Together we will beat cancer



9 Oct 2019 15:49

Just wanted to say , I've had the all clear at the brest clinic today , initially diagnosed as fibro something , but how Lipoma completely benign . 

I'd convinced myself I have it , that evil bug that some of you lovelys are fighting or have fought , such as @Marlyn ‍  and @Chriss ‍. Also the ladies and men who are wondering if they have it. I just wanna say (tearful again) that without the above mentioned people and the lovely nurses ,  I have been near cracking up . I have been on Google persistently,  which tells you nothing but Doom and more Doom, couldn't help myself added to my worries . Didnt even believe the first doc that told me that I was fine , but believed the second due to the scan , pummeling with question and having a biopsy.  None of that was hard , it's the waitttt , a simple procedures . 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart ladies,  u know who you are , I wish you all the luck in the world and from the universe and show this C who's boss , coz you ladies are boss. I dont know how you get through your battles , but the world is lucky to have Angel's like u , just like me this week.

Just my daughter to sort on the 21st October,  same place , but feeling positive now things have gone well .

Let me know how you get on , and thankyou for everything,  you truly are a bunch of pink divas . 

And anyone wondering the what ifs , go kick its ass , get advice off the gorgeous people on here and all the well wishes I can send to everyone xxxx


9 Oct 2019 16:43 in response to Mumtobeauts

Oh shucks, you have me tearing up now! When I first got my diagnosis the ladies here caught me when I felt I was free falling, I have never forgotten...

take care lovely lady....wish we had more happy endings like yours xxx


9 Oct 2019 18:36 in response to Mumtobeauts


WOO HOO !!!!   You so deserve it ... bet you had tears of relief ... 

Here's to kicking cancers ass ... and to good results ...  Chrissie xx


9 Oct 2019 19:42 in response to Marlyn

Aww I cant believe you've given up your time for me , when your having to box every day. I just think your lovely , things is hun , people like you are being watched over , I'm sure it dosent feel like it , and can only guess how you feel. But hope you have a million good days and are soon over your treatment and feeling tip top. 

You take care , #meltmyheart #fighter #inspiration #positivity wins and if you have a bad day , push annoying people over ;). 

Thankyou , hope you spoil yourself when you can , u bloody deserve it xxxx


9 Oct 2019 19:49 in response to Chriss

Yes definitely lovely , and felt a little daft for being such a mess ,happy for my kids , buying life i nsurance this week and going on a health kick from tomorrow ,  (I had KFC tonight because I couldn't be bothered ha ha). 


Here's hoping lots more people get good results and the perfect place for advice is here eith people like u a d @Marlyn.

Sending love to the fighters and booking myself in for the next race for life, one day this might not exist #research 

#youralove #keepkickinass , #allthehappinessintheworld. 

Take care Chrissie , lots of love xxxx