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20 Apr 2022 15:15 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

So another week has flashed by and I do like to keep as busy as possible when the weather allows me to be out and about.  Not a fan of being indoors staring at four walls lol.    Weather here has been great for the most part during the week just gone.  On the 12th I met up with a group of friends and we visited the British Wildlife Centre again and went for a pub lunch afterwards which was very nice indeed.  Theatre trip on the 14th again very good and afterwards I made it back in time to go to the gym's slim club (need to try harder lol).  Easter weekend was mainly local walks and the gym as usual.  On Easter Sunday my son and two grandchildren took me out to lunch (my daughter in law was away on a Hen weekend) and then we had a lovely afternoon at Bekonscot Model Village in Beaconsfield (I first went there when I was 7yrs old and now my children and all the grandchildren have also visited.  No Easter Eggs for me (by request)  but treated myself to a lovely large ice cream. On Easter Monday after the gym session I helped deliver nearly 400 leaflets along with staff and another member to help spread the word in a different area.  Today was the gym's 12th Birthday so after my walk I dropped in to take some photos and help them celebrate before coming back home for a beautiful afternoon in a sunny garden and feeding a pair of robins.

Hope your were able to see the doctor as planned  on Thursday and sort out your ear problem..  Such a shame about your Friendship Group and do hope you have a lovely meal on the 24th and hopefully some catch ups in the future.  Also hope the Dementia Group party went well.  Take care and hope your week goes smoothly. Best regards,  Jules x


20 Apr 2022 15:18 in response to Syl

Hi Syl, I am so so sorry for your loss ❤️ How are you and your children now? It still can't be easy, I know how hard it can be losing someone so close to you.

I hope you're doing well and are having a lovely day ^-^ sun is out here at the moment. Hope it's lovely where you are as well.

Take care, sending you big hugs,

Love Jess xx


22 Apr 2022 18:56 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,hope you had a nice Easter I had a quiet one just went for out on Easter Sunday with my daughter the weather was lovely so managed to do my lawns it's been quite dry here even watered my gardens as it very dry at the moment it hasn't forecast rain here now till next week . hope you enjoyed meeting up with your friends and enjoyed your day out it's nice to meet up with friends , hope you enjoyed your theatre trip and your trip to the gym I don't know how you manage to fit it all in lol . I saw the doctor he told me to make a appointment to have my ear syringed which I did ,but it hasn't made any difference as it is still cracking, I'm putting up with it for at a memorial service on Sunday for one of the ladies that died from COVID from the friendship  group her husband has organised it will be sad she was lovely and she did all the organising with the other lady that died ,then on the Monday we are going for a meal we have bought her husband a bottle of whiskey and a card as he dealt with all the monies for our trips out  and teas and coffees we had when we had our meetings I'm sure we will meet up again  sometimes for a meal I will miss it though. my dementia party went well all the volunteers went early to get everything ready we had someone come in to play music ,and we had a raffle we made it so all the dementia people got a prize  bill who runs the group has retired so we bought him a present and card ,one of the ladies has taken over now she is only young so she might do things differently will have to see what happens .I'm dog sitting on Sunday as the kids are going to Manchester to see a comedian don't think they will be back till late I'm only stopping till about nine she should be ok then till my son gets home have a lovely week regards Syl x


4 May 2022 18:44 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Goodness not sure where the time is going at the moment.  Have been busy out and about and honestly thought I had replied to this mail. So sorry.  

Raining here at the moment and the first time in ages so the ground/garden really needed it. I bought some plants last weekend so got them in this morning so will now get a second watering which hopefully will settle them in nicely.  

I went to Hastings last Friday to meet a group of friends and really enjoyed our fish and chip lunch followed by a lovely walk along the beach in the afternoon.  Got the train back to Victoria and then the underground home (a fourteen hour day out but good fun).  On Saturday I was over at my son and family for most of the day and then he ran me home.  Daughter and family were due down for Sunday/Monday but unfortunately she picked up a tummy bug so they had to cancel.  Instead I went to the gym on Sunday and then spent Monday doing a 9 mile walk around local lakes/river and canal.  Great wander with the camera and grabbed a mid-day cuppa at the Lock cafe.  

Yesterday met friends and we went to the cinema (Saw Duke with Helen Mirren/Jim Broadbent and it was very good)..  Several films we want to see so will  keep an eye on the Senior Cinema showings as only £3.50 which included cuppa and a biscuit.  Well worth it!

