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Swollen lymph nodes in neck

23 Nov 2021 18:16 in response to RoseDreams

Ahh what a shame. I hope your little girl is okay. I'm glad you don't have to wait any longer though. I really hope it all goes well and will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

24 Nov 2021 12:46 in response to Sallx

Hi ladies. 
just to say I'm in a really similar boat. 
found a lump behind my ear a couple of months ago. Dr did blood test and wasn't concerned but I pushed for a referral to a consultant, and managed to get this under the 2 week wait. 
since then, I have found a lump above my collarbone, which dr Google tells me is not good news. There may be more but I have stopped checking myself.. I almost can't cope with the knowledge. 
I was due my hospital appt on Monday but I got covid and had to push it back. It's been rescheduled to Friday 26/11 (in two days) and I could not be more frightened if I tried. I am so worried I have lymphoma. 
Like everyone, I'm hoping to be referred for an ultrasound and biopsy which will tell me once and for all. 
sending love to you, 

danielle x

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

24 Nov 2021 17:42 in response to Danzieeeee

Hey Danielle, sorry to hear you are worried. It's such a draining time isn't it? 

My consultant phoned today but unfortunately my biopsy results are still not ready yet so I will be waiting a little longer Plain

She is sending me some appointments for emergency scans but because I've tested positive for Covid I can't attend until the 3rd of Dec so it's another waiting game.

But, on a positive note, nothing has been confirmed so there's still a chance it's nothing malignant Grin

Hope you get some positive news soon xx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

24 Nov 2021 19:08 in response to Danzieeeee

Hi Danielle, 

I'm so sorry you're going through this too. It's such a scary time. What I will say is that it's very unlikely for this to be Lymphoma or anything serious, and much more likely to be a reactive lymph node or something harmless. However, I know that probably won't help as it didn't help me to stop worrying. I feel like a hypocrite even giving you advice, as I've spent the last week constantly worrying, checking for lumps, googling and stressing myself out...constantly obsessing over it. I've even had dreams about it.

Like you, I felt absolutely certain that this was lymphoma or something really serious. Yesterday morning I found some lumps around my collarbone and that convinced me even more. However, I went for my ultrasound and the doctor was so calm and wasn't worried in the slightest. He said they look like reactive lymph nodes. When I arrived and said I was nervous, the doctors even said 'Oh no, in your mind you're dying from Lymphoma, aren't you?' I know that sounds odd when I type it on here, but it was said in a really nice, jokey way and they basically said that 9 times out of 10, the patient feels that way. And that even they worry as doctors and struggle not to assume the worst if they're unwell.

Even though I basically got told that there's nothing to worry about, I still don't feel 100% reassured. Part of me is relieved, but part of me wonders whether they could have missed something. I have my chest x-ray next week which I'm worried about, but hopefully if that's also okay, then I'll relax.

I've noticed that lots more lymph nodes have popped up since I first saw the Gp and was waiting for my ultrasound...and I'm wondering whether the stress or me constantly messing with them could have caused that. It seems very strange that more have suddenly appeared when I'm so worried about it. They are definitely there, but I don't don't trust myself anymore in case my anxiety is somehow making it worse. Today my neck feels a bit tight and my collarbones sore, but I've not messed with them to see how they go. 

Anyway, sorry for such a long reply. But if you ever want to talk I'm happy to listen. I'm sure everything will turn out OK and hopefully on Friday they can manage to put your mind at rest. But I completely understand how you feel and usually it is our own anxiety making things seem so much worse than it really is. But it's horrible feeling so alone and so scared. 

Sorry to hear you've had covid and I hope you're feeling better Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

24 Nov 2021 19:15 in response to RoseDreams

Aww I've been thinking of you today. I'm so sorry you haven't got the results today. I really hope they come back soon with some good news. The wait must be awful. 

Yes there's a really good chance that it's nothing to worry about and hopefully this will all be a distant memory soon. I hope you make a quick recovery and feel better soon. Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

25 Nov 2021 08:35 in response to Sallx

Oh thank you so much for that reply, firstly- the anxiety is so raw and you seem to understand perfectly, and secondly- you have had your ultrasound and have been given good news so it's great for me to hear this type of story.

I'm so pleased to hear that your Dr's have given you some type of reassurance. I know it's never enough for the anxious mind and we continue to terrorise ourselves with 'what if's'!! I'm sure you will get a handle on this in time. I have found limiting the amount of times I allow myself to touch my raised glands has helped me have calmer periods throughout the day. 

I am praying that tomorrow brings some sort of reassurance for me. It is an appointment with a consultant- I have no idea if I will get an ultrasound there and then or if he will just order one for the future and I'll be back to the waiting game. But I'll be one step closer to knowing what these pesky glands are all about. 

On the plus side, I managed to get a full 8 hours sleep last night without taking any sleep aids.. which is the most I've had for weeks, possibly months.

Thanks again for your lovely response, it has been so helpful. I'll pop back in tomorrow if I remember and let you know how it went at the hospital. 

