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The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 10:37 in response to rileyroo

I tried explaining the tests and surgery etc to my other half. I asked him to think about his bits being repeatedly put between two plastic blocks, clamped in and squeezed, then needles and a bigger needle, then cutting bits out or off altogether....just to start you off....he got a whole new respect for screening and treatment after that. 0

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 11:38 in response to Cornishpastie

Well am looking forward to a roast dinner before the main event tomorrow! Have to be at chop shop at 7 30 in the morning tomorrow. Sounds like I'm going in for a car body work over haul it could be called **** my boob! I know they are going to dye it sky blue. Perhaps the surgeon can draw a little bird over the blue! Xx

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 11:39 in response to Warriorqueen

That was meant to be p*mp my boob add in the last letter!

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 11:48 in response to Warriorqueen
**** my boob that's a programme which could be quite interesting lol!!!!! Yes the joys of the blue dye are coming my way too....did they warn you that your wee will be bluish as it comes out your body!

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 12:08 in response to Cornishpastie

Mornin cournish pastie ....

Bad thought ....Oh oh just another thought ... I was more scared of the blue dye ... in my head I would look like the blue Smurfs  on the film ... pictured everyone looking at me like I was an alien. . Told the son if I turned blue he'd have to go home , and wanted a cupboard to hide in till it went ...

Good outcome , don't think it come through enough to notice ...  Hay you said to your hubby how we'd wished we had ...that was my giggle for the day ... so so proud of you ... my lil op is in 18th ... got a phone PRE OP on 10th ... think they don't want me laughing like last time ... not good for other patents ...

Must run in the family mum's first heart attack,  we were moving her from intensive care to ward ... well on trolley going up in the lift she had the porters rolling with laughter .. till one said ... please Mrs t , you'll get us the sack .... she was a star ... I know lots can't look at life that way, but it's how I was brought up .. always to end with a laugh....

Chrisie  ❤ x


The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 12:14 in response to Warriorqueen

Mornin brave lass ... 

You go kick cancers ass ... you just show it ... I think that cancer is running scared with us lot on its tail he's never come across the likes of all these wonderfull  BREAST BUDDIES BEFORE ... NOT saying we don't have down days ... it's about bouncing back .... Will be there in spirit tomoz ..... you got this ...well all be there with you, you just won't see us ... big hug Chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 12:19 in response to Chriss

Good morning Chrisie....your mum sounds an amazing woman. I too was brought up with a cup half full outlook and my dad was the joker in the family. Always pushed the boundaries with humour and was up for anything.

I've made some terrible jokes since being diagnosed and left people not knowing how to respond lol....such as telling one friend whilst she was sympathizing with my situation "well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger......lets hope it don't kill me". I need to be careful about those kinds of jokes as not everyone can deal with it lol. 

Golden rule for me.....if you can't change it, deal with it, find a laugh where you can, move onwards and upwards.

I sound strong but I have a moment here and there....usually when wondering if I will get to see my little 8 year old grow. Then I realise she has an amazing bond with her dad and he would do the job of two if needed....ooh don't that sound sombre.....

Anyways enough of the negatives.....i have yo stick around as who else is gonna make my other halves life a misery lol x

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 12:24 in response to Chriss

What an interesting and supportive thread. I was diagnosed with high grade DCIS last November following my mammogram. Thankfully not invasive, totally treatable and, the main thing, not life threatening.

Like you Cornish, I spent the first few weeks reassuring everyone that I was going to be ok and not going anywhere. I'm a person that likes to know everything and researched my diagnosis thoroughly so knew the prognosis was good. However don't let your reassurances be at your expense and you should let your feelings be known to others. It was only last week when I watched the Full Monty ladies night that I realised I had experienced many of the feelings expressed by those taking part and I had kept a lot to myself.

I had my op (wide local incision) at the beginning of January followed by three weeks of radiotherapy. I have had wonderful support from my lovely family and friends which has been invaluable to me. I am in total awe of our wonderful NHS and the treatment I've received has been second to none.

I have a follow up at the end of April and hopefully it will only be check ups from now on.