No plans yet for this weekend but the weather looks good so maybe some time in the garden with a good book.  Foxes are still visiting at night but no sign of this year's cubs yet.

Hope you are keeping okay and still taking George out.  Take care and best regards. Jules x


5 May 2022 14:43 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, I was wondering where you had got to lol sound as if you had a lovely day out in Hastings think I have been there but it was a long time ago ,sorry your daughter had to cancel her trip to see you it can't be helped if she wasn't well .bet it was lovely walking along the canal and lakes it does you good to get out in the fresh air  I didn't go out all over Easter had a argument with my daughter I was glad to go my dementia group just to get out of the house for a couple of hours .been to a garden centre today Thursday with my friend had a nice walk round we didn't buy anything but we had a coffee in the cafe before we headed back home.the weather quite nice today had George out this morning he hasn't been at home much this week as his owners have been away so he has been staying at Emma's  mums there back today so everything back to normal from today ,my son is away on Sunday him and afriend are going to Scotland for the week there traveling about so there not staying in one place it will be a nice break for  them, it has forecast rain for tomorrow then it's supposed to be nice for a couple of days are there any parties near you for the queen's  platinum next month ? thought we might have had one as there is only 30 houses in the Cresent but nothing happening miserable lot lol .glad your foxes are still coming in your garden, I'm still feeding the hedgehog I'm hoping it is the hedgehog that is eating the food and not anything else I have seen the magpies eating the left overs in a morning .hope you have a lovely week regards Syl x


11 May 2022 19:03 in response to Syl

Hi Syl, 

Oh dear how sad that you had a disagreement with your daughter. Do hope it is all sorted out now as they are good as best friends.  I do love catching up with the children when time allows.  I have re-scheduled with my daughter for a couple of weeks time so will do an overnight with the family before getting the train back so that I can go to my son's on the Sunday as we celebrate my grand-daughter's 6th birthday (a week early as they are at a wedding on her actual birthday).

Usual walks for me last weekend and so far every day this week.  We had a beautiful day on Monday so myself and a good friend (who I used to work with) set off at 10.30 and I finally got home around 4pm. She had a map and so after we had visited the planned area we then walked on further and also went to an Arts Centre to view a photography exhibition.  On Tuesday we met up again in the afternoon to go to the cinema and saw House of Gucci.  Today I walked alone with the camera and most completed before finally we had some rain.  So much needed for the garden. Then out of the blue had a phone call from a friend who wanted to visit for a catch up so had company for four hours this afternoon.  Gym is shut tomorrow for staff training so am meeting another friend for a walk instead. No plans yet for the weekend but lots of parks round here I can walk in if  nothing else transpires.

Hope you have had a good week.  Take care.  Jules x


12 May 2022 19:22 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,I'm talking to my daughter again we went marks last Saturday after shopping we had a coffee in the cafe before she dropped me off  home .sound as if you had a busy week again catching up with family and friends you must be super fit with àll the walking you do ,the only walking I do is taking George out and walking round the shops, I know they are doing the pool up where I used to go swimming aerobics don't think it will be long now before it opens so I'm hoping to go back but I'm not sure if they have a instructor as carol who used to  do it retired will have to see what happens when it opens going into town tomorrow Saturday as I need batteries for my hearing aids might have a walk round while I'm  in town and call in Costa for my coffee  and cake lol ,my son and his friend are in Scotland this week they are going to different places sounds as if there having a lovely time been to some nice places but the weather hasn't been to good  he is back Sunday my daughter has been working from home so she could have his dog for the week,not sure what I'm doing at the weekend but it has forecast a nice weekend it's been very changeable this month here but we had all that nice weather in April  went to the community centre Monday for a hotpot bingo and raffle I won a small bottle of wine with a glass and some chocolate will enjoy them at the weekend ,we go again next month it's something to look forward to . have a lovely week regards Syl x


18 May 2022 13:16 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Glad that you are on better terms with your daughter again and enjoyed some time out shopping together.

