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17 Jun 2022 13:13 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Got back from my holiday in the early hours of yesterday having had a wonderful time. Good food, amazing scenery and lovely company in the other people booked on the trip and staying both at my hotel and others in the area.  Camera and I were kept very busy and I am slowly sorting them out and getting them on my FB page.  Weather was fantastic with temperatures from the late 20s into mid 30s.  I walked miles every day and enjoyed the great excursions.  It may have been postponed three times but at the 4th attempt was well worth the wait.

Glad you enjoyed your boat trip along the Lancaster Canal which sounded very nice indeed.  I too watched the Jubilee pageant more or less from beginning to end and yes spotted our gym owner dancing along the Mall (took a picture of the TV to show her too!!).

So my routine is now getting back to normal. Was back to Slim Club at the gym last night and then had a gym session this morning and able to book ahead for next week.  I came home mid morning and mowed the lawn before it got too hot to work in.  30degs at the moment and typing this under the shade of the tree out in the garden. All the holiday washing done yesterday and dried quickly of course with the beautiful weather I brought back with me lol.

A few plans for next week including a trip to the theatre with my friend Margaret and then I can start researching for a holiday in 2023.  Do hope you are keeping well . Best regards Jules xx



22 Jun 2022 18:52 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,so glad you enjoyed your holiday it sounded wonderful and nice weather as well where did you stay ? was it for a week ? we have had some lovely weather for a change mowed my lawn ,had to water my plants for a couple of nights,but it has forecast rain for the weekend will have to see what happens I've nothing planned up to now.i know it's hard to get back into a routine again after a holiday but it does you good to have a change and do different things it's also good to look back at photos of a lovely at my friends Thursday Friday I'm going into town  I need a few things haven't been for a few weeks I need a couple of birthday cards from the card factory they usually have a good choice so will go there first as it gets quite full .not sure what is happening at weekend I did go out last Sunday with the kids for Sunday dinner to a local pub so I might be doing my own this week.i had my lovely cat mojo put to sleep on Monday she had a growth on her jaw she has had it for a while but it was getting worse I didn't think it was fare to let her suffer any more,the house seems so empty now I've shed a few tears since .I'm sure there will be a lot more as time goes on ,I'm not getting any more animals it's awful when they leave sure I will dog sit for my son's dog now mojo has gone . have a lovely week regards Syl x


29 Jun 2022 11:24 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Already my holiday seems ages ago!  It was an 8day trip and I was staying  Nr Lenno on Lake Como.Just a beautiful area and the Italians are always so welcoming. Now have a few months to think about what I will do next year.

After a nice few days it has become a bit changeable here and today after a beautiful sunrise it turned cloudy and was raining when I went out earlier.  Now seems to be clearing up so will soon settle down to watch the tennis.  Lawn was mowed last week so will  not be doing it again just yet.  The birds and insects are still enjoying the areas I have left long but definitely a shortage of  butterflies  so far this summer.  My buddeias are begging to bloom all round the garden and my new rose had lots of buds on it when I returned from holiday so have been constantly dead heading to keep it going for as long as is possible.

Went into London for the day last week with my friend and we visited SuperBloom at the Tower of London before walking the Thames Path to nr. St Pauls so we could see the temporary sculpture exhibit 'Wild Table of Life' in Paternoster Squre.  We had lunch in Covent Garden and then went to see Life of Pi at the Wyndhams' Theatre. A fantastic production thoroughly enjoyed.and a lovely end to a very nice day out..  Nothing planned for the coming weekend but if the weather is dry will be out with my camera somewhere.  

Sorry you have had to have your beloved pet put to sleep but though hard it is the right thing to do when they are suffering. Once the children left home and my son took his pet reptile with him  we never had another pet as did not want the tie/expense.  The wild visitors to my garden are a lot easier to care for lol.

