Together we will beat cancer


terrified for my husband

29 Nov 2022 23:30

just received news today that my husbands fit test came back positive with blood in stools plus low iron levels on blood test results. Fit test came back at a score of 35 which i don't understand 

He has been having stomach pains along with this

i cannot begin to explain how i feel , i keep having to go to the bathroom to cry my heart out as he has had a so much bad luck in his life and i can't help but feel negative and annoyed at myself for not thinking positive and not feeling stronger 

he has to go for more tests 

is there anyone going through the same thing xx

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 00:00 in response to Caryn1

There are so many other things it could more likely be and not something nasty like cancer although its the first thing we think of ,I thought the same after having a positive fit test and lots of other symptoms like a elevated CA125 blood test and unexplained weight loss I convinced myself it was cancer I was sent for a colonoscopy I was so scared but thankfully they only found a polyp fibroids and diverticulitis they took a biopsy but it was fine so I know its easy to start thinking negative thoughts but chances are he'll be fine try not to worry .

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 05:48 in response to Caryn1

Please wait for diagnosis fist! It might not be cancer. Let us know. 

My husband was diagnosed with rectal cancer 6 months ago. Neo adjuvant treatment is behind him. We now await surgery. 

We are here for you, but callm your nerves and wait for diagnosis. 

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 10:20 in response to Jenny3109

thank you for the reply and it's put my mind at ease a bit 

i should also stay off google but having bad anxiety i worry anyways

feel a bit silly posting it now but sitting alone at night my mind was working over time

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 10:22 in response to lucullan

thanks for the reply and i know we should wait first 

my mind has been giving me a treat big time and i wish you and your husband all the best with his up coming treatment

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 10:23 in response to Jenny3109

ps he does have a polyp that had shown a couple of years ago when he had his stoma operation and glad that you are ok too 

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 12:04 in response to Caryn1

You sound like me when I was waiting I think I was worse ,my mind went into overdrive after reading things I actually bought a couple of books on what to eat and how to beat cancer just while I was waiting to go for the colonoscopy I wanted to be prepared ,the only person I told was my hubby no one else knew I'm glad now I didn't worry anyone ,I know a lot more now than I did in September ,let us know how he gets on if you feel like it .

terrified for my husband

30 Nov 2022 19:05 in response to Jenny3109

hi jenny , that's the thing is keeping it to ourselves at the moment so i can't talk about it with anyone so it's been a help coming on here 

i'm staying away from google it's made me worse to say the least 

i just feel so helpless for him when i see the worry on his face and sometimes don't know what to say at times 

i will update when we know what it is and thanks again xx