Managed the gym sessions every other day in the past week as able to get in early (9a.m.) before I get on with my day. Visited the local Farmers/Artisan Market on Sunday morning and have been spending time in the garden now the weather is warm. On Monday I met a friend and we walked locally for a couple of hours, stopped for a coffee and then popped into a garden centre before we went our separate ways and I headed home for lunch.  Yesterday I visited friends (husband is quite poorly and limited mobility now) who I had not been to see since last September and we had a lovely day together including lunch at their local garden centre restaurant.   A bit of a lazy day today apart fro the gym and a trip to the shops.   Now sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine whilst I eat lunch.

Slim club tomorrow evening and then visiting family over the weekend before looking foward to seeing Chelsea in Bloom  and the Chelsea Flower Show next week.  Still waiting to hear if my Italian break will go ahead but apparently final decisions made 7 days before departune so a while to go yet.  My daughter  and family are waiting to see if they get their new passport through before booking their first foreign hols for 6 years.

Hope all is going well with you.  Best regards.  Jules xx


19 May 2022 22:32 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,glad your still going the gym,and your trip to the local farmers market it's a long time since I went to a farmer's market ,glad you enjoyed a few hours out with your friend even though your friends husband  is poorly ,I bet it made him happy having a day out and taking his mind off his illness,I have been to the community centre for something to eat with my friends we heard some sad news while we we were there it's closing  in November apparently it needs a new roof and the council can't afford to pay for it every one is shocked as it's very popular people go in for something to eat  and meet friends and it's only just started doing bingo with food  once a month were hoping that someone will come up with something so it doesn't close . are you going to the flower show ?or watching it on TV I enjoy watching it and seeing all the lovely flowers and plants think it's on all next week there's a new garden program on ch5 on a Thursday with carol Klein (don't think that's the right spelling)lol I enjoy watching that ,I'm sure you're holiday will go ahead you don't hear much now of the COVID virus even though it's still around don't think I'm going anywhere this year me and my friends are going on a boat trip next month think it's on the river Mersey were having hotpot on the boat as well looking forward to it just hope the weather is ok will tell you more about it when I've been .not sure what I'm doing at the weekend think I'm going to marks Saturday with my daughter if the weather is ok my son is hoping to do some of his garden as he's put some new grass down not sure what the weather is for the weekend . have a lovely week regards Syl x


25 May 2022 12:32 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

How disappointing that the Community Centre has to close due to safety issues. Councils' should be supporting community projects and I do hope an alternative venue can be found. IT is such an important hub for social get togethers.

I spent the last weekend with family dividing my time between my daughter and son. A little pre birthday tea for my grandaughter (they are away on her birthday) all out in the garden sunshine on Sunday.. A quiet day on Monday and then yesterday a friend and I went and walked the 'Chelsea in Bloom' route around the streets of Belgravia/Chelsea. It was wonderful and we had a break for lunch at a lovely restaurant on the King's Road. It was a full day out so we met my friend's husband back at a local pub for a light meal/drink before going our separate ways.  I am going with the same friend to the Chelsea Flower Show on Friday so really looking forward to that though I am also watching it on the TV.

I have now had confirmation that my June holiday is going ahead. However the airport/flights have changed so have spent today re-organising my travel as will  now be going to Stansted instead of Luton.. A bit panicky to begin with but now all arranged and not long to wait for final documents to drop into my inbox.

Hope all is well with you and that you have a good week ahead.  Best regards, Jules x



27 May 2022 11:50 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,just come in after taking George out it's nice and sunny but it's very windy don't think the weather has been good for may let's hope it's better next month are you doing anything for the queen's platinum weekend ? nothing  going on round me as far has I know , we had a lovely day when it was her silver jubilee in the Cresent we had games for the kids and grown ups food a disco it was reall nice and everyone chipped in this year nothing how things have changed .hope you had a nice weekend with your family and you enjoyed the party for your granddaughter.must have been nice walking the Chelsea in bloom route I'm not sure what that is lol I have been watching some of the flower show  some lovely  gardens and flowers to see it must be lovely to see them  at the actual  show, isaw the queen arrive in her buggy I thought she looked really glad your holiday is sorted and the paper work  all ready ,is it Italy your going ? I'm not sure what I'm doing don't think I'm going anywhere this year I'm still looking forward to the boat trip next month will have to have a look to see if there's any more trips going  next time I Go to my dementia group I'm not there next week as there wasn't many going so Jane who runs it decided to cancel till the week after .I might go into  town tomorrow it has forecast a dry weekend no doubt I will go into Costa for coffee and cake lol forgot to tell you my exercise class isn't on this Tuesday were having a cream tea instead to mark the queen's platinum we have got hats in red white and blue I've got some earrings as well  and some garlands to go round my neck , should be a good afternoon I'm looking forward to it  have to lovely  week regards Syl x


