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The good and the bad

19 May 2019 08:16 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra just a quick note,, I still have my prostate, no good operating if C has gone other places, living on hormone inj's woke up two o'clock this morning and bed wet through, (hot flushes), wash covers later, came down stairs sat down leather chair lovely & cool (for two minutes) then I started sticking to chair still awake, wifes got dierer(I know spelt wrong) 3 o'clock have to keep putting her on commode It's a lovely morning so far, luckily dogs be clean all night. Hope you all slept better then I did. God bless.


P.s I'm not religious. To many things gone wrong in life,. 

The good and the bad

19 May 2019 18:31 in response to Billygoat

Hi billygoat

well your night was totally sucky bless.

friends husband has spread too ... I think its very likely he has gone private. His wife has just been diagnosed too and just finished her chemo ( she has faired well all things considered). All we have been told about son in laws uncle is it’s late stage and palliative care only. He won’t talk about it and continues to be a heavy smoker and drinks to match. What the hey enjoy to the limit eh. 

I hear you on the night sweats. I reckon one of my legs is gonna be so muscular with the kick the quilt off nudge it back on rpt nightly ritual. Gotta do what we gotta do I suppose. 

I am sorry to hear your wife is so unwell. It must be so difficult for you .... I tip my hat to the dedication, love and support you are giving her when all you will want to do is rest yes sir I tip my hat. 

Here’s hoping the only way is up and tonight brings a more restful night for you.

all the best to you and your wife. 

The good and the bad

19 May 2019 18:39 in response to Sandra123

Evening peeps 

bad :- none

good :- lil ones were no bother on their sleepover at mine ❤️ Bed at 7pm woke 7am then a full day of play, crafts nd baking. Everyone at mine for lunch then off they all went at 3:30.....and peace descended on the house once again lol. Chillaxing now watching movies.... good times Happy

hope everyone has had as good a day as they can ❤️

The good and the bad

19 May 2019 19:30 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra sorry for son inlaws uncle, hope friends husband is caught in time, I was lucky I was being sick all the time did tests and camera both ends found hiatus hernea and blood test came back C a couple more weeks could have been to late as it was i was very lucky, have you ever heard of addisons desease, after forty five +years I've got usto her don't want to change now saw specialist April 1st said something wrong with brain still waiting for scan hope everybody else is OK. Thanks for listening it helps to write. Best you all.


P.s scan is for the wife. 

The good and the bad

20 May 2019 08:59 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billy

l have a cousin that has Addisons... diagnosed yrs ago. Shes on meds but other than that she lives normal life.... that’s pretty much my full knowledge of it sorry.

Hope all goes well with the scan.... sounds like you are well due a break.

keep your chin up. take care. 



The good and the bad

20 May 2019 09:02 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps 

bad :- none yay

good:- been to daughters to watch last ever episode of watch has ended Wink verrrry happy with how everything ends... have loved every moment of this phenomenal program ❤️ Guess we have the prequel to look forward to now.

have as good a day as you can x



The good and the bad

20 May 2019 09:18 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra it's nice someone's heard of it, it does not like cemo when I was having cemo it stopped my medication working it finished up going into a coma luckily wife called ambulance, its called addesonion crisis if in coma for long you die, did you know it stops immune system working properly, even a cold can be dangerous, I've been told to keep a vial of medication at home always. Just in case, my first specialist didn't tell me that. Hope your cousin is keeping well & you,. Had a lovely sleep last night. Got to go get injection this morning (hormones) i just wish I could stop having it, but then the C starts spreading quicker some choice. Hope everything is OK with everyone on here. Best wishes.


The good and the bad

20 May 2019 11:11 in response to Billygoat

Hi Billy...

My your a trooper ... and spending time helping so many on here ... your a star .. it's funny, sometimes the more we have going on in our lives are the ones reaching out to others ... 

Good ... how lucky we are Sandra with our grandkids ... it was worth having our own kids to get them lol ..  but sure they are what keeps us going ...

Bad .... I'm a pensioner from today who still doesn't qualify for a pention for another 7 odd months ... ; (( 

Dizzle, how's the lump comming on ... need an update .... 

Hope you all have a good week ... here's to kicking cancers ass ... chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

20 May 2019 11:37 in response to Chriss

Hi criss no children of my own wife was widow husband killed factory accident at 28 three boys youngest son killed at 22 car accident his wife died 28 throat cancer and left one daughter,, a daughter now married +two daughters,. Other step son got married two boys, both married three boys each, so I'm a great great grandad six times gets a bit confusing sometimes. When younger i would never have believed what could happen in future. I always try to look on the bright side.a lot of friends don't believe I'm ill. But I'm not bothered.


The good and the bad

20 May 2019 15:12 in response to Chriss

Hi everyone,

Hope all is good with you all. Thanks for tagging me in Marlyn....I hope ive made her feel a bit more positive about things.

Bump is all good. Right little wriggler. Its exactly 3 months today til my due date. Had a 4D scan the other week but he was hiding behind his arms so couldnt get any pics. He's definitely a boy though as he wasnt shy about showing that part off lol. So we're going for a rescan on the 1st of June. Hopefully he'll be more cooperative. 

Unfortunately though ive been suffering with my stomach badly over the past few weeks. The urge to go to toilet comes on so suddenly I had to jump off the bus on the way to work to run into a public toilet and its very watery (sorry if anyones eating). Could be pregnancy related but my midwife didnt seem to think it was as pregnancy usually causes constipation. Theres no infection as I done test for that so got to do another test to rule out any rectal or bowel cancers now. Doctor is just being cautious due to the cancer ive just had so better to be safe than sorry. Im sure its nothing though....probably the baby using my bowel as a football or something.

Well I hope youve all had a good start to the week so far. Take care ladies xx



The good and the bad

20 May 2019 17:06 in response to Dizzle82

Hi dizzie i hope you realise when he's born you'll have to find him a new,, name,, hope all goes well with,, bump,, best wishes.


The good and the bad

20 May 2019 18:05 in response to Billygoat

Thanks Billy. He does have a name but I'm keeping it to myself til hes born Laugh

The good and the bad

20 May 2019 18:45 in response to Billygoat

Ah so pleased you got a good nights sleep.... everything always seems a little less dark if we have slept well.... long may it last. 

My cousin wears a medi bracelet ... I never understood how important it was till your comments. 

Yes we do what we have to don’t we. I was well on no meds then 1.5 yrs ago .. cancer so letrozole, hypertension so amlodipine, the letrozole can cause osteoporosis so advised to take calcium. I’ve gone from the odd paracetamol to 3 tablets a day. Strange ol life ain’t it.

all the best to you nd yours too Billy.


The good and the bad

20 May 2019 18:51 in response to Chriss

Well happy bday to you hope it’s been a goodin Happy

yup 3 more yrs for my pension... truly short changed us ain’t they grrr.

ah Chrissie we are blessed.... love em t bits. Some of the things they come out with and yet some of the things they wind us up with lol.... all of it totes worth it Happy


The good and the bad

20 May 2019 19:00 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra I hope you're cousin is on calcium tablets my first specialist didn't tell me about it, he retired 2 nd specialist told me that I should have been on them from the start it stops osteoporosis, I was lucky nothing broke in my line of work. Do you take addcal +D. Best wishes.