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Re: Sylvia

28 Dec 2017 14:33 in response to jules54

Hi J Jules ,had a nice christmas with my daughter  and her partner the dinner was lovely  glad she takes after my mother in law and not me for cooking I'm not that good at cooking.we met up with my son for boxing day there was 8 of us all together which was nice.have been out this morning to do a bit of shopping it has been snowing here during the night the roads were quite bad don't think they gritted the roads ,I'm in for the day now ,just lazing about and watching TV. I know it's a sad time of year for  a lot of people who have lost loved ones I had a cry yesterday as it was hubbies birthday I kept wondering what we would have done if he had been here.I'm at my daughter's again tomorrow she is doing a buffet am looking forward  to that,New year's eve will but a little buffet up for my self have a few drinks and watch the  telly till midnight then off to bed I prefer to be on my own even though the kids and my sister would like me to be with them  I like being on my own  I can reminisce about  things  and remember the good times. just going to put the kettle on to make a coffee have a good new years eve hope you and  your family have a good and peaceful new  year  regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

31 Dec 2017 08:27 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Pleased you enjoyed your Christmas.  I too had a nice time with the family and lots of fun playing board games with my grandsons.  Was the first time my sister in law had joined us for the festivities since hubby died so a milestone for her too.  My son bought me home Boxing night as I had work the next day and am slowing getting back to normal routine.  Back to the gym yesterday and will go again this morning before popping into town as my electric kettle packed up last night and no fun heating the water on the hob every time I fancy a cuppa!

It's pouring with rain here just now so doubt I will go for a long walk and really am missing them. No snow for us over the Christmas and has now warmed up quite a bit so only need fire on low for a couple of hours.One minute it's layers on and then off again; wish it would make it's mind up what season we are in ha ha.

Usual quiet New Year and like you will spend it watching the tv or a film.  I am very often up until midnight anyway so no change there! Probably visit Mum New Year'sDay if no change.  There has been a lot of colds and sickness bugs around at work so have kept my distance as do not want to carry anything into the vulnerable residents.

Wishing you a peaceful New Year and 2018.  Take care. Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

4 Jan 2018 10:34 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, glad you had a nice Xmas and new year ,I also had  a nice Xmas with the family ,I saw new year in on my own which is what I wanted I had a little buffet a couple of drinks. I finished off with  a Irish coffee me and hubby  bought them every year there very Moorish went to bed  after watching the fireworks in London on the T V . I'm glad everything back to normal now , I wonder what 2018 will bring maybe it's best  we don't know.went my exercise class Tuesday there was only 10 of us there normally there is 20 or30 think everyone must still getting over the festive season ,I didn't even go to my swimming aerobics class on the Tuesday night it was raining  and I couldn't. be bothered getting ready. the weather here has been awful as well nothing but rain  sometimes it doesn't even get  light properly puts years on you ,let's hope it changes in a couple of week.have a nice weekend  I haven't anything planned  as far as I know regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

7 Jan 2018 17:15 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

I have just returned from a weekend with my daughter and family.  A spot of child minding on Friday evening so they could have a meal out in peace.  Then on Saturday all day mum/daughter shopping trip which was lovely.  This morning we all stood on the sidelines as my eldest grandson had rugby training......plenty of clothing layers required as was freezing.  Great to see him getting into sport and we had a quick cafe lunch before they dropped me at the station for trip home.  Am now comfy by the fire ready for an evening of relaxing tv.Hope you had a pleasant weekend and hope the weather is kinder to  you this coming week. Take care.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

11 Jan 2018 13:42 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, glad you had a nice weekend with your daughter and grandchildren and you had a  nice shopping trip as well ,the weather here has not been to bad have managed to take George out  every day this week,started my swimming aerobics today not managed to start my Tuesday night one yet, I get watching the T V and I don't feel like moving maybe will start again when the weather warms up a bit. my friendship group starts  again on Monday it seems ages since I was there,it's something to look forward to again,  I think I'm getting a cold I've been sneezing all morning I have bought some  paracetamol tablets  and lozenges for my throat hope I can shake it off  before Monday.have a nice weekend regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

12 Jan 2018 14:10 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

It takes a while to get back into routine after the festive break but am more or less back on track now as have returned to my walking and gym sessions. Glad you and George have benefitted from dryer days.  Think the dark evenings put me off doing much once I am indoors.Roll on Spring and then I can spend more time in the garden.  Mind you I already have daffs in bud!!

