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Thick brown discharge

11 Dec 2020 23:47

Hello everyone, I'm getting brown discharge after ovulation every month and it's painful to have sex. The discharge is like Lumps of endometrial tissue, it's dark brown and doesn't come out with liquid or blood. It happens on and off for the last two weeks of my cycle.

A doctor sent a sample for testing saying it wasn't right and I was referred to a vaginal ultrasound. I had a big ovarian cyst and got it removed via laporoscopy but six mo this later the symptoms are still there. 

I'd attach a picture but can't work out how. I've given up caffeine, I've been tested for STIs, is this a hormonal thing? Is it cancer? Has anyone else experienced this? It I'm not getting anywhere with my GP and covid has pushed back any follow up appointment I was due from the surgery. 

I'd love any advice you can give.


Thick brown discharge

13 Dec 2020 23:01 in response to Worried.wilso

Hello Worried.wilso, 

Welcome to our forum. Unfortunately no one here will be able to tell you more about your symptoms. Your GP will be in the best position to diagnose you properly. It sounds like you are not getting anywhere with your GP and covid having also delayed your follow up appointment, it might be worth perhaps trying to talk to another doctor and getting a second opinion on this. You can find out more on how to do so on this page. 

I hope you find out more soon about what is causing this and that it gets sorted once and for all for you quickly.

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Thick brown discharge

5 Jan 2021 19:23 in response to Worried.wilso

Hey hun

hope you're ok 


I have just read your post 


I have been getting a black/brown discharge after missing my December period and I'm really worried it was definitely more of discharge then blood but the colour was very very dark more so black

over the last few months I have been experiencing a lot of random unusual things that happen at different times from headaches, chest pains, irregular/missed/late/replaced periods, lump on neck, terrmors you name it 


they all come at different times and last for a few weeks stop and then something else comes but then the previous things settle but are still present on a weekly basis 


i had my first smear yesterday and the black/brown discharge I haven't noticed since but instead a real watery discharge which I have noticed in the past ( not much smell ) but very watery to the point I can feel it coming out :/


just wondering if you've had any updates or any closure on your situation 


hope you're keeping well 



Thick brown discharge

5 Jan 2021 19:37 in response to ell12345

Hi Ell,

Sorry to hear you're having worrying symptoms too.

I was having trouble getting seen by my normal doctor so I saw a private one virtually. 

He noted my symptoms and was encouraged that I had blood tests that didn't show anything the first time around. He didn't seem that concerned about the pain during sex either because it is deep pelvic pain rather than surface level. He said it was likely nothing sinister but encouraged I follow up with a gynaecologist. Maybe you should do the same?

My discharge sounds similar to yours but my periods have been regular. I feel like maybe not everything is expelled during my period so it comes out when my hormones change over the rest of the month, which sounds different to your situation maybe. 

I cut out caffeine completely and the discharge lightened last month, maybe a coincidence but something to consider? 

Good luck with finding an answer, try not to stress too much if you can - we are all under a lot of pressure right now and I wonder how it is affecting our bodies! 

Thick brown discharge

14 Sep 2021 23:55 in response to ell12345

Same I've been getting this too. But I do have the implant in my arm. I also have a cyst and some "growth" attached to it. I have sn app next week. I pray its all normal. I justcwish there was a way to rule out everything sinister.