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The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 19:16 in response to Happygirl1985

Hey ladies - hope you've enjoyed your day as best as you can. Keep going and soldier on - you got this.

This whole episode is hard and very hard at times but you'll all get through. Just remember to take care of yourself mentally as well. Do things to make you happy and relaxed.

I read alot and tried to find out all the facts with it in the back of my mind that I'm not a medic and whatever I read may not pertain to me. I am a bit of a control freak so by doing that I felt a little in control.

One day at a time. Take care and enjoy the rest of your evening. Good luck to all those waiting for results.

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 19:22 in response to Lemondrizzle

Ah brill 

clear margins nd lymph nodes .... yay Happy

im tagging @Warriorqueen ‍ for you as she too had an extra wait while her “alien” was sent off to America for testing.

exactly the right frame of mind.... look on the time as a break from everything hospital 

take care me dear x

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 19:31 in response to Lillyfern

Hi lilyfern and a warm welcome to the thread.

No u are not being a wimp... it is not long since your op. Lemondrizzle is right... give your breast care nurse a ring and explain your concerns. Don’t want u worrying over the weekend when they are not there to provide u with their support. It’s why they are there... to help. Even just to put your mind at rest is worth a call Happy

sending hugs me dear u can do this...and remember you are not alone.... we are here if u need us ❤️

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 19:36 in response to Happygirl1985

So glad u got your answers happygirl. You sound like your mind is in a much better place than your last post Happy 

not too long till u get your 2nd lot of results... got everything crossed for u.

u are right ... you have got this Happy

take care me dear ❤️


The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 19:41 in response to Jbains

Hi jbains

pearls if wisdom as always Happy thank you again for getting me through my road to discharge. 

Hope your work journey is a bit better now it’s cooled down a bit Happy

take care me dear ❤️ X

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 20:29 in response to Lemondrizzle

The American result is well worth the wait as it tells you everything. Helps you decide what to do as well as the doctors! But the weight is still horrible! x

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:06 in response to Jbains

Thank you Jbains, yes, its a big relief, Now to my RT . and I'm already putting a lotion my dr told me to buy , expensive, but if it works... it's worth it. I start Monday! 3 1/2 weeks. 


Its great that you got to spend time together with family. that is always uplifting! enjoy. And speaking about heat, here in Los Angeles the heat has been unbearable. And the fires are terrible. one of them has burned 9600 acres already, it grew 3000 acres overnight!! so scary. 

Not too close to me but still has destroyed about a dozen or more buildings. :(.




The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:10 in response to Sandra123

Yes Sandra, Thank you. How are you doing?

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:15 in response to Dizzle82

Dizzle82, I'm thinking and praying for you! You'll do great and you will be in RT in no time! No worries about ranting, That's what we are here for. to support each other. Nobody knows and understands all of this like us. I'm sending you a bear hug!! 



The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:23 in response to Lemondrizzle

Hi Lemondrizzle,such good news your Lymp nodes are clear!! great news. Can I ask a question if you dont mind? I have seen in a few posts that they are sending the cancer and lymp nodes to United States? to have them check? Why is that? I hope you dont mind me asking.  



The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:43 in response to lilianahomes

Hey liliana we were in L.A. for hols and it sure was hot! Yes the fires are horrid. We did the touristy bits then drove on highway 101 to Fresno then San Francisco whilst stopping at Hollywood, Beverly hills, Santa Monica, Santa Cruz and Carmel. My daughter had a whale of a time in sephora and $800 later a big smile for days. She wants to be a makeup artist so had to get her tools (brushes, etc.)

Here's hoping you ladies don't react to the RT. Keep creaming! Us ladies on here are a unique group - we ttly get it and as well as loved ones are wonderful they just don't get it. 

Work commute is still hard. Still struggling but I've just learned to accept the pain and fatigue. Will be honest and admit am a tiny bit nervous and scared about PET scan. Am sure it'll be ok. It is what it is.

Now to work and recover financially from this holiday!

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 21:46 in response to lilianahomes

It's called Oncotype DX. I've had to look it up to see what it was. breast explain it well. What I don't understand is why do we not have the facilities here in the UK.  

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 22:24 in response to Jbains

Hi there ladies ... you sure are all having a tough time at the moment ... just keeping everything crossed for you all ... your all amazing ... hold on its a bumpy old ride ... but hopefully you'll all get there ..

Sending a vertual hug to you all ...  Chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 22:32 in response to Jbains

jbains,you where close to me. Hahaha,I know, I can go to Sephora and spend a little fortune too!!I'm wishing you good luck on your pet scan. You'll be fine but I understand the nervousness and how worried we get. I'm sure getting back to work will be a big help right now in more than one way. 





The good and the bad

10 Aug 2018 08:45 in response to Warriorqueen

Thanks for popping by for lemondrizzle  wor warrior... it’s always reassuring to know u are not the only one to b going through something ❤️

I’m on s3 of fringe now ... loving it... u r right Walter is either off the map or off his face ha ha. 

Hope u r keeping well x