Together we will beat cancer


The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 13:43 in response to Lillyfern

Lilyfern you are not alone. We may not be physically there but virtually and in spirit. You have alot of us on here whenever you need us. That goes for all of us. All I can say is if we didn't have the strength we wouldn't be facing this. So draw on that remarkable trait and the ones who desert us are weak. You go woman! You got This!!

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 13:58 in response to Jbains

Just to add to what JBains said, you’re never alone on this site. There is always some one to talk to, it doesn’t have to be about cancer in fact a lot of this thread isn’t about cancer but the normal stuff of life and also the good bits! 

We’ve all been at this point in the diagnosis cycle and it’s not a pleasant place to be. It does end and once you have your scan and a treatment plan you’ll have a focus for this and can move forward. 

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 13:58 in response to Lillyfern

Afternoon everyone 

well what a sad read the last few post have been Sad

My lot came out of the woodwork when the word went out. Apparently there is no pleasing us cos I felt so pressured by all the visits to b upbeat and reassuring for them all. As one left another landed. I found I was practically reading a script to them all... saying the same things. 

Don’t get me wrong once everything settled down nd I had time to come to terms with my diagnosis myself... I felt loved. Even friends I hadn’t seen in a while knocked on the door. 

I don’t know why some family nd friends struggle to b there for us Sad  I try to think if I have done this myself to others... certainly not to family but worry that pre diagnosis  I was so wrapped up in my own contentment that I failed to see other people’s need. 

Wonder if reaching out to them is an option... I know it shouldn’t b us doing this but......

All I can say is... b proud of yourselves people. Despite everything you are all doing what needs to b done to get your health on track. We may not want to do this alone but bottom line is we can.

For the first time I am glad my hugs are virtual because it’s the only way they are big enough to wrap around you all. 

We are here for each other ❤️

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 14:50 in response to Sandra123

Hi all ...

Just read all these latest threads .. and think we all have those we thought would be there and are not .. and some you don't think, which are .. I remember looking at my hospital ward door, just wanting to see someone I love very much but fell out with come through but never did ..

Now I just think, we know who cares, and hold them even closer .. those that couldn't be bothered, no mater how much we love them, arnt worth the time of day ... and yes I tried reaching out, to get nothing back .. so now I'm loving those that love me .. 

And you know what, what we have on here is genuine.  .  Unconditional friendship .. that makes up for all the hurt we feel ... we can bend but not brake .. if all I had were you lot, I'd thank my lucky stars ... your all the most wonderfull supportive buddies there is ... and a big hug to you all .. the musketers ..  ONE FOR ALL .. AND ALL FOR ONE ...  ❤

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 15:17 in response to Lillyfern

Hi lilyfern nd lemondrizzle 

well I too am a singleton just wondering what yr day has been like today nd what u have both been up to .... if u would like to share Happy

Me been for the usual Sunday family breakfast at pub, time with grandchildren then off to shop for a look around. I’m back home now watching tv. Rubbish job at shopping cos forgot t get some cordial so having t have a strawberry nd lime kopparberg.... tragic...not Happy 

have as good a day as u can peeps x

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 18:31 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra,

A weekend alone for me. Spent it either watching TV,  reading a book or sleeping. The weather hasn't been so good to get out in the garden. I've not felt too good anyway and my Seroma is being a right pain today. 

Seeing my BCN tomorrow afternoon to check my wound, so I hope all is good.

I'm also getting worried about finances so I don't think that is helping. Got a list of things to do tomorrow that I should have sorted last week so that will keep me busy.

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 22:33 in response to Lemondrizzle

Dear Lemondrizzle  and friends , Looks like I open a can of worms ha ha. Seems like we all expect to get a little more from those we know .  They are there the first week but I guess afterwards which is going to their lives and they might think about us but not as often as we would like. Seems like some of us are all in the same boat for one reason or another one. My girls are nice girls but I guess They just get caught up in their lives and since my cancer it’s probably not deadly and they’ve said I’m so independent  they probably think it’s fine not to call or not to call often they probably think I don’t need anybody. I have one daughter calls me every single day during the week another one every 4 to 5 days and the other one hasn’t come in nine days and she doesn’t live too far either . Your sons are young and busy and they still  call you couple of times a week that’s pretty good.  They are traveling and busy with careers that makes it a little harder for them

 Imagine if family has a hard time keeping in touch with us  corkers even more . But hey we have each other. Nobody better than ours to understand us and to know what we feel. Tomorrow it’s my first day of radiation will see. Thank you have a great rest of the day you have an awesome week


 But hey we have each other. Nobody better than us to understand us and to know what we feel. Tomorrow it’s my first day of radiation will see. Thank you have a great rest of the day have an awesome week 




The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 22:40 in response to lilianahomes

Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure it'll all go well. Keep creaming!

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 22:54 in response to lilianahomes

Hope everything goes well tomorrow Liliana.


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 00:01 in response to lilianahomes

Good luck for tomorrow x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 00:49 in response to Jbains

Thank you Jabains!!  

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 00:50 in response to Lemondrizzle

Thank you Lemondrizzle !! 

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 00:51 in response to Sundial

Thank you Sundial.It is so nice to have you ladies because nobody else has called me to ask me how I’m doing Or to wish me good luck tomorrow. My one daughter of a cost me every day I’m sure she’s going to call me tomorrow afternoon after work. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! 


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 01:42 in response to lilianahomes




I fear that you have opened a real can of worms when you ask how our family and friends treat us after receiving a cancer diagnosis. I too have found that those I considered friends have shied away, whilst others who were not so close initially have really stepped up to the plate. Possibly some of this is my own fault, because I do my best to show a positive attitude and like to be treated as 'normally' as possible.

I hope that all goes well for you tomorrow.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 05:27 in response to lilianahomes

Morning everyone!

will be thinking of you today Liliana. I’m sure you’ll smash it!

good....not sure yet as it’s far too early

bad.....dreadful nights sleep. They told me this chemo may cause aching joints and bone and oh my god they weren’t wrong. Can hardly move. Feel about 105 years old! Don’t think 2 gym sessions was a good idea straight after chemo. When will I learn to rest lol.

have a fab day ladies xx