Hope you have a good weekend however you spend  your time.  Take care. Best regards  Jules x



30 Jun 2022 21:01 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, have heard lake Como is very nice I know it does seem after a couple of weeks that you never went away I feel the same when I go away sound as if you have had a busy time since you came back off holiday visiting the tower of London never heard of some of the places you went to ,the weather here has been changeable rain sun winds ,at the moment it is quite nice but it has forecast rain for the weekend,my son is away Monday to the lake District he his only going for a couple of nights with his dog lol he his going in a dog friendly hotel I'm sure he will find some nice walks they can do together. don't think I'm going anywhere up to now unless something crops up ,my daughter has a few days lined up next month July but her main holiday is September when they go to nice.i have a buddlia in my garden but it's not doing very well at the moment  I have a lot of flowers in my garden that attract butterfly's and bees but I haven't had many butterfly's up to now which is a shame I think a lot of species' are dying out I think a lot of it is man made  sad when you think about it .I'm at my community centre Monday for our game of bingo and raffle,not having sandwiches were having jacket potatoes with various fillings should be nice for a change .not sure what is happening at the weekend did my own dinner last week so might be going out Sunday (fingers crossed ) I'm still missing my mojo the house seems quite now I know she was only a cat but I miss her meowing every morning when I opened my kitchen blinds she would be sat on the fence waiting to come in I can't help looking at the fence when I open the blinds I've always loved animals some times I think there more of a comfort than humans, Have a lovely week  regards Syl x


6 Jul 2022 07:26 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Hope your week has been good.  Weather here has been lovely so been doing a bit of gardening and keeping the few pots I have watered.  The new wild area at the end of the garden has really come to life and the new rose had lots of blooms but all finished now (unless it has a second flowering!).  Bird feeders are busy with fledglings and I had a surprise visitor, a juvenile Great Crested Woodpecker on the nut feeder.  Just about managed a couple of photos before it flew away. Pets are always missed as form a huge part of our lives.  We had a cat for nearly 13 years and though never a lap cat (accept when I was expecting my children) you definitely miss the company.

No definite plans coming up but when  my friend gets back from visiting her Dad for his birthday we will decide on where to go for our next outing.  I do have a coach trip (for the day) booked for middle of the month to Bristol Harbour Festival so looking forward to a day out sightseeing.

It is just coming up to 7.30 am so am now off out for a morning walk.  Take care and hope your son enjoyed his trip to the Lake District; a beautiful walking area which I would love to return to sometime. Best regards Jules x


7 Jul 2022 20:58 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,glad you have had some nice weather so you could get out in the garden ,the weather here has been mixed we have had a bit of rain  but it's been very dull not much. Sun at all it has forecast a sunny weekend so will see if it son enjoyed his few days away with is dog had some lovely walks he has took some lovely photos of the scenery and of course Mabel his dog is in all of them lol . he's off work tomorrow Friday he wants to go to a garden centre in Northwich so I'm going as well will pass a few hours away I've never been so it will be nice to go to a different one .it's nice to go out for the day on a coach what is the Bristol harbour festival ? I haven't got anything planned this year I might be going Chester zoo Monday as my daughter and her partner are off now for 2week he has had a bad back for a few days so it depends how he is , while there off they have booked a few days away here and there. went to the community centre Monday for our game of bingo raffle and some thing to eat, unfortunately the lady who does it has found a new job so no one else wants to do it so it was our last one so sad I've lost my friendship group  now my monthly bingo with my friends ,it's staying open till Christmas then it closes for good if they can't get funding for the jobs that need doing including roof repairs Which aren't going to a carnival Saturday it's on our local park they have a fair and stalls selling all-sorts a dog show it supports the local community it's the first one since the pandemic so it will be nice to go and and have a wonder around they have floats as well with kids from different schools taking part I'm sure there will be a lot of people there.have a lovely week regards Syl x


13 Jul 2022 06:38 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope you enjoyed the garden centre visit with your son last Friday. I always enjoy an amble round a different one and somehow always manage to come home with something!!  With the current very warm weather down here time in the garden has been mainly very early morning and evening time as I do  not get much shade until late afternoon.  Last couple of days we have hit 30degs so my walks are taking place between 7-9am and the wildflowers are beautiful in our various parks (Council increasing the areas year on year which is fabulous for the bees though still not seeing as many butterflies this year). I have never been to the Harbour Festival in Bristol but it is a celebration of the area's arts including music/theatre/circus which is mainly set in the harbour area. The website has given me an idea what to expect but, of course, when I booked it I did not know  there would be an extreme weather warning for such high temperatures.  Luckily the coach will have air con and I do not suffer with the heat too badly!!  Coach pick up is only 15mins walk away.  I will hopefully get some nice pictures of a different area for a change. 