I consider myself very lucky and wish all on here a happy and healthy future

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 12:33 in response to Irene70

Hi Irene, I too love this thread. 

Like you i'm all over the research lol....fully informed is fully armed!!!! I'm quite a practical person...especially in a crisis. I do wonder whether it might hit a bit harder emotionally later. I will have to wait and see.

Yes the full Monty programme last week was a heart breaker...some amazing people who had tremendous strength.

Glad all is going well following your treatments and good luck for your follow up appointment. 

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 13:33 in response to Irene70

Hi Irene ... that's why I'm a tad warrie of looking like we just take things lightly ... believe me I've had my days where I've had a melt down ... and I do try to do a balance ... I know my age helps me, as I know if I were 20 or more years ago, with a family at home , it would be a different story ... 

This chat room is amazing ... we support each other when down as we all have been through ... anger , disbelief,  why me's  , what ifs ... can't think of any of us that escape those feelings ... but I'm sure I couldn't have come this far without my sense of humour ... I just hope I have the right balance ...

So please forgive me, if it looks like I take things lightly ... but I think I can gage when just a shoulder is needed ... you sound like quite a positive person too ... and understand all the highs and lows this cancer throws at us ... we have all needed holding up on here and so many will rally round to get us through those lows ... so glad you seem to be kicking cancers bum ... win or loose our journey , let's knock it down the road to gether ... Chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 15:03 in response to Chriss

Not in a millions years would I think you take it lightly Chrissie.

You sound  a very balanced and positive person and that can only be a good thing. I certainly had my wobbles along the way as I'm sure we all have. Reading this thread we all have so much to live for and we won't let this thing get in the way.

Let's all kick ass together lovely ladies xx

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 15:11 in response to Cornishpastie

Mine was about an hour later but I didn't get to theatre til gone 1. 

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 16:13 in response to Sandra123

Afternoon peeps:-)

Lovely to see everyone chipping in nd sharing both/either their Good and the Bad:-)

I started this thread soon after my BC diagnosis because I found myself experiencing both of these elements in my diagnosis and treatment. The perfect place for this thread to sit was living with cancer. It’s what we do.. live life. I love that everyone shares their worries, concerns, down days, up days, where they have been, where they are going, what they’ve had to eat, what they’re making to eat, who’s ****** them off, who’s been kind, hobbies, duvet days, stress, fears, humour..... and it goes on... life, life goes on. We do all this not alone but together. Virtual arms holding us up when feeling down . Virtual smiles to share when feeling up. It’s not all sparkly rainbows but nor is it all dark thundering blackness. Never be afraid to share either the bad or the good. However your day is going we are here for you.

Have as good a day as you can peeps x

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 16:31 in response to Warriorqueen

Sunday roast yum:-). Hope u ate for England;-)

I’ll keep an eye out for that Spielberg movie ( last 3D movie I watched was Beauty nd the Beast - with granddaughter - glad I had an excuse t go.. was brill lol).

Well.. good luck to you for tomorrow me dear. I’ll  b thinking of u. When u are ready would love to hear how your doing. X


The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 16:39 in response to Cornishpastie

Eee blue pee nd boobs:-0. Well I for one did not know that. Well as they say u learn something new every day! 

Chrisie Smurf - ha ha those white knee sox we had t wear would add t the look @chriss@Chriss ‍ ha ha... ahem... you could totes carry that look off ;-). X



The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 16:51 in response to Irene70

Hi Irene:-) aren’t the a great bunch on here nd now we have u here too...welcome:-)

I had my op in Sept Last yr ( wide local excision) yup nd 3 wks RT. I too see my surgeon this month nd hopefully will go onto annual recall. 13 wks nd 2 days from diagnosis to discharge... you are right our NHS is outstanding.

Eee when they came to see me just before going down for my op the offered for me to have a local anaesthetic and be awake nd watch or I could have earphones with music....or would I prefer to b asleep. Yes the last one... I’ll have the last one. When I got to theatre I said just t b clear I want the last option... t b asleep. Wish I’d asked if anyone picks to b awake lol x

How u feeling in yourself now? X

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 16:56 in response to rileyroo

Hiya Rileyroo 

Did you decide to go out for your afternoon meal or did duvet day win;-) x

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 17:01 in response to Sandra123

Went out for lunch, it’s my birthday so had to be done!got some lovely presents, new walking boots, socks, slow cooker, quite a few m and s vouchers so got a light  weight summer jacket. Need new jeans as well but not sure if I’m still jeans shaped so will be trying a few pairs on, alone!

