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The good and the bad

10 Aug 2018 20:41 in response to Sundial

Evening ladies from a very hot and sunny Spain!

The Good- Reading sundials news!!

The bad- none 

hugs to you all xx 

The good and the bad

10 Aug 2018 20:49 in response to Beachbabe

Yes great isn’t it? I’m glad it cheered you. It certainly cheered me.Coming down from the Adrenalin high now and feeling even more tired but that doesnt in any way  take away the shine.


The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 08:30 in response to Sundial

Jbains I’m coming to get you!

The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 13:11 in response to rileyroo

Afternoon peeps Happy

the good :- relaxing day yesterday. Today swimming, park with lil ones nd their mum, walk by river nd fed the ducks nd fluffy ducklings, all t other daughter for coffee a natter. Now back home about to have lunch nd then assume my signature position (book, wine nd garden). 

Lovely to hear from our beachbabe from her jollies ..., ahhh chillax me dear u deserve it Happy

the bad :- cancer sucks... end of!

have as good a day as u can peeps. Hugs to all. X


The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 17:18 in response to Sandra123

Lovely day with a lovely lady! On train now and tired!

The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 18:30 in response to rileyroo

Ah glad u are doing you things and enjoying yourself ❤️X

The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 19:11 in response to rileyroo

Lovely day with an even loveliee lady - all Good!

The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 19:47 in response to Sandra123

Sandra123  sounds like you’re having a wonderful day. I’m here at home cleaning up getting ready for the week, as I am starting radiation Monday I don’t know how good I am going to feel so I have to go to work so I thought it would be good to get my house ready today maybe rest tomorrow. Lovely that you are spending some time with your little ones. I think I’m gonna fspend another weekend by myself. I have three daughters but they also busy one of my daughters it’s away on a weekend trip with the kids and husband and the other two probably just busy with their lives and kids my oldest daughter has not called me or ask me how I’m I doing since last Saturday so it’s been eight days I’m a little sad about that.  That only she should reach out to me because I’m her mom but because I have cancer for goodness sake. I’m just gonna let it go let’s see how long it takes her to remember that I’m here . Sorry girls I had to rant today because I feel like I don’t my whole family nobody’s paying attention to me. Yes I have a couple of daughters they called me regularly but they don’t invite me anywhere. Should they?  Maybe not, maybe I’m expecting too much I don’t know I just feel they should be here with me a little more often. I’m sorry ladies I had to get it out of my system .  I’ll try to make the best weekend that I can for myself, I’m gonna try not to cry like I’m doing right now .  It’ll pass off the better tomorrow but I’m glad I have you girls that I can talk to I’m sending everybody a hug and have a great weekend 




The good and the bad

11 Aug 2018 21:11 in response to lilianahomes

Hi Liliana, 

I know how you feel. I too live on my own and have 2 sons that live elsewhere. I only hear from them maybe once or twice a week, sometimes not for a couple of weeks.

They are 23 and almost 25 so young and enjoying themselves. The oldest went to Canada for 3 years and is about to go to Japan for about the same amount of time. Yer I will miss him but God does he do my head in when he's back lol. The other is in Southampton so almost 2 hrs away from me. He works for IBM and can be away for weeks on projects. I know they love me and it makes me happy that they are doing so well. I have sort of got used to it but when I'm feeling a bit down it does hurt.

What upsets me more is that work haven't been in contact with me since I've been off on sick leave. It's not a big company, so it's not like I'm just a number, or maybe I am now, they always seemed to care before but obviously not now.

I hope you have a good weekend and Monday goes well for you. 


The good ...slept in late this morning.


The prescription wasn't at the pharmacist, this online ordering doesn't work Sad

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 07:19 in response to Lemondrizzle

I too unfortunately know how you both feel. My family have disgusted me since my diagnoses. IVe not really had anything to do with any of them. At the time I’ve needed them most in my life they ran a mile. I’ve been in hospital 3 times after chemo with infections and not one has been to see me despite my mum and sister actually working in the same hospital. No texts or anything. I wish I understood but I don’t. I guess it’s just their way of dealing with it but to me it’s nothing but selfish! I know what I’m like and I know I would be there for them no matter what. When I beat this we are looking to move from Southampton to anywhere and I won’t even tell them I’m going and to be fair they wouldn’t even notice. Grrrrrr. Sunday morning rant over lol x

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 07:45 in response to Dizzle82

Ladies right there with you on that one. I have 3 sisters and I had thought the one whose had cancer would support me and understand but she hasn't spoken to me since 2nd week of rad treatment last year. One sis hates me so never even asked how I was when she found out (she's angry with the world) and the eldest one whose rung and emailed twice since diagnosis dec 2016.  People who are supposed to be best friends also show their true colors. This is the part of life where you "cleanse" your life from negativity but we can't with family. We can control how we react but not other's actions. Yes it hurts but they'll realise one day. I know it doesn't help at this bad time but your main focus is you and recovering. When you need a good cry do it but keep your heart and mind clear of that negativity as it drags you down and you don't wanna keep going down. We're in the same boat and yes perhaps it's their way of dealing with it but their way is not your problem. You nedd them and they cant be humble enough. In a nutshell - not everyone is like us. Theif heart isnt like ours and you dont need to change due to their ways. Keep strong and keep your heart open. I know it's so hard whilst it's all going on but you got This! Keep going!

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 08:12 in response to Lemondrizzle

I’ve refused to do anything like that on line. My trust in any NHS related data security is minimal at best. 

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 08:17 in response to lilianahomes

Hi Liliana, probably a bit late to say this now but I made some meals up in advance of starting rt just in case I had any issues with fatigue so I could keep my food intake at a healthy level during treatment. 

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 12:05 in response to rileyroo

Morning ladies ..

If any of you are free could you look on "hold my hand please" she's in a scary situation right now .. in hospital on her own and shes just found out cancer and is waiting for more tests .. she's got two babies 3 and 5 .. any of your support for her will be well needed .. big hug to all  .. Chrissie  ❤

The good and the bad

12 Aug 2018 12:48 in response to Dizzle82

I’m so glad I looked in today to this thread an reading all your points on family an friends I’m so shocked after being diagnosed since may two ops down waiting on treatments or radiotherapy or chemo an not one of my family or friends has contacted me an have made me feel like iv got the plague I’m so upset with them all but reading all ur comments seems this is quite common I have one best friend who has been with me through every appointment an helping me with house work after the two surgerys.which I can’t thank her enough as I am a widow an live alone I’m just so shocked at people I thought cared don’t I’m guessing this is the Angry strange of cancer an feeling alone but Thankyou to you lovely ladies who have made me realise only someone whose been through this understands am glad I could read ur posts an see it’s what happens unfortunately xx