went on a med cruise the following Wednesday and we still went but I felt numb and shell shocked the whole holiday. Do try to take one day at a time and not look too far ahead, it really helps. If I can answer any questions I will so don't hesitate to say what ever is on your mind, however trivial you may think some things are. Wishing you luck in your treatment


Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 23:10 in response to Mikeymike

Yay!! Congrats on the scan results!! That's amazing! 

I can't wait to be rid of my peg and I've been drinking the fortisips for the last four weeks and not used the peg. They will only remove it when I haven't used for six weeks and if my weight remains stable. I managed a lager at christmas and a vodka and tonic at new year so not all bad! Good luck for 2016

Throat cancer

2 Jan 2016 23:31 in response to AnnieBeat

Hi Annie

Very sorry to hear your news, I echo the other comments, take it a stage at a time and you will be stronger than you ever thought possible.

Hearing the words for the first time is the worst of all. If there is anything you would like to ask then please do, we have all been down this road albeit slightly a head of you.


Throat cancer

3 Jan 2016 11:44 in response to Laneyjane59


Keep on not using that peg.... As explained before I just hated the site of mine in those last days...It was a big milestone for me get rid of it and had visions of drinking water and it leaking out of my belly in some cartoon fashion....but of course that never happened. Mine healed quick enough that in in for weeks I went away for a week to Egypt and was able to swim without any problems

Fingers X for you