Did you get to Chester Zoo?  I loved my visit there a few years ago when we took the eldest two grandchildren (adults were like big kids too!!).  Shame you are losing your social club meetings due to lack of staff and funding.  Hope you can find things to do/meet with friends instead.

I am meeting a friend for a chat/cuppa today. It is her birthday over the weekend and will take her gift with me.  Will catch the tube and then we will walk to the lovely cafe at the Battle of Britain 'Bunker' which is just 10mins walk from her.  We have done the museum a few times but you can go to the cafe anytime without having to visit the exhibition. Apart from my coach trip no other plans for the weekend but looking forward to a haircut on Monday.  Take care of yourself Best regards. Jules x



16 Jul 2022 09:38 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,hope you enjoyed your trip to the harbour museum in Bristol and your catch up with your friend unfortunately we didn't get to Chester zoo as we thought it might be to hot and there isn't many places to shelter as it's mainly open ,we will get there eventually.went to the community centre Thursday just for a bite to eat we were told some company has bought the car park so in a couple of weeks time we are going to have to pay to park which I don't think is very fair especially when it's a charity centre .it's very hot here at the moment with the hottest days being Monday and Tuesday this country is never prepared for snow or the hot weather don't know what would happen if this was the norm like you I haven't seen many butterfly's this year and most of my flowers are for bees and butterflies,I did here on the news there doing a survey to ask people to count how many butterfly's they see in a certain time , haven't heard anything else so will have to keep my eyes open to see if it comes on again my daughter is away for a few days this week there going Cornwall in a lodge for a nice break before they go back work on Monday,my sister's partner is coming mine Monday to give me a quote to paint my living room and dining room it hasn't been done since hubby died it's desperate for a good painting . don't think I've got any plans for the weekend keep out of the sun  stay safe regards Syl x


19 Jul 2022 10:17 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Not sure of you are in the area of the current heatwave; I hope not!!  It has been impossible to do much in the last couple of days. The coach trip to Bristol was cancelled the day before due to lack of numbers and I am sure people did not fancy it in the hot weather (even before the heatwave hit us).  However full refund given.  In the event it was just as well as on Thursday early  morning I got a call from my son in law to let me know my daughter was not at all well.  She suffers with the heat due to an underlying condition and on top of that had a tummy bug and my youngest grandson was home with tonsillitis.  I packed immediately and was in Milton Keynes by lunchtime (I need to catch tube, bus and train to get there lol).  Was able to come home on Sunday before rail chaos hit though my daughter is still suffering with the heat (fainting episodes and nausea) and is under her GP and on medication  Has blood tests this morning and a scan date to be confirmed.  I will go back up if necessary but the kids break up from school tomorrow and so she will have someone there to keep an eye.  Thankfully my son in law only works 10mins from home so can get back if needs be .  A bit of a worry though as she has never been this bad before and is struggling with the anxiety it is causing too.

I am managing to keep cool with alternating which windows to have open depending on position of the sun and have just come in from the front garrden as it is in the shade.  Front windows also cleaned.  It is now 33degs and rising so the rest of the day will be inside until there is a shady spot  out the back (late afternoon/early evening).  I have already got three washloads dry and deadheaded the buddleia (all before 9.30!!)

Shame but sensible about Chester Zoo and many of our local attractions and some of our schools are closed due to our Red weather alert.  My gym has also been closed since Sunday but hoping to re-open tomorrow so will book sessions in again once that happens.  All other plans have been cancelled though we have a family celebration on Saturday for my youngest grandson who turns 4 (Sunday). However if my daughter needs me that will take priority.

Hope you are managing ok and sending best regards.  Jules xx.