Not much planned for this weekend as the electrician is supposed to be popping in tomorrow morning as am hoping to get the first floor re-wiring arranged.   I am meeting a friend for a curry night on Sunday so looking foward to that.

Have a peaceful weekend. Jules

Re: Sylvia

17 Jan 2018 15:53 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, haven't done much my self this week I ended up with a heavy cold dosed my self up with cold remedies and cough  sweets, managed to go swimming which was ok ,also went my exercise class but my heart wasn't in it.feel a lot better now just in time for my first friendship group on Monday, we had a auction of our unwanted Xmas presents we made 20 pound for the kitty. the weather is still cold at the moment and we have had quite a bit of rain as well. roll on spring  at least the night's are coming a bit lighter now, hope you enjoy your curry,I don't mind a nice curry as long as it's not to hot .I'm at the cream tomorrow with my sister as it's my dad's birthday  so will put flowers  in his plot  then we will go for a coffee in the pub near by. haven't got anything planned for the weekend have a nice weekend regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

19 Jan 2018 19:53 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Do hope the recovery from your nasty cold was quick.  Always think the cough is worse especially at night. You did well to still go swimming and to enjoy your first friendship group.  What  a lovely idea to re-cycle any unwanted gifts and make a little money too.

I really did enjoy my curry (medium spicy) and was a lovely evening out for a change.  Quite a busy week with visit to Mum, three times at gym (they are only 30min sessions!!) plus work days.  Today as it was so nice I packed my camera and after the gym went into London for the day.  Got home around 6.45 a little foot weary (over 23,000 steps!!) but according to the weather forecast I chose the right day.  No plans for the weekend as it looks 'wet'  but will still need to do my weekly shop.

Take care of yourself.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

24 Jan 2018 11:06 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, thought I would e mail you before I go to my friends at 12 0 clock my cold has almost cleared up now I suffer with tinnitus I wear earing aids to mask it but every time I have a cold it goes worse so I can hear the buzzing even my hearing aid dosnt  mask it so it drives me mad.sounds as if your  really fit with all the gym work outs and walking your doing ,glad you enjoyed your curry night ,I like a nice curry like you I don't like it to hot.having done much this week only had George out twice this week as we have had quite a lot of rain again,went out with my daughter Sunday for dinner it was very nice,she has fallen out with her partner ,I don't think they will stay together as there always falling out they were supposed to be going LAS Vegas for her 40th birthday in March I'm not sure if that will happen now. just going to make a sandwich before I go to my friends  have a nice weekend regards syl x

Re: Sylvia

27 Jan 2018 13:09 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Glad your cold is clearing up and know from my Mum's experience with tinnitus how annoying it must be when aggrevated by cold symptons.

Weather has been really up and down this past week and whilst today started dry and bright it soon clouded over. I did manage a 2mile walk to the garden centre this morning to stock up on bird food but caught the bus back as it began to rain and too windy to hold up a brolly.

I had a meal out with friends on Thursday evening which was lovely. 

My gym work is not high impact; just a 30 minute circuit at a ladies only gym and  I am lucky it is within 15mins walk.Helps keep me toned and something I only took up after hubby died to increase some social contact but I do enjoy it and apart from walking do not really do a lot of other excercise, though there is a fair amount of 'sensible' lifting when I am at work.  It helps with the arthritis if I keep active but will be much happier when the weather improves.

No real plans for the rest of the weekend other than taking part in the RSPB Big birdwatch count and going to the supermarket at some point.  Hoping to have some work done on the house in the Spring so trying to use the intervening weeks to have another 'paperwork' clearout which will lead to me being able to finally get rid of an old filing cabinet which has lived in the hall for very many years.

Hope you had a nice time with your friend.   I am now going to catch up with the final of the Austrailian Open Tennis highlights as looks as though the rain has settled in here.

Take care.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

1 Feb 2018 15:20 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, my cold has cleared up now but my tinnitus  still bad even with my hearing aids in ,going to spec savers Monday to see if they can  turn  them up ,if not I will have to live with it. Glad your still going to the gym ,I think a bit of exercise does you good  I only go twice a week ,but its better than  nothing . I also did the bird watch it was nice to sit for a hour watching the birds in the garden,even though there wasn't as many  in the hour  as there usual is  which is typical I have a wag tail coming in as well it's funny  watching it Bob up and down luckily that came down within the hour so I marked it daughter is back with her partner I'm not sure wether there going Las Vegas for her 40th they havnt said anything up to now.I can't believe my hubbies been dead 2 years this month sometimes it seems like yesterday other times  it seems years a go strange when you think about it.I still cry and I very often think  about  what might have been, we would have been married 48 years in March I'm sure we would have gone somewhere nice. Have a nice weekend think I am going my daughters Sunday for dinner regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

4 Feb 2018 13:47 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

How annoying that tinnitus can be and I do hope that tweaking your hearing aids on Monday can help a bit. Glad the cold has gone though.