1 Jun 2022 16:10 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Not exactly flaming June yet but I managed a dry walk at the local nature reserve for a few hours this morning.   Frustratingly website for Airline check in for my holiday (having now got e mail with  final travel documents) keeps crashing but I have a few days to get it sorted(really do not need this added stress and hate having to do everything online).  If I cannot get it sorted soon will be back on the customer help line for tour company. Holiday is to Lake Como, Italy with various other excursions whilst there including a trip by the scenic Bernina Express train to Switzerland. Will see how it goes and then think about an Autumn break away.

Several things to go to for the Jubilee weekend.  Friday is a bring and buy cake sale and party at the gym to raise money for charity. Saturday local House and Gardens are having a Jubilee picnic so will go along and on Sunday our road is having a Street Party.  Tomorrow night there is a nearby beacon being lit but I am not going along.

Hope you had a lovely time at the cream tea celebration. I also have a red/white&blue outfit for the party at the gym and we have been decorating the local high street with plenty of bunting and large flags so hope everyone enjoys themselves.

Will try and drop a line before I go away if not to hectic.  Take care and hope you have a lovely week.

Best regards Jules x




4 Jun 2022 14:20 in response to jules54

H Jules , hope you're holiday is sorted now by the look of it on the news it look s awful for people going  abroad ,I'm glad I'm not going on a plane I have heard of a few people who have had there flights cancelled at the last minute must be so frustrating especially if you're already at the airport. June hasn't come in flaming here as well and we keep getting the wind as well I went in my neibours yesterday Friday we had a buffet with her daughter her husband and there young children which was nice , nobody else in the Cresent did anything ( miserable ******'s) lol at least the weather picked up in the afternoon not sure how many had street parties in the area I'm sure the local paper will let us know next week . hope you enjoy your street party and the weather is kind it's nice to get out with neibours and have fun especially if the kids join in .I had a lovely time at the community centre sandwiches cakes we had a raffle there was a man singing with a guitar lovely voice and we even had a at the community centre Monday for our usual bingo and raffle ,were having Shepard's pie this week for a change , Thursday is our boat trip ( hope the weather is nice ) looking forward to it ,then everything back to norma hope you have a lovely holiday regards Syl x


7 Jun 2022 15:32 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

A quick note before I go to Italy.  Everything finally sorted out (I hope it takes off now!!) and with the help of friends with a printer, check in was achieved and boarding passes sorted.    Will be good to finally have a break that has  been  booked/rebooked so many times.  Will still require masks on transport but that definitely not a problem.  Negative test (for my peace of mind as not a requirement now) this afternoon so just packing to do and then will be all set.

With the weather not being very helpful our Street Party was not as good as it could have been so made a brief visit and then enjoyed all the coverage on the TV along with friends online.  The owner of our gym was in the Pageant on Sunday so was fun looking out for her as they danced along the Mall.  We had a party at our gym on the Friday with a cake sale which raised a good amount (in excess of £700 at the last count) for charity and a lovely social get together plus I reached my target weight before my hols so got a certificate presented as well.  That lifted my spirits.

Hope the boat trip is really enjoyable. Weather forecast here is looking good for end of the week so hope it will be good for you too.  Will chat again upon my return. Take care.  Best regards. Jules xx



11 Jun 2022 14:35 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, hope you made it and your having a lovely holiday at last the boat trip was lovely it was on the Lancaster canal we stopped at a garden centre first before we got on the barge it was only a 5 minute walk to the canal so we had a coffee and a walk round  before we got on the barge we did run into rain but we were inside so it didn't matter ,we had a lovely hotpot on the boat as well it was a really nice day ,I watched the padgent on TV really enjoyed it sorry your street party didn't go as planned we can't rely on the weather in this country unfortunately . hope you spotted your friend in the mall out of all the thousands that were in it lol ,a good amount of money you made for charity at your gym I'm sure the charity will be pleased at the amount you made . the weekend weather forecast is good but at the moment it's dry but it's quite windy had George out Sunday think I'm doing my own dinner as I might be going out next Sunday with my daughter as it's father's Day hope you had a lovely holiday regards Syl x