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 17:10 in response to rileyroo

What!!!! How did I not know it was your birthday:-0 

happy bday to u, happy bday to u happy bday dear Rileyroo, happy bday to ....yeahhhhhhh.

So glad went then... everyone would b whistling, turning their toes in the carpet nd looking at the ground lost if not lol. 

Wow great gifts too... bet ya chuffed. Oooo new coat (I don’t know if I mentioned it but I have a thing for coats ;-))))))). Can I assume there is chocolate too... there must b chocolate;-).

well... sending birthday hugs me dear.... oh nd wine there needs t b wine;-)x

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 18:11 in response to rileyroo

You kept that quiet rilleyroo ... walking boots ... really ... I'd have to frame them the amount of walking I do .... so hope you loaded the slow cooker ... dressed in your new socks and boots ...and marched all the way to M & S ... sounds good to me ... 

So hope you had a good one ... and got spoiled rotten ... 


The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 18:30 in response to Sandra123

Chocolate has been received, baked this morning so we have home made cake for tea and tiger bread, gotta have tiger bread!

Didn’t tell any one it’s my birthday, well it’s just a fire hazzard really. Jbains knew, she either winkled it out of me or I fessed up, can’t quite remember!

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 19:20 in response to Irene70

Hay irene ...

Welcome aboard the breast rollercoaster ... look forward to your input ... everyone welcome ... sure you can be a great help ... Chrissie ❤

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 19:49 in response to rileyroo
Now that is naughty rileyroo...your birthday and we dont know til the end of the day!!!! Happy birthday to you my dear and hope you have had a lovely day x

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 20:25 in response to Chriss

Thanks all for your welcome and happy birthday Rileyroo. You sure are as lively lot on here and your comments have given me a chuckle.

In answer to your question Sandra, I'm feeling good at the moment. I've had little reaction to the RT just some skin reaction after the treatment finished but it's settled now.

Just trying to decide where to go with bras now as I'm looking lopsided. Does anyone know if we can wear underwired bras? I thought it was just a matter of if we feel comfortable with it but not sure if it has something to do with lymph drainage. Any ideas anyone?

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 20:34 in response to Cornishpastie

Had a really good day. Quiet, which is what I wanted. Went to one of those Brazilian type places. As much salad, rice, potatoes and some basic meats and cheeses as you can eat  then various cuts of meat are brought to the table and you choose whether you want it or not. I got some gift vouchers for m and s so got the summer jacket I’ve had my eye on for a little while. Like I said , good day. 

Good luck for tomorrow CP. We’ll all be with you. Gonna be very crowded round you bed!

The good and the bad

8 Apr 2018 22:47 in response to Irene70

Another thought Irene ... when I was in hospital for 3 days after mastectomy... where wed all got to be mates on my 6 bedded ward ... all for different things ....on the last day i got given my new falsely ... and like you l liked underwire bras and as newly op didn't wear any .. but shoved new falsey up my tee shirt .. got outta bed and said to patient in next bed who had her hubby visiting at the time ... I asked " what do you reckon on my new falsey then, just not sure what name to give it" ... quick as a flash, her husband said , how bout "one hung low"  looked down and there it was down by my waiste ...  laughed all day ... 

Chrisie x 

The good and the bad

9 Apr 2018 06:28 in response to Chriss

Off to hospital ok in about 20mins just took a selfie of my poor boobs so I can remember pre op lol ! 


The good and the bad

9 Apr 2018 06:42 in response to Warriorqueen
Bless you. Good luck hun x

The good and the bad

9 Apr 2018 06:57 in response to Warriorqueen

Thinking of you today  .... take care ... you rock .... ❤

The good and the bad

9 Apr 2018 07:39 in response to Warriorqueen

Good luck for today.