23 Jul 2022 18:57 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,sorry your daughter isn't well at the moment it's a worry when there not well especially if the heat caused problems ,it's cooled down here now we had to days of really hot weather very humid as well sorry all your activities were cancelled ,it's so typical of the UK were not prepared for anything unusual  .my dementia group was cancelled last week not because of the weather the lady that usually runs it was off and the other lady that takes over couldn't do it either so it was cancelled,went to the community centre as usual with my friends were not sure when it closes we think it will be before Christmas we won't have any where to go then shame as we enjoy the meals and the company of the others that go as daughter and her partner enjoyed there few days away to Cornwall stayed at a lovely lodge but the weather wasn't as good had a few hours of rain and thunder storms as well , there both back in work sister's partner is coming mine Monday he his going to paint my living and dining room as it's all one hasn't been done since hubby died it's desperate for a new **** of paint my son is coming Sunday to move my furniture and put my TV up stairs ,he his coming with a friend so he said it will only take a couple of days with both of them doing it I haven't picked a colour yet for my main wall as I can't make my mind up will have to tell him Sunday so he can get the paint Monday morning .my friend goes away Sunday the one that I usually go with she is going to bogna Regis it has forecast a nice week I'm glad she didn't ask me as we went there before the pandemic.think I'm out Sunday for my dinner my daughter said seeing how it's her last day off before she goes back work we will go out have a lovely week regards Syl x


28 Jul 2022 12:08 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Hope you are doing ok. A reasonably quiet week apart from a few walks with  my camera.  Best friend has Covid and isolating in her bedroom as had just picked up her elderly Dad from Wales to spend a few weeks with them.  Not the best of starts (though he had Covid last year but at 96 she will do all she can to avoid him getting it again!!). 

It will be a shame when your Community Club closes.  Perhaps you can have a few get-togethers at a local cafe/pub for those who would like an informal catch up.  Thereare a couple of dining clubs in my area but I am not in  need of them just yet lol. Have been online and sussed out a few more walking routes both local to me and in London so plans for future days out.

Hope the decorating is going well and will be lovely to have it all fresh looking.  What colour did you choose in the end?  Hope  you had a lovely time with your daughter for Sunday Dinner and found somewhere nice to eat.

I saw my Son and two grandchildren on Tuesday. They are having to split their annual leave during the school holidays and I will probably see a bit more of them than usual when he has them as gives him a break from home.  We all had lunch here and then it was a few hours of play before they went home.  Tomorrow I go to my daughters for a bit (she is doing quite well with the GP keeping an eye on her) and not planning too much at a time.  Now it's cooler it helps.  If everything works out ok then we are going to visit my elderly aunt who lives near Newmarket on Sunday and will probably have a fight over who pays the lunch bill!!  She is very independant and has a local garden centre cafe table booked for us all. Have a good week and take care. Best regards  Jules x


28 Jul 2022 14:28 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,glad your daughter is feeling a bit better now the weather has cooled down, it's cooler here as well there on about banning hose pipes now as we could be heading for a drought the world really is in a bad place at the moment I'm not sure if it can be decorating is done now  (the kids don't like it ) said it's too orange but it's to late now I'm having my carpet and three piece cleaned this weekend , going to look for some curtains with my daughter on Saturday hopefully I can find some that go with the orange paper lol .glad you enjoyed your time with your son and grandchildren then your daughter it's nice when you find time to visit them , hope you enjoy spending time with your aunt at Newmarket (is that where horse racing takes place )?. have been to my community centre today Thursday for something to eat with my friends only three of us has my other friend is still on holiday,we are changing our day from Thursday to Tuesday has our exercise class has changed days , fortunately the other ladies can come Tuesday so we can still all get together for something to eat .I'm hoping to cut my lawn some time over the weekend was going to do it today but we have had some rain so the grass is a bit wet hoping to go out Sunday for a bite to eat has we didn't make it last Sunday . have a lovely week regards Syl x


3 Aug 2022 12:42 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Hope you have had a good week and got out on Sunday for lunch.  Only a few spots of rain seen around here and everything very dried up.  Even out local pond has shrunk to just a puddle in the middle. Pleased you got your decorating done how you like it.  As long as you are happy with the colour then that's all that matters.  Hope you managed to find some curtains to go with the new colour scheme.

