Together we will beat cancer


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 21:58 in response to lilianahomes

That's excellent news Liliana! It's time to relax and take it one day at a time. 

Hope the rest of you ladies are doing ok.

I'm back at work and still jetlagged after hols! Sigh....wish I was back there. Nevermind am very happy I had my holiday and spent good quality family time together. Spent a fortune but we'll worth every penny.

The heat hopefully is dissipating so maybe sleep and commuting will be easier.

Keep going ladies. You got this!

The good and the bad

8 Aug 2018 07:09 in response to Jbains

Good morning peeps 

good luck for your results tomorrow lemondrizzle  will b there with u in spirit

enjoy the rest of your time off wor warrior nd remember when u go back when they say to increase your hours ... if u r not ready like our little Cornish wasn’t - tell them and take more time. Gotta look after yourself 

although it’s a mess now it will b lovely when it’s done sundial Happy

Totally worth a bit of jet lag jbains. U know the drill look after yourself nd plenty of rest after work to recharge the batteries.

last leg of treatment Liliana. Keep moisturising in the meanwhile in prep. The end is so close u can almost touch it Happy

the good :- another day with the lil ones nd I seem to b less tired this wk... was wiped last wk for some reason

the bad :- non yay


have as good a day as u can peeps 



The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 12:23 in response to Sandra123

Well today is the day for the follow up after the op. Feeling nervous, I hope they got it all in the op because I really don't fancy another one so soon after the last. 

It will be nice to know what the next plan of action is. I feel like I have now got to the top of the mountain and about to make the decent back down.

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 13:46 in response to Lemondrizzle

Hi Ladies,

Thinking of everyone today as everyone seems to be going through different things right now. I’m Just sat in hospital having my first targeted therapy chemo herceptin due to being HER+. Have the joy of being here for 9 hours today and same tomorrow. Can’t wait lol! Oncologist on Tuesday staid that th tumor was shrinking nicely. With a bit of luck I will only have 4 more round after today before my surgery then I will be able to join in the convos with you radiotherapy ladies. Can’t wait for it all to be over now. Each day that goes by I’m getting closer though. My appearance has got me down the last few days as I have zero eyelashes an eyebrows ...well zero hair on my whole body really, so Jamie bought me a benefit eyebrow kit for a surprise which was lovely of him and in my soppy emotional state I cried lol. Hair will regrow though and it’s the least of my worries. It’s just that I can physically see it. Doesn’t help that the only time I speak to my mum as it’s not often she is insulting saying that she bets I look like an alien. Well....if you ever bothered to visit once in a while especially When I’m in hospital you would know if I looked alien like. Sorry ranting again. It’s becoming a habit now! Lol. Anyways............

hope you all have a fab positive day xx

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 15:31 in response to Lemondrizzle

Hi lemondrizzle 

I’m just back in house now... hope yr appt went well. U r right last lap soon Happy x

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 15:36 in response to Dizzle82

Oh our trouper dizzel your just amazing hun. Can’t believe yr mum hasn’t been t see u eh!

your partner sounds an absolute star give him extra hugs he deserves them 

hang in there hun you r getting there.

biggest of hugs sent yr way. X

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 15:49 in response to Sandra123

Afternoon peeps 

the good :- just back home after a fab day with lil ones. Lazy get dressed then t park for an hr. park t chippy for fish nd chips for dinner. We take them down to the woods nd eat them on a picnic bench. Walk through woods with stop off at woodland play area. Then down to river for paddling nd catching fish. Fishing nets have come on a bit since mine had them now they r a net with a telescopic handle ( much easier to carry :-). 2:30 pm get call from daughter both her nd hubby got early finish where r we. 5 mins later they have joined us Happy Bit of rock throwing in river, more fishing then time to release the fish back into river and pack up nd leave. Yup not only a lovely day but an early fine for me too... good times. 

The bad :- none yay

have as good a day as u can peeps x

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 15:52 in response to Sandra123

Thinking of u for tomorrow Sundial got everything crossed for u nd will b there in spirit x

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 15:58 in response to Sandra123

Well im no further forward than I was before. 

My cancer and lymph nodes are off to America to be bombarded with various treatments to see what is the best treatment. I thought they would have sent them off straight away so I have 3 weeks to wait to find out the treatment. Roll on the 29th Aug.

On a good note though, the doctor was happy that everything came out and no sign of anything in  the nodes.

Got to go back on Monday for a wound check as there is one area that's a bit red and weepy and I also have a bit of fluid build up too so the nurse just wants to keep an eye on it.

Oh well just got to enjoy the rest from work I suppose. 

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 16:05 in response to Dizzle82

(((((Big hugs))))) xxx

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 16:13 in response to Lemondrizzle

Thank you lemon drizzle. Right back at ya :-))) xx

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 16:20 in response to Sandra123

Thank you Sandra. A bit apprehensive but it’ll soon be here. Will just have to deal with whatever they say. 


The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 17:40 in response to Lemondrizzle

Hi iv just had the same op of lymphnode dissection an got to go back the 29th had mine done last Monday an still have numbness in arm an quite a large lump under top part of scar not sure if that’s where he’s kind of tucked in skin before stitching still a bit painful as well not sure if this is to be expected an not sure wether to ring someone to check or am I being a wimp any advise would be appreciated xx

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 17:56 in response to lilianahomes

Thanks! Second biopsy went well yesterday. The radiologist explained everything very well. I think i understand it now. Going to find out results of that on Monday. Dr said hopes we don't have to take that area out too because its a bit larger margin.

I'll let you know the results Monday but i'm optimistic it will all be fine. I'm sure i'll find out more Monday about the excisional biopsy schedule  too.

Thanks! God takes take of us. Everything will be fine I'm sure.  Happy

The good and the bad

9 Aug 2018 18:36 in response to Lillyfern

Hi Lillyfern,

I'm still numb too but it also feels sore if you know what I mean. I had my op last Monday too. I would call your BCN if you are at all worried. 

Since I got back from my check up I've had pain around the nipple area but I am sure that is where they took the Steri strips off and were just checking me over. Oooooo and just thought I've had no paracetamol today.