Throat cancer…

16 Jun 2021 14:28

Good afternoon all, 

I have no idea where to start, but my dad was diagnosed this morning with throat cancer. He had a PET scan, MRI & Biopsy to get ghese results! It's been a rough few weeks waiting for today's results. 
I think my dads trying to protect us by only telling half a story. And this is where I'm hoping I may get some answers! 
He attended a hospital appointment after only 3 days of seeing a GP. The consultant sat and talked for well over two hours. My dad came out with the information of a cancer nurse who had been given to dad, this was 3 weeks ago now so at this point wasn't actually diagnosed, my question is, they couldn't give a cancer nurse without a diagnosis surely? 
Today my dad got all his results, and all he has told us is it's stage 4 throat cancer, they're wanting to do an endoscopy to make sure it hasn't spread into the gullet, surely between the PET Scan and MRI they would have shown all tumours? And they have him in tomorrow to start radiotherapy, not even a day after getting results? He's been advised it's a daily treatment over a course of 6 weeks. The NHS are providing transport as the hospital is a good hours drive that my mum is not capable of driving. 
pain relief he is currently on liquid codiene but have given him morphine patches today. 
I no I seem to be looking for answers, in fairness I'm just looking for some kind of logical explanation behind the appointment 3 weeks ago and been given a cancer nurse to today's appointment saying it's stage 4 yet been given radiotherapy as quick as tomorrow? I no in my heart my dad is trying to protect me but he's such a frail man, not an ounce of fat on him, all his teeth are rotten, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis last year. I honestly can't see how radiotherapy is going to be helpful at this time. Sorry I understand I'm asking far too much, think I'm kind of thinking he's known about cancer for longer then we have thought, and he's protected us for far to long, it's now my turn to protect my dad, that being said I also need more knowledge of what I'm dealing with to help him and prepare for my mum. I really appreciate you reading this and helping in anyway possible x x x