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The good and the bad

1 Apr 2018 10:28 in response to Cornishpastie

We’re all different, I know people on here keep saying that but it is very true. Sandra123 had virtually no fatigue and so was able to get on with things almost straight away. I had no skin issues, a lot of people do during and after radiotherapy. Block out two weeks on your diary, you have a stressful job, certainly mentally and I would imagine physically on occasion and give yourself recivery time. 

The good and the bad

1 Apr 2018 12:31 in response to Chriss

Hey Chris's

Thank you.that was my first proper down day. Shook me a bit....but had a stern word from @Sandra123 and I'm back on positive avenue. 

It's my little one I worry about. She's 8. I also have a boy of 24 and 2 other girls of 30 and 29. I just wanna see my girl grow up. I been trying to look at long term stats (not dr google but proper research papers). They are very general though. So I have decided that when I see my oncologist all my data should have gone through the prognostic calculator and I want to know recurrence risk and prognosis percentage for me. Again I go to the practical. I don't think of this as negativity but ensuring I am fully informed. 

Some karma also....i forgot but I took out a wrll woman policy in 2006 and I won't need yo worry about finances if I go over my full sick pay entitlement. 1 less thing to worry about huh. 

I live in the London/border of Essex area but Cornish born bred and proud lol. After my op is out of the way I'd love to meet up if any of you ladies are closish. 

Thanks again....and I won't feel such a failure for a down day as and when it happens again x

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1 Apr 2018 12:37 in response to rileyroo

I think that's the problem in a one has a clue how they will cope. Emotionally or physically. I've started to talk to my work to plan to be off for the entirety of my radiotherapy and possibly a few weeks after. My service head has said I can do whatever I feel able or not and the will support me. Sadly they lost 3 social workers in my service area to cancer last year alone so they know what it can be like. I was just explaining to Chriss that I have a financial buffer in a well woman policy so extended time off if needed is not going to be crippling financially. At least i wont have to worry about that. X

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1 Apr 2018 12:56 in response to Cornishpastie

If you work on local govt (you said you are a social worker), time off wouldn’t be a problem, at least not initially. My boss’s sister has had two bouts of breast cancer so he was and is aware of what can happen. I actually refused to discuss my situation with my line manager as he couldn’t grasp that I couldn’t put dates and timelines on treatment and recovery. 

Your youngest daughter will be fine, she probably is already aware that something is happening, kids aren’t daft. She is certainly going to be aware when you are in hospital overnight. I think there might be a section on this site about how to talk to children so what comes after isn’t a shock and doesn’t frighten them. 


I’ve actually met up with one of the other ladies you have chatted to on here and we are planning to do it again some time! I’m a tyke and proud of it, she lives closer to you so we met up in London. 

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1 Apr 2018 14:01 in response to rileyroo

Hey Rileyroo

I am definately up for a meet up. We haven't used the c word with the youngest. We just told her that their is a part of mummys booby that is sick and the doctor has to take it away. She asked a few questions....more about who would look after her and daddy while I'm in hospital lol. I had to explain that daddy is able to look after himself and was quite a funny conversation. 

I might ask for a meeting with HR so that I can be clear on things with them but feel quite ok that they will be supportive.

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1 Apr 2018 14:16 in response to Cornishpastie

Davek, one of the guys on here, directed me to part of this site regarding cancer and how to deal with employers. I found it extremely useful, might be worth a read. 

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1 Apr 2018 14:29 in response to Jolamine

Hiya haven't been on for a few days been poorly with an ear infection and working but decided its time I went on the sick x

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1 Apr 2018 15:46 in response to rileyroo

Hi Rileyroo

Do you know where I can find it please?

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1 Apr 2018 15:59 in response to rileyroo

Morning everyone 

ah cornishpastie Rileyroo is one of the ladies who kept me grounded ( she’s brill). Think u were a month ahead of me weren’t u Rileyroo?

Rileyroo is right give yourself time. Better to over estimate and achieve than underestimate  nd  get concerned u are taking longer than u said. 

Have a goodin peeps x

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1 Apr 2018 17:08 in response to Cornishpastie

If you put in disability discrimination act in the coping with cancer area it will come up, yes we are covered by it. 

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1 Apr 2018 20:04 in response to Nikki72

Evening Nikki:-)

ive been out all day nd just back now. Bless not what u ear infection. Are u on antibiotics? How u doing with the iron tablets? Get why u want to go on the sick... u sound really run down bless . X


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1 Apr 2018 20:17 in response to Sandra123

Yep, I was a month in front of you time wise. 

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1 Apr 2018 22:03 in response to rileyroo

Thanks hun. I will have a little look

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2 Apr 2018 09:38 in response to Sandra123

Morning Sandra thankfully this ear infection is clearing up just feel so run down I work in retail so we have been busy but a customer bumped into me and knocked me but bruised and sore my partner thought it was about time I thought of myself and not what work wants I'm not doing my self any favours been at work while I'm like this x

The good and the bad

2 Apr 2018 17:30 in response to Nikki72


it’s good to hear yr ear infection is starting to clear up. Your bf is right you need to do what is best for u ... he sounds a keeper:-). It’s lovely hearing how supportive he is being.

Do u think the iron tablets are helping. The ear infection will not have helped your spirits any so the soon that clears up fully the better. X