Danielle xxxxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

25 Nov 2021 08:38 in response to RoseDreams

Rose- I totally feel your pain as I'm in this covid boat too!! So sorry you weren't able to get your results, but as you say, this isn't an indication of anything to worry about- it's merely an annoyance! 
Hope you and your daughter are feeling OK? My girls have it too (spreading like wildfire at the school) but thankfully we have all been alright. I haven't got much of an appetite right now anyway which means I haven't missed my tatsebuds too much! Xx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

25 Nov 2021 09:29 in response to Danzieeeee

I'm so glad you had a good night's sleep. 

Yes I'm much calmer now I have stopped messing with them too, but I know how difficult it can be. It's like we automatically touch them without realising sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I am so happy that my ultrasound went well and it has stopped most of my worry. I just still have a little niggle, which I think is normal whilst waiting for more tests and since I've spent so long convinced that it's got to be serious. But I feel much better than I did. Like you said, our own mind terrorise us. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. 

I really hope it goes well for you tomorrow. Yes I'm not sure what they'll do, as I was referred for the tests directly from my GP and I went private for the ultrasound to save such a long wait. But hopefully you get some reassurance, at least. 

I hope both your Daughter's and RoseDreams and your daughter are all feeling better soon. It's the worst timing, when you already have so much worry going on. Myself and my Daughters had Covid in October and they were absolutely fine. I was unwell but nothing major, thankfully. Don't forget that any more lymph nodes that pop up now, could be down to that if you've recently had covid.

Good luck tomorrow...I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you xxx 

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

25 Nov 2021 12:04 in response to Sallx

Hi Danielle and Sallx, 

Just checking in to say hi and hope you're both doing ok?

Letting you know that you're both doing great and you will get through this and will soon be feeling lots better xxx


Swollen lymph nodes in neck

25 Nov 2021 12:15 in response to RoseDreams

Oh bless you, that's so lovely. I hope you and your daughter are feeling ok. 

I hope you're managing to take your mind off it all too whilst waiting for the results. It's all going to be ok and just pop on here anytime you need to talk. 

Sending lots of love xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

26 Nov 2021 16:28 in response to Sallx

Hi Sallx and Rose,

Thanks for the lovely replies, hope you're both feeling well today? 

I had my hospital appt with the consultant. He was really lovely but as predicted, just referred me for an ultrasound of the raised glands, which will be in the next two weeks. So I have a further two weeks of fear  

On the plus side, he struggled to locate both the raised glands that I can feel and said he doesn't really feel anything (they're definitely there as the GP felt them). I said you have to press really hard to feel the one above my collarbone and he said- if I needed to worry about a gland I'd be able to feel it, I wouldn't need to press hard. 

I told him I'd also been having a low level dull pain in my abdomen but he wrote this off as anxiety. I'm still concerned it's more than that as it's been constant for two weeks. It's not sore to the touch but it's almost like a minor stitch. I'm hoping they will scan there too just to be sure. 

Have you had any news yet Rose? How's your anxiety been today Sallx? Xx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

26 Nov 2021 17:22 in response to Danzieeeee

Hey Danielle,

I'm so glad your appointment went well - sounds like you had a good and thorough consultant. Sorry you have further waiting but great news that he's not overly concerned. 

No news here unfortunately but my consultant said approx a week which would take us to next Wed so fingers crossed it won't be too much longer. I'm also expecting a call from a clinical nurse specialist next week so I'll try to prep some questions ready over the weekend xxx

I hope you both enjoy the weekend and keep us posted xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

27 Nov 2021 00:10 in response to Danzieeeee

Aww I'm glad your consultant was nice and that he has referred you for tests. Its good that he can't really feel the lymph nodes! I think they can sometimes feel bigger to us than they actually are. And I know that two weeks will feel like a lifetime, but try anything you can to take your mind off it and to take some reassurance from what the doctor has said. Sorry you've been having pain in your abdomen. Is it a particular side? It can be frustrating when they put things down to anxiety as sometimes it feels like they're just palming you off, but then anxiety can cause a lot of symptoms so it's hard to know. I know last week I was questioning myself loads as I just didn't know what was caused by anxiety and what wasn't. 

I'm okay thanks. I'm not thinking about it constantly now, so that's good. But I am still worried about the chest x-ray on Monday in case they find something. Tonight I was shampooing my hair and my head hurt, so I had a feel and found a lump on my head! I haven't bumped it or anything so I've no idea what it is. It's probably completely unrelated but I'm sick of finding lumps everywhere. 

Anyway, sorry for the moan. Rose, I'm so sorry you are still waiting for your results. It must be so difficult. Its good that you're going to prep some questions, as it's easy to forget them in the moment. You're both being amazingly strong and hopefully all of this worry will have been for nothing. Stay strong lovelies Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

27 Nov 2021 08:12 in response to Sallx

Morning lovely,

I'm the same, I feel like it's one thing after another! When you're conscious and anxious about your health, you seem to keep finding more things wrong! 
I thought I would feel more relaxed last night, but I've gone the opposite way and feel more tense. Didn't sleep well, am worrying about this pain in my side Sad which of course just makes it worse. 
I hope we all manage a decent weekend! I'll be thinking of you Monday- let us know how it goes. No doubt it'll be another example of feeling worried for nothing, but even so, I'm sending you the best of luck xx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

30 Nov 2021 22:19 in response to Sallx

How did the xray go? Any news? 

Been hoping all is well xx