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16 Apr 2018 23:55

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer grade I I I & i am just terrified. I am devastated for my 15 year old son, my husband & my 2 grown up girl's . I can see their fear and feel soo responsible. It all seems so mad, I keep thinking I dreamt it and it is not really happening. I feel really sad. Sorry for rambling x

Re: Terrified

17 Apr 2018 00:37 in response to DBar

Hi DBar, 

This is a good place to let it all out as I’m sure you are trying to stay strong for your family. I can’t help with your diagnosis as I have Hodgkin Lymphoma but just wanted to say that I also have teenage children and that’s what scares me more, the thought that I might not be here for them. I’m usually very positive but had a blip today as am worrying about my stem cell transplant. You’ll get good days and bad days but we are all here for you. 

Stay strong and positive but look after yourself. 

Re: Terrified

17 Apr 2018 08:28 in response to Fight4life
Hiya. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March stage 1 invasive. I had two lumpectomys in the same breast plus sentinel lymph node removal on Friday so am 4 days post OP. It sounds like you have just gotten your diagnosis and it can feel very overwhelming, scary and unreal. Ok just wanted to say that there are a number of breast cancer ladies regularly chatting and supporting each other on here. Some like yourself and me are recently diagnosed and some have completed treatments. We are all here for you if you need or want to chat to us. You can do this. Take one day at a time. Xx