Unfortunately we did not make it to see my Aunt (yes it is near where the horse racing takes place but she lives in a tiny village with no local railway station so if I were to go by train on my own would have to get a cab from Ely!).  I travelled up to MK on Friday as there was a rain strike on the Saturday.  My daughter was not at all well and still stuffering with anxiety attacks and could not face the drive.  I stayed the four days as planned and each day she was a little better so on the last morning she drove into the main shopping area and we managed to sort out the new shoes both my grandsons will need when they return to school at the beginning of September along with trainers.  We then popped in for a bit of lunch and she dropped me back to the station mid afternoon. It really is so upsetting for her as she does not, as yet, understand why this has suddenly hit her so hard.  Through our chats we identified a couple of triggers and hopefully she will, in time, once again learn to manage these with the GP's help and perhaps counselling if that becomes necessary. For now it is one day at a time and at least all her blood tests came back as satisfactory.  She has a scan appointment to attend I think in September so hopefully that rules out anything sinister.  A worry but then that's what Mum's do! She can just take one day at a time but the hot weather is not helping either.  She, the boys and dog are due to have their Summer break with me from next Monday for a few days so we will see if she can manage that visit.  We will have to re-arrange the trip to my aunt but she is very understanding and hoping to do this when my son in law is free and do the driving.

My lawn is dry and pretty brown so no mowing here required at the moment as just not growing.  With no rain in the forecast for the coming days it was no mow July and maybe no mow August too!!

Just back from my morning walk and it is now heading towards lunch so will go and get that sorted and then enjoy an afternoon watching the Commonwealth Games.  Take care of yourself and hope the coming week goes well for you.  Best regards  Jules xx


5 Aug 2022 15:02 in response to jules54

Hi Jules , sorry you didn't catch up with your aunt sometimes things happen that we can't control ,we have had some rain this week not enough really but at least the garden has had a bit of a soaki think we will have a hose pipe ban some time soon I do know some reservoirs round here are quite low . sorry your daughter is still not well with anxiety from what I know it's very hard to get to the bottom of some thing like that ,let's hope the doctor can get to the bottom of it I know antidepressants can help keeping busy can also play a part as well .I managed to get some curtains have taken them to my local market to have them taken up as they are too long , don't pick them up till next week my son will have to put them up for me over the weekend.i haven't done much this week not been to any of my activities as I have had a cough been sneezing but it hasn't come out has a cold feel a bit better today I'm glad as I am going to the community centre tomorrow Saturday there is a fun day on it's usually a good afternoon with music and food,then later on I'm going to my sons to dog sit it's his birthday Wednesday but a few of them are going to Manchester for something to eat don't think he will be to late back will have to see what happens . that's my Saturday taken up not sure what is happening at the weekend it has forecast nice weather don't think I'm doing anything though and sunshine next week as well more droughts lol have a lovely week regards Syl x


8 Aug 2022 09:18 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Replying now so I do not forget!!  Daugther, two grandchildren and the dog arriving this morning. Supermarket shop done at 7 am and had already had breakfast in the garden by then!  Just spent an hour outside deadheading the buddleia; the flowers are just not lasting long at all with the prolonged dry spell and at least another 10days with no rain forecast down here. I think we will be spending a lot of time indoors as temperatures on the rise into the low 30s again this week.  Oh well at least no cooking to do as  I am on holiday too lol.  Air con restaurants and cafes will be our haunts for main meals till they go home on Friday.  Gives me a real break too.

My friend who had Covid finally tested negative after 11 days and hopes to be less tired in a week or so which will mean we can catch up on a day out somewhere.  I sent her flowers as she was fed up being cooped up indoors, confined to one room to protect her 96yr old Dad and her immune deficient husband (cancer in remission but not wanting to take any chances).

Hope you have a good week and have caught up with your children at some point.  Take care, best regards.  Jules x