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The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 09:48 in response to Sundial

Morning all,

hope everyone’s day goes well

good- taking little one to the cinema with my sister and nephews to see incredibles2 

bad-oncologist today (might not be bad) and been throwing up all morning and started bleeding heavy despite not having a period since may. Strange! Will mention to oncologist.

dizzle x

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 12:18 in response to Sundial

Afternoon sundial

hope u are healing well. Do u have an appointment for your results yet.

is the koi pond come along ok oooooh questions questions questions:-)

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 12:19 in response to Beachbabe

Ooooh brill beach

i have hol envy Happy enjoy every minute you deserve some happiness x

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 12:23 in response to Dizzle82

Eee dizzel u r such a trooper Happy enjoy the incredibles with your family. Good luck with the oncologist visit hope they can help with the sickness nd bleed. You rock girl Happy ❤️

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 14:07 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra

Infection looking better but still crusty. Results appt on Friday. Getting a bit apprehensive now. But it will be what it will be.. New koi pond is just a dirty big hole in the ground.  Only just got rid of the last of the dirt in skip number four today. Poor dog keeps looking at it and then coming away. He can’t get to to the bottom of the garden now as it stretches right across the width. The local cats keep taunting him from the shed roof at the bottom of the garden. Poor Monty! Hoping we’re going to see some building now! 


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 14:58 in response to Sundial

Oooooo Sundial I would love a Koi pond, so relaxing watching the fish.

I have a question for all you lovely ladies that have had a lumpectomy. 

Have you notice that the breast sounds hollow?? Where I have had an allergic reaction to the sticky plaster it has been really itchy. I noticed that it sounds different to the otherside when I scratch it.  

Anyone else noticed this? (Laughing to myself now as I can see you all scratching and listening).  I just want to know if I'm going mad lol x

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 15:05 in response to Sundial

Brill on the healings front def quicker than last time. 

I know waiting for important news as always is scary nd will drag yet b here before I know it. Keeping everything crossed for good news for you. 

Lol you have painted such a good picture with your words of your pond I can almost see it Happy poor monty... cats used to sit on the high wall tantalising my dog lol. 


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 15:14 in response to Sandra123

Thank you be back 19th!!! X 

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 15:18 in response to Lemondrizzle

Lol lemondrizzle u r right had a go heh heh.

well in mine doesn’t sound hollow :-/

mind u I didn’t base line pre op so don’t actually know if it’s different to before Wink

When I had my irritation from the 1st biopsy I just kept it clean nd kept moisturerising cream off it. Try not to scratch.. I noticed when I did ( even though it felt good to Happy the area was more raised nd would seem to get bigger. If too bad have a word with gp and ask if there is anything you can put on it. I didn’t go t gp cos found leaving it well alone it cleared up ... mind u it still lasted a couple wks before it finally went. Still can’t believe your team didn’t act on the info you gave the .... sigh.


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 16:03 in response to Sandra123

No koi pond debacle is not good. Workman arrive ar 9-30 and are gone by 3 with an hour down tools for lunch. When we asked boss man he said they were paid for travel time as well. Mind you the mechanical digger was invoiced for three days and it’s been here a week. Again we queried this and were told that’s their problem not ours, Now the human diggers are complaining that they’ve got to hand dig two long deep trenches to the tap and drain because the digger has gone back! Well if they’d got their finger out and worked a bit harden or for longer then well....... Other problem is that they’ve moved our fish from the old pond to a temporary tank because the old pond is being used as a chamber for all the filtration system. The tank is the other side of the hole! There is a very very narrow walkway at the side of the hole which hubby or son have to balance along to feed the fish. I can’t get down there so I have to rely on hubby videoing them. Lol.


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 17:00 in response to Sundial

Blimey 4 nd a half hour work shift where on earth r they travelling from t yrs! Hope u have not pd up front nd only pay them the agreed price. 

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 17:19 in response to Sandra123

Surely will. Travel time we reckon should be no more than an hour each way even in I suppose that would make seven and half hours minus lunch.


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 18:54 in response to Sandra123
Hi! I hope all are doing great! I have to call today as I just got the results of my pet scan Friday, Everything ok after that scary moment, apparently that 3 cm lump under my left axilla is fluid after 15 nodes removal. Wow, I was so scared!! So they have to continue with the planning. I will call today. I really want to start to get this kind of over. You know what I mean? Boy, everyone here is so nice and warm, kind. I love you all even if I don't know you personally . I will keep you updated! xoxo Liliana

The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 19:31 in response to lilianahomes

That’s great news. Liliana. Must be a relief. Happy


The good and the bad

7 Aug 2018 21:34 in response to Sundial
Good .... been baking today and made yummy apple crumble (which hubby has just enjoyed!) Bad.... got appt to see work occy health in 2 weeks so back to work 2 weeks next Monday! Back to reality for me gals!