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The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 18:09 in response to lilianahomes

Hi Liliana,

ive researched all sorts on the net regarding cancer friendly diets but in my humble opinion I don’t think cancer cares if you eat like a saint or gorge on takeaways and alcohol, if it wants to come back it will. My partners mum never smoked but died from lung cancer 2 years ago. It just goes after who it wants. That’s just my opinion though and if eating a particular diet makes you feel better then 100% go for it. I won’t do any harm Happy xx

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 18:20 in response to lilianahomes

Hi Liliana, 

Glad to hear all went well for you x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 19:29 in response to Dizzle82

Yup I’m with u on this one. Agree if it helps u to do so then go for it... but what do I know Happy x



The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 19:32 in response to Lemondrizzle

Ah brill lemondrizzle glad wound is on the mend.

have u been given anything to help with the seroma or are they just keeping an eye on it. Glad u enjoyed sitting in the garden Happy its the little things ain’t it x


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 19:34 in response to lilianahomes

1 down then Happy u will b surprised how quick they go Happy keep slapping that cream on ... mine told me to apply x 2 a day ... yeah right...5/6 is what I did lol x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 19:40 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra, 

The only thing they can do is drain it off with a needle, but would prefer for it to absorbed back into the body. 


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 19:44 in response to Sandra123

Well as I was having periods last 2 months I had to go for a scan. Ends up have large cyst on left ovary and coz of history they took a biopsy of endometrial lining. Was traumatised after it - quite uncomfortable. Am a bit nervous of results but am certain its precaution more than concern. Lets hope so. Dr was ever so nice. Just PET scan to get thru wed.

Ladies keep going - it's a tough battle but there's always a positive.  Sometimes it's just hard to look for that positive.

My son is coming home for a week so am on a bit of a high. Then won't see him til xmas. 

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening.

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 21:23 in response to Sandra123

At least 5 or six a day!

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 23:00 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi Cornish, I know how you feel! When I was given all clear people thought that’s it end of! They just couldn’t understand why I didn’t just move on and “forget” what I had been through! As you lovely ladies know it’s has taken me quite a while to get my head round things and just as I was found that other lump. Makes you want to shake these people and say “how would you have dealt with it?” That’s why this thread is so brilliant we can share these things! Your doing fantastic Cornish keep that head up! 

hugs to you all x 

The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 09:41 in response to Beachbabe

Ok, the good not at work today and it isn’t raining... yet.

The bad, cleaning up daughter’s room after she moved out is experience. Looked like and animal had lived in there. Tried to clean the walls, hmm that didn’t work so trusty emulsion brush has been out again. 

Note to self, if you are going up step ladders, putting a bit of Quo on while you’re up there is not a good idea. 

The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 13:42 in response to rileyroo

Afternoon all

Hope everything goes well today for anyone facing results, treatments or surgery.


Spent a delightful night at A and  E last night amongst drunks and visiting police after going to out of hours doctor and being referred to a very busy department. Bloods taken, bloods lost and retaken. Jabbed with IV antibiotics and sent home at 3 am with double dose penicillin. 


Doctors seem to have caught the infection just in time before it turned nasty. A kind nurse, despite being busy, brought me toast and a cuppa at 1-30am. Still feel rough but much better than yesterday. Happy

Try to find some good in today.


The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 16:44 in response to Sundial

Hello my pond build. This is my poor garden today!


The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 17:02 in response to Sundial


The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 17:07 in response to rileyroo

Yep...building site.

The good and the bad

14 Aug 2018 19:43 in response to Sundial

Don't look at it . heheheh . Just think how beautiful is going to be when finished.


2nd day of Rad and I'm exhausted and my boob hurts, especially my nipple, is that normal?