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Teenage daughter struggling

16 Nov 2019 21:38

Hello all my daughter is in her first of GCSEs 

about two months ago we found out my mum her nan has liver cancer. Coupon of weekend ago they told us there was nothing more they can do for her. Since then my daughter has started to mess around at school. Saying if she does that people don't feel sorry for her or ask her how she is ? The school are concerned as she is a bright student. What can I do ? 

Teenage daughter struggling

16 Nov 2019 21:53 in response to danni062

Hi there ..

Oh my, I think she is very confused ... lots of patience and understanding ... it is one of the hardest ages for kids to go through this ...  if you can go visit the head teacher and get all her teachers on board ... 

Some kids just go off the rails .. we don't talk about dieing much in our country's... and if this is the first time she's going to loose someone, she will be all over the place ... 

I'm a nanny with cancer too ,  and I was gently honest with my grandkids ... and one was only 6 and my best buddy ... but when she asked if I would die,  I said if I did I'd be that little star next to the bright one as that's my mum's... and I'd listen to her, and it helped her through ...

But your daughter is older .. I'd reach out to anyone  ..  Marie Currie... they are there for people with terminal diagnosis and their families... they are amazing .. give them a call, they may have good advice for you and how to help her .. if she does open up to you, just listen and tell her your there .. you can't make it better, but you can hold her hand through this ... kids are amazing, and if you can be gently honest when she asks a question, she may well let you in ...

It must be so so hard for you , loosing a mum and trying to help your daughter ... sending you a vertual hug...   Chrissie xx