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Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 14:12

Hi All,

I found a lump in my left breast and went to doctor. She said she was ' really sorry ' which scared me then referred me to the hospital. I went on thursday and had a mammogram then an ultrasound. The consultant then showed me my scans and said I have a suspicious mass on my left breast and a suspicious mass on my lymph node and calcifications too. I had a biopsy on the lump, the lymph node and calcifications.  I get the results on Thursday morning. I can't handle the waiting etc and so I'm off work on the sick. From a few bits and pieces the nurses have been saying, it's obvious to me it's cancer... I'm petrified as I'm a single mum and only have my dad and his partner for support and they are elderly so trying not to involve them too much. The nurse said 'my ears will be ringing this week as they discuss my treatment at the MDT meeting'.. this confirmed it for me, i know it's going to be bad news on Thursday and I will be going alone for the results so I'm glad I found this site. Don't know what else to say, just all the best to everyone going through these difficult times. X

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 14:53 in response to Worriedfifer

Hi there - sorry you are in this situation. I can understand why you are so worried - the waiting is really, really awful. It's good you found this site because everyone here understands just what you are going thro' & you'll find support when you need it. I don't know anything medical at all but I think it's fair to say that you may have read a bit too much into the snippets you heard. (Don't we all!) There's no magic formula for getting thro the days until Thursday (i wish there were) but keeping busy is best if you can manage it.

Keep posting as & when you need to. All the very best for Thursday & please do let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. x

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 15:29 in response to purrfect

Thank you very much Purrfect for your kind reply. Yeah I think I have googled every question imaginable whilst I have been waiting.. I know I shouldn't but can't help it. Thanks for the advice. I'm trying to keep myself busy. Best wishes. X

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 22:03 in response to Worriedfifer

Just wanted to send massive hugs to you . I hope everything comes back ok for you. And if it doesn’t I hope you get all the best support there is. X

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 22:23 in response to Worriedfifer


just feeling exactly like you ! Went to the doctor yesterday and she was worried because the mass in my left breast is very large and not defined! Got the appointment to the breast clinic in 10 days but I’m worried sick! Since the day  I found out about the lump I’m not living anymore, my mind goes to the worst scenario, I can’t sleep and eat ...have nobody in here as I’m far from home and my country and I don’t want to worried my mum on the phone .. ...It’s overwhelming and I don’t even know the diagnosis  yet...

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 22:42 in response to s3xytink

Thanks so much x

Terrified of results

16 Jul 2019 22:45 in response to Sararose84

Sararose, that's exactly how I am feeling. Where about are you? I live in Scotland, near Edinburgh. I'm trying to stay busy. I am off work and my job is stressful (I'm a support worker) and I can't deal with it whilst I'm going through this. Are u working? Feel free to message me here. We can go through this together. X

Terrified of results

17 Jul 2019 12:35 in response to Worriedfifer

Hi worriedfifer

Thank you for your reply Happy I live in England near Bristol. Yes unfortunately I’m working but is very hard when your mind goes to these terribile things. I think that having no one close to talk to is not helpful at all Sad 

I really hope all the best for your results tomorrow, waiting time is one of the most terrible thing at the moment,I’m trying to stay busy like you but is not easy, every seconds I check my lump if is still there and seems gettin bigger every day! I really panicking I can’t help...can’t wait to be all over...please keep me updated  with your results!  xx 

Terrified of results

17 Jul 2019 12:51 in response to Worriedfifer

Hi worriedfifer

Just wondering if you have anyone, maybe a friend, to come with you to get your results? Often it’s hard to take everything in at these appointments and another pair of ears is very handy. I went in for my results on my own, but took my partner to every other appointment. In retrospect I should have had someone with me. xx

Terrified of results

18 Jul 2019 10:53 in response to Minska

Thank You all for your replies. Not good news for me today  went myself to get results... I'm a mess. I have grade 3 invasive breast cancer in breast and lymph node which is aggressive and fast growing and have to go for bone scan and liver scan next week to see if has spread further. They said I will need chemotherapy first then either lumpectomy or mastectomy and radiotherapy. Doctor said prob 5 to 6 months of treatment .  I'm.devestated and feel alone and also scared because I'm a single.parent with bills to pay... need to go break the news to my dad now. :(( 

Terrified of results

18 Jul 2019 15:37 in response to Worriedfifer

Oh worriedfifer, I’m so sorry to hear this. 

I hope your scans will come back showing it hasn’t spread and that you’ll be able to get your treatment started. There are lots of lovely ladies with breast cancer on here who I’m sure will be able to offer support. I would suggest making a post in the newly diagnosed section, with a heading about your cancer where it should be easier to find. 

Meanwhile I’ll tag a couple of ladies who I know are very helpful. @Marlyn @Jolamine ‍ 

Hopefully they will see this and come along to chat. xx

Terrified of results

18 Jul 2019 16:14 in response to Worriedfifer

Oh love just seen this ( thank youminska for tagging me) 

your in a whirlwind now, feeling out of control...I know...I've been there....firstly, have a chat to Macmillan ref finances, I'm sorry you have that added worry, hopefully Macmillan can advise and help.

Believe me...once your on the treatment plan you will feel more settled, they really will look after you, whilst chemo is no walk in the park it is you have someone who can see to your child ( children)? Especially on chemo day? 

Its worth remembering we all react differently to chemo, I did manage to work throughout mine but my job isn't at all stressful or physically demanding..


i know you feel like your world is collapsing right now but you will get it back..I promise....I started chemotherapy in Feb...finished in May and just now getting things back to yes...around 6 months of things being on hold so to speak...but the time goes by in a flash.....

i  here if you need me love , I know your still in shock xxxx




Terrified of results

20 Jul 2019 03:13 in response to Worriedfifer



Hi Worriedfifer,

Like Marlyn, I have just found your post thanks to Minska.

I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis yesterday. This certainly is not the news that you wanted to hear. Having had 2 bouts of breast cancer 9 and 10 years ago, (I have had a lumpectomy and a double mastectomy), I have a fair idea of the agonies you are going through at the moment, especially when you are on your own with your young family. What ages are they?

What the nurse said about the MDT meeting is nothing to worry about. All cases are discussed at an MDT meeting before the test results are given to the patient. The result of the MDT means that your consultant can then discuss the best way forward for you when s/he gives you your results.

I hope that your bone and liver scans next week don’t show up anything further to worry about. It is always upsetting when you have to wait for the results of further tests. I had to do this too, but this is the best time to get the full picture and, to work out the best treatment for you.

Marlyn has just finished her chemo and, I’m sure that if you have any questions about this, she will be able to aswer them. I haven’t had radiotherapy or chemotherapy, so am not much use when it comes to either of these.

There are organisations that you can go to for support and advice. Centres such as Maggies. Chances are your breast care nurse can point you in the direction of others. I found them very helpful in my early days. You can also make an appointment for some nice alternative therapies at some of these centres and these are all free of charge. If you don’t fancy these, you will always be welcomed for a cuppa and a chat.

There is usually a MacMillan Advice Centre in most hospitals. They should be able to help you to sort out your finances, as you may be entitled to additional benefits. Having a cancer diagnosis is bad enough without having financial worries as well. Breast Cancer Care also run courses where they talk about various aspects of breast cancer. These are usually run fairly local to you and can be very helpful.

Do please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx