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10 Aug 2018 10:56

Hi all

I am 36 and just been diagnosed with complex endometrial Hyperplasia with Atypia . I do not have children . I am just reaching out for support and to support others . Is there anybody who has had sucess with progesterone therapy and avoided hysterectomy .?

Has any body had sucess with reiki , acupuncture and diet change to cure this along with medical management . I know Louise hay has an amazing book on his she healed herself from cancer 

Thanks Tammy x 


11 Aug 2018 17:18 in response to Tammylea

Hello Tammy, I had the same initial diagnosis as you in February this year. As I'm 58 total hysterectomy was advised, and took place the following week.

Not wanting to scare you, the post op report showed grade 1 endometrial cancer. Everything sorted by the op. Something to remember is they don't biopsy the entire womb lining so sometimes cancer can be present alongside the hyperplasia.

That said, here are a few things I picked up from the consultant. Some docs say hyperplasia "just happens" in some cases, which is what my consultant believes, He did say being overweight might raise the risk, something to do with the balance of hormones. He said out of 100 ladies with the condition 40 will go on to develop cancer within 20 years. ( A nurse practitioner at pre-op assessment said she thought that figure was exaggerated. I tend to trust the clinical lead consultant.)

He said to be careful taking health food supplements such as plant extracts, some contain plant hormones which can interfere with your own system.

I did read about therapy with the coil which worked for some ladies, sorry I don't know the stats.

Reiki....I would love to believe this is a good idea, it sounds great. I haven't tried it myself, because two (unconnected) friends and one family member took reiki courses and became qualified to practice. This will sound bad, they are nice people, but not ones I would trust with my health. 

I had a fab reflexology session recently to help with relaxation. Reflexology is meant to be helpful for fertility issues, so maybe it could be useful to you if it balances hormones. 

Hope everything works out for you. Fingers crossed.

regards, gamechanger