So your daughter and partner have settled their differences again and it's now a wait and see as to whether they go to Vegas for her birthday.  I am sure you will probably do something as a family for her big 40 in any event.  We usually opt for a meal out for birthdays these days as all enjoy not having to cook ha ha.  Both my children's birthdays this month a week apart and will be 36 and 33 so no special celebrations required!!

My son came with me yesterday to choose some tiles for my next project (had felt jittery about going on my own) and then I spent the rest of the day with the family so  playing with my little grand-daughter was a big bonus.  Today was just the gym and a walk to the farmers' market and am now back home and cosy in front of the tennis.

I fully understand what you say about the time passed since the loss of our hubby as feel much the same way (though we were only married 37, years at the time of his death).  So fortunate to have good memories to keep me going and in April when I go away I will remember how we visited the same place about 15 years ago (albeit that there were 12 of us (all friends) at that time).

If you went to your daughter's for dinner bet you enjoyed it.  My daughter and family are down next Saturday so will enjoy catching up with all the family news then.

Take care and have a good week.  Jules 

Re: Sylvia

7 Feb 2018 14:00 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, just got back from my friends  went back to spec savers nothing wrong with my earing aids  just have to  live with it luckily when I go to bed it seems to lesson,so it dosnt affect my sleep.Glad you had time to enjoy playing with your granddaughter,something  I wish I could do think it's a bit  late now.enjoyed dinner with my daughter and her partner they have booked Las Vegas for March I will be bunny  sitting no doubt lol, the sun is out at the moment took George out early just in case the weather changed glad it didn't.went shopping today  has I had a appointment to see the nurse  tomorrow just to check  my  COPD but they have cancelled it will text me in the near future typical  when I had tomorrow planned,never mind I can always  think of something else to do,haven't got anything planned for the weekend up to now hope you have a nice weekend regards syl x

Re: Sylvia

9 Feb 2018 09:06 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Not very nice here this morning; very wet.  Still, I am stuck indoors awaiting a delivery so hopefully it will be clearer later when I hopefully get to the gym and pick up some shopping ready for family visit tomorrow. We will be going out to lunch to a lovely pub by the canal so looking forward to that.  I will just do a light tea.  Will be great to catch up with my two grandsons as have not seen them since New Year.  I do feel lucky to have extended family as have no brothers or sisters and therefore no neices/nephews to enjoy and hubby's siblings had no kiddies either.  Think you could call my family 'compact' and manageable ha ha.

Nice that you were able to get George out.  It looks as though the best day of the weekend for my walking will be Sunday so hope the sun shows up!

A bit annoying for you that your COPD appointment has been postponed and I hope you hear soon when it has been re-scheduled for. I suppose it was a relief that your hearing aids are working okay but disappointing that it means the tinnitus level remains a nuisance.  I currently have a 'blocked' ear so do sympathise as at the moment it feels as though I have the sea permanently whooshing.  I have a week's ear drops treatment so hopefully that works and I will not need to arrange syringing

So, your daughter and partner have made up again and the holiday is booked.  Hope she has a lovely birthday and all remains well with them.  Bunny sitting will be fun.  We had a pet rabbit (bought back from our honeymoon!!) and then two guinea pigs to keep it comany for a few years and when the children came along we had a variety of hamsters/gerbils over the years as well as a cat. Now I am pet free which makes it easier when I want to be out and about as no ties.  The garden birds bring a lot of pleasure as I watch their antics at the various feeders.

Have a peaceful weekend and take care.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

15 Feb 2018 15:08 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, hope you had a nice time with your family  and had fun seeing your grandsons must be nice when you all get together,my ear is still causing problems I have got to go back in to week if it's no  better she will refer me to the hospital to be honest  I might have to live with it will wait and see what happens. the weather not good here but have managed to take George out a few times this week today included as the sun was out which makes a change ,my swimming aerobics finished now till 1st of March as it's half term here my mum's birthday so will go to the cream after aerobics with my sister , don't think I am doing much at the weekend even though the weather supposed to be  sunny and's my sister's birthday Monday I am going for a Chinese meal in our  local town with her think my.niece and her daughter are joining us as well so that should be nice as I don't get to see them much. Hope you have a nice weekend